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Severna Park High Teacher Loses 184 Pounds via Yoga Program -..

Severna Park High Teacher Loses 184 Pounds via Yoga Program -..

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Published by rmclearren

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Published by: rmclearren on Jan 24, 2010
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Severna Park High teacher loses 184 pounds via yoga program - The Capi...http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2008/04_29-15/PRI1 of 430/04/2008 10:54 PM
Wendi Winters - For The Capital
Arthur Boorman, 47, dropped a lot of weight - 184pounds - through a new form of power yoga anddiet. Mr. Boorman is flanked by his sons, Eric, 17,at left, and Warren, 20.
Severna Park High teacher loses 184 pounds viayoga program
By WENDI WINTERS, For TheCapital
Published April 29, 2008
Fourteen months ago, ArthurBoorman, 47, needed two canesand knee and back braces to walk.He gained weight after anoperation to fix the knee injurieshe got during his 14-year Army career.Later his knees swelled up with apost-operative infection. When adoctor suggested amputation, Mr.Boorman stubbornly refused to continue his therapy, probably damaging his limbsfurther.Then his eating habits got him into a deeper quandary. In the military he weighed 180pounds but by the mid-2000s, he tipped the scales at 340 pounds.Today, the Brooklyn Park resident weighs a wiry, muscular 156 pounds and is able tosprint.He credits much of his weight loss success to an off-beat program called Yoga forRegular Guys, developed by a former pro-wrestler, and adherence to a rigorous diet.His oldest son, Warren, 20, a college student, and sometimes his other sons, Eric, 17,and John, 14, documented their father's spectacular downsizing during a 10-monthperiod on video. Warren edited it to rock music, and posted it on YouTube, at www.youtube.comin late March. To view the video, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=suTPns5cy_Q.
Severna Park High teacher loses 184 pounds via yoga program - The Capi...http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2008/04_29-15/PRI2 of 430/04/2008 10:54 PM
The taping took place two or three times a week while he did his yoga. In the video, hefirst appears as a very pudgy man who is unsteady on his feet without his crutches. Astime goes by, he becomes the incredible shrinking man. Mr. Boorman's wife, Vicki, ateacher's assistant at Brooklyn Park Middle School, isn't seen on video.Mr. Boorman was, and still is, working a schedule that would wear out most people.He said he had a 70-hour workweek. Challenged to add up the hours, he pulled out aprintout of his schedule and added it up. It was 83 hours.For eight years, he has been a full-time special education instructor at Severna Park High School.He is the assistant principal at the Night School at Glen Burnie High School, and usedto be a teacher at the Night School. With the county schools, he is also a home-hospitalteacher, currently working about 15 hours a week with three students who are not ableto attend their regular school.He also teaches YRG - Yoga for Regular Guys - at Big Vanilla Athletic Club in Arnoldtwice a week and at CharmCity Fitness in Baltimore once a week."I like to keep busy," he says.Severna Park High parent Maureen Rohrs, said Mr. Boorman helped her son, Chris, with math. Chris has Asberger's Syndrome, which is related to autism, she said.She described Mr. Boorman as determined and "truly amazing," just as the videoshows. "It takes someone gifted to reach into the souls of kids like my son," she said."Mr. Boorman allowed Chris to have lunch with him every day for over two years because he knew Chris was barely surviving the social pressures of high school."To relieve some of his pain, Mr. Boorman tried different kinds of yoga. He found a Web page that took him to www.yrgworkout.com, and from that page he ordered someof former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page's DVDs promoting Yoga for Regular Guys.Mr. Page has created three fitness DVDs and has written a book on his Yoga forRegular Guys program. YRG is a "ramped-up power yoga," Mr. Boorman said.Mr. Boorman filled out what he thought was a form, but later got a blistering phonelecture from Mr. Page himself.
Severna Park High teacher loses 184 pounds via yoga program - The Capi...http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2008/04_29-15/PRI3 of 430/04/2008 10:54 PM
"He said to me, 'You're gonna die! You're gonna leave your wife a widow and your kids without a dad!' He chewed me out," recalled Mr. Boorman.The former wrestler offered to send a customized eating plan. He made Mr. Boormanpromise to follow it. For breakfast he now eats a liquid oatmeal. Lunch consists of fruitor vegetable juice and some raw nuts. For supper, he eats steamed vegetables or salad,gluten-free pasta and, because he is now a vegetarian, a meat replacement instead of meat. He doesn't count calories."Food is the fuel that allows me to enjoy things in life," said Mr. Boorman,commenting on the social customs that have developed around eating. "We worshipfood. I had to let that go.""There's more fruits in the house," moaned Eric."The fridge is packed with natural foods," added Warren."My sons have to be untrained from my years of setting a bad example," Mr. Boormansaid.In an online message, Mr. Page has noted: "After a few weeks of doing YRG, Arthursent me an e-mail with an update that ended with the goal he had set for himself: I will walk again! Even I, the guy they call 'Positively Page' wondered if it was possible.""I want to pass this forward. I became my disability," Mr. Boorman said. "If I'm not agood father, I'm not a good man. I'm here with my sons now. My oldest son still can'tride a bicycle because I couldn't get on a bike. Now, he's going to learn."
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