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Published by randy boone
I'm having a ton of fun with this. Leave me some love, dammit! :)
I'm having a ton of fun with this. Leave me some love, dammit! :)

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Published by: randy boone on Apr 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Randy BooneWeek 9 – Open (Fiction)
I really shouldn’t have been so wired as I was, all things considered. I had sleptnearly forty-seven minutes the night before, and it was only my twenty-second cup of coffee. I felt like I was starting to go soft. I panicked a little bit.I signed onto AIM, but nobody was on. I waited almost a minute, hoping thatsomeone was invisible and won’t notice I’d showed up. It didn’t happen. I refilled mycoffee and went for my cell phone. I dialed Stephen’s number and was amazed that itonly rang twice.“What!” he whispered forcefully, although I could tell I had woken him from adead sleep.“Hello?”“What!”“Stephen?”“What the fuck? It’s four in the morning!” He was waking up, a little.“I know, man. It’s really four-oh-four. Four o’clock seems like an eternity ago.I’m bored as fuck.”“What the hell do you want? I’m gonna wake up Anne.”“I’m just bored, man. This really sucks. I’m all jumpy and paranoid and shit. Ithink it’s the fuckin’ coffee, but I really haven’t even had that much.”“So go out and knock over some parking meters. I gotta get back to sleep; I havea class at nine-thirty.” Patience had always been one of Stephen’s virtues. That was whyI always called him first.“Fuck, so do I. What’d you got? I got a fucking English 1. I hate the little bastards in that section, too. I could tell them we were taking a field trip to the circus,and they’d still bitch. It’s totally fucking unnerving.” There was no response. “Will youtell Anne I said hi?”“She’s out. I can’t believe the phone didn’t wake her.”“Well?”
“Well what? What the fuