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UN-HABITAT Islamabad Newsletter Feb 2008

UN-HABITAT Islamabad Newsletter Feb 2008



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Published by Asif Masood Raja
A monthly newsletter issued by UN-HABITAT Islamabad office.
A monthly newsletter issued by UN-HABITAT Islamabad office.

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Published by: Asif Masood Raja on Apr 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue No.2/ 2008February 2008A monthlynewsletter published bythe UnitedNations HumanSettlementsProgrammeDepartmentof PublicInformationcovering allUN-HABITATnews inPakistan.-DFID Boostfor PakReconstruction:Page 1-GhulumMurtazaLandless case:Page 2-Financialsupport to LandLess families:Page 3-Cha ChaChairman:Page 3-InformationManagement InNCRS:Page 4-ManagementTraining:Page 4-Ambassador’sConference:Page 5
UN-HABITAT PakistanNewsletter
UN-HABITAT receives USD 2 million DFID boost for Pakistan reconstruction
Islamabad:- UN-HABITATreceived an additional fund-ing of US$ 2 million fromthe Department for Interna-tional Development (DFID)to strengthen its trainingand technical assistancefor housing reconstruction.This new funding will al-low UN-HABITAT to im-mediately increase its sup-port and to continue itsactivities until October 2008.“UN-HABITAT Pakistan isstarting its third year of activ-ities in support of the recon-struction of safer housing inthe mountainous areas af-fected by the October 2005earthquake. The main focusof the activities has beento provide basic training andtechnical advice to rebuildearthquake resistant hous-es. This has been stronglysupported by the strengthen-ing or creation of thousandsof community organizations”said Jean-Christophe Adri-an, the UN-HABITAT Paki-stan Chief Technical Adviser.Since October 2005, UN-HABITAT Pakistan mobilisedU.S. $17 million for its earth-quake response from vari-ous donors including CIDA,Sida, SDC, DFID and USAID.
To date over 660,000 bene
-ciaries have been trained onhow to build homes usingearthquake resistant con-struction techniques. 55,000technical and constructionprofessionals trained in-clude architects, engineers,masons, carpenters and
steel xers. Furthermore,
close to 1 million informationproducts promoting safer construction have been pro-duced and distributed in theearthquake affected areas.One major achievement of UN-HABITAT has been tocontribute to broadeningbuilding standard optionsand by doing so, ensuring
that the maximumnumber of beneciaries (of 
-ten the most vulnerable)
have access to nancial
assistance for housing re-construction. The efforts of UN-HABITAT have resulted
in a signicant increase of 
understanding and applica-tion of safer building tech-niques. The rate of complianthouses proves the successof UN-HABITAT’s support.Housing reconstruction inpost-earthquake Pakistan isinternationally recognizedas an unprecedented suc-cess with two thirds of the600,000 houses damagedor destroyed already rebuiltafter two years. With heavysnowfall and freezing tem-peratures reaching as low asminus 14, this winter is the
most severe winter experi
-enced in northern Pakistanfor more than a decade. Be-cause of the rate of recon-struction, there is no increaseof mortality during this winter.2008 will be the last impor-tant building season as theEarthquake Reconstructionand Rehabilitation Authority
(ERRA) would like to nal
-ize the housing reconstruc-tion programme by the thirdyear commemoration of theearthquake in October 2008.
Ghulam Murtaza(Village Kohinoor, UC Pungran, Tehsil Patika AJK)
Ghulam Murtaza was the resi-dent of village Kohinoor, UCPangran when the earthquakestruck. He is 10 years old andis in the 3rd grade. A few weeksago Murtaza and his younger brother Mujtaba were living ina small temporary shelter withtheir Uncle. Before 8th Octo-ber, 2005 they were leadinga happy life with their parentsin a katcha house near a rockfall area. On 8th October 2005 he started his day ashe usually would by walking to school with his younger brother not knowing what was in store for himself andhis family. He was in his classroom when his schoolbuilding started shaking from side to side. His teacher advised all of the students to run out of the class roomas quickly as they could. When the shaking stoppedmost of his fellow classmates were injured or had died.The school building could not resist the intensity of theearthquake and turned into debris within seconds. Dam-age was widespread and nobody was present to helprescue all those innocent children who were sufferingfrom the effects of the earthquake. Those who survivedwere confused and were unable to understand the en-
tirety of the tragic situation. In this complex situation
Ghulam Murtaza tried to take his younger brother to asafer place. He was unable to reach his home where hehad safely left his parents a few hours ago. With no op-tions remaining he spent the night under the open skywith those classmates that had also survived.
The next morning he went home to check on his par 
