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2010 Negotiations Framework 01-07-10[1]

2010 Negotiations Framework 01-07-10[1]

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Published by westello7136

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Published by: westello7136 on Jan 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STRENGTHENING TALENT IN EVERY SEATTLE SCHOOLA Focus on Leadership, Instruction, Materials and Programs
Seattle Public Schools has made a commitment to excellence for all students. Honoring that commitmentrelies on the work of our talented instructional staff members. Our teachers, principals and other instructional leaders are our greatest resource. They are the people who make learning happen byinspiring students and making lessons come to life.We have been working with teachers and principals to strengthen leadership in our schools, improveinstructional practices, and ensure that we are able to provide high quality materials and programs atevery school. We’ve taken a number of significant steps in these areas over the last several years:
Principals have been provided with targeted training to support their work as instructional leadersin their schools;
For the first time, a clear plan of required professional development has been developed tosupport teachers at every level and in every subject area;
In collaborations with our teachers and principals we are implementing a plan to ensure that allinstructional staff members receive productive feedback and effective evaluations; and
Curriculum is being aligned and standardized materials in core subjects are being adopted andcourse offerings are being expanded to ensure consistently high quality materials and programsat every school in Seattle.
Next Steps: Recognize and Make Use of the Talent in our Schools
In addition to these steps, however, we at Seattle Public Schools realize that we must do more. We mustthink differently about how we recognize and make use of the talent in our schools. In particular, we mustfind a way to match our strongest leaders with the schools where they can make the greatest difference.These steps should include:
The creation of incentives for high-performing teachers to teach in low-performing schools andthen develop structures to recognize them when those schools improve; and
Principals must be recognized who lead the improvement efforts in our schools.
2010 Priorities
As we move forward, Seattle Public Schools is committed to continue to provide support and guidance for our school and classroom leaders to meet our commitment of providing an excellent education for everystudent.
The commitment for these change efforts will require the leadership and support of our entire education community.
We need greater staffing flexibility, a way to recognize performance, andalignment of compensation with student achievement and teacher quality. We plan to focus on theseissues:
Align teacher professional development with the district’s strategic initiatives so that we can worktogether to ensure an excellent education for every student;
Align pay for our instructional professionals to the district’s strategic goals;
Add performance as a factor to be considered in layoffs;
Increase support for new teachers by providing ongoing support, mentoring and trainingopportunities;
Establish performance-based career advancement opportunities;

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