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_Question Bank of Production and Operations Management_1-Mark

_Question Bank of Production and Operations Management_1-Mark

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Published by lakkuMS

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Published by: lakkuMS on Jan 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit1 - 1 Mark Quiz Questions
1.A measure of productivity which reflects a combination of some or all of the resourcesused to obtain a certain output is:a. machine productivityb. materials productivityc. labor productivityd. multi-factor productivity2.An operations strategy is developed using many sources of input - which is the leastlikely to have input?a. Planningb. Qualityc. Suppliersd. Top Management3.Distinctive competencies in organizations seldom relate to:.a. facilities layoutb. price costc. qualityd. time4.For this set of errors: -1, -4, 0, +2, +3, MAD is:.a. 1.6b. 2.5c. 2.0d. 1.0
5. Many factors impact productivity, one factor not generally stated as having a negativeimpact on productivity is:a. Government regulationsb. Increased emphasis on servicesc. Liability claimsd. Emphasis on short-term performance6.Productivity is calculated by:.a. Adding inputs to outputsb. Dividing outputs by inputsc. Dividing inputs by outputsd. Multiplying inputs by outputs7.Which is the correct hierarchy of operations management decisions (highest first)?a. Operating, strategic, tacticalb. Goals, missions, productivityc. Strategic, tactical, operatingd. Operating, tactical, strategic8.Which of the following forecasting techniques generates trend forecasts?r.a. Delphi methodb. Sales force compositesc. None of the aboved. Moving averages
Unit3 - 1 Mark Quiz Questions
1.Building a total quality culture does not entail which one of the following?a. Initiating quality training for most employees and stressing prevention omistakes rather than inspection and immediate correction of mistakesb. Unequivocal management commitment to total quality and continuousimprovement, along with articulation of a quality vision and establishment of specific, measurable objectives for boosting quality and making continuousimprovementsc. Hiring only those job applicants with the attitudes and aptitudes conducive toquality-based performanced. Building core competencies in quality control2.Creating strategy-supportive policies and proceduresa. is an important strategy-implementing tool because good strategy execution canseldom be achieved by giving employees Ieeway to do tasks the way they think best(without carefully prescribed policies and procedures, management loses controlover how tasks are being performed).b. aids the implementation process by channeling actions, behavior, and daily jobperformance along avenues that are calculated to improve strategy execution.c. generally means having many policies rather than few policies (because it usuallytakes many policies and procedures to adequately spell out and fully explain howthings are to be done correctly).d. is the most reliable way to motivate employees to do things in a first-rate fashion(because very few employees will knowingly violate company policies).3.Identifying and adopting best practicesa. is essential if a company is to effectively and efficiently implement and execute itsstrategy.b. is a prerequisite to effective reengineering of core business processes and to creatingstrong core competencies.c. starts with benchmarking how well a company performs specific tasks and activitiesagainst best-in-industry or best-in-world performers.d. needs to be directed chiefly at manufacturing and customer service activities, sincethese two areas are generally the most critical to successful strategy implementationand execution.

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