-ents. When he reached his Village he was unable torecognize the land and the location of his home becausethe entire area was completely destroyed and nothingwas left in its original place. All of the houses of his rela-tives had collapsed. He desperately started searching
for his parents but did not nd them. On the third day of 
searching he found the bodies of his parents near hishouse under a heavy stone and cried for someone tohelp him take them out from under the rubble.As a result of the earthquake, he did not only lose hisbeloved parents but also lost his land and became land-less. He was shifted into a temporary camp where he
lived for over six months without the everlasting love
and care of his parents.On a routine day in September 2007 when he wason the way back to his Uncle’s home he overhearda stranger discussing the state of landless affectees.He was distributing printed material in which the cri-
terion for landless people was explained. He took all
of the printed material from the stranger and went tohis Uncle’s shop. A few days later his Uncle visited the
Land Verication Unit (LVU) ofce in Patika where heexplained the story of Ghulam Murtaza and his family.His uncle returned to his village and the next day hetook Ghulam Murtaza with him to the Land VericationUnit ofce where Ghulam Murtaza was interviewed bythe LVU staff and a landless application was lled on his
behalf. After a few days the LVU spot check team vis-
ited his village and veried that Ghulam Murtaza’s land
was completely destroyed by land sliding and declaredhim a landless child. Ghulam Murtaza and his younger 
brother Ghulam Mujtaba received the certicate of en
-titlement from LVU Patika in which they were declaredlandless and were advised to search for a new safer piece of land. This land would ensure that they receive
nancial installments from ERRA to rebuild their home.
His Uncle was declared by him as his guardian. WhenGhulam Murtaza’s Uncle found a seller he provided theLVU team with all the necessary information. All the
necessary paperwork was lled by his Uncle and from
time to time the LVU staff kept them informed about thestatus of the case.In February 2008 Ghulam Murtaza, his younger brother and their Uncle were invited by the LVU staff with theseller and witnesses to participate in a One WindowOperation in Patika. At the One Window Operation Mur-taza received his cheque, the land he purchased was
mutated in his name and he now owned ve Marlas of new land. His Uncle explained that through the ERRA
housing policy they had already received two install-ments and that now they will begin the construction of their new house on newly purchased land.When Murtaza was asked how he felt after becoming
a landowner he said “I was not expecting all of this,
I used to play while making stone houses and now Iam going to build my own real house on my newly pur-chased land.” Healso said, “I wishthat my mother could come andlive with me in our new house whichwill be safer thanbefore”.
Ghulum Murtaza at a OneWindow Operation at the
Patika Land Verication
Ghulum Murtaza receivinga Check for 75,000 rupeesto Purchase New Land
February 2008 was a busy monthfor the Rural Landless project team.A Total 121 applicants received Cer-
ticates of Entitlement. They arenow in the process of nding a land
seller based on the Landless policy.During the month the MIS team in
Islamabad generated nancial re
-quests to ERRA for disbursementof the funds. Eight One WindowOperations were conducted by the
Land Verication Units (LVU) during
the month. Through these One Win-dow Operations an amount of Rs.7,350,000/- was distributed among
98 beneciaries (Rs. 75,000)/- each)
to purchase land during the event.During the One Window Operation,the Landless Information Manage-ment System (LIMS) team captured
the nancial disbursement and land
mutation information for every fam-
ily. At the end LIMS generates nan
cial assistance certicates in favor of all of the beneciaries. The 
nancial assistance certicate is
signed by the seller, buyer, twowitnesses, tehsildar and Revenue
Ofcer of the LVU. This certicateis awarded to all the benecia
-ries in the closing session of theOne Window Operations in all theLVUs.
Financial Support to Landless Families
Four live programs with daily repeats of the UN-HABITAT funded hous-ing reconstruction radio program “Cha Cha Chairman ki Bhaitak” airedin the month of February. Guests for the shows in order included Kam-ran Abbasi of UN-HABITAT, Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Tanwir of UN-HABITAT, Ayaz Raja and Noman Qabool of UN-HABITAT and Vasif Shinwari and Jason Philbrick of Shelter for Life (SFL). Topics coveredin the programs were the status of the rural landless program, remedialmeasures and the Non-Compliant Referral System, information aware-ness campaign on safer reconstruction of houses, No Work Startedcases, role of Village Reconstruction Committees, housing policy up-dates and the status of reconstruction in NWFP and AJK.
Cha Cha Chairman
Vasif Shinwari & Jason Philbrick of SFL on Cha
Cha Chairman ki Bhatak.

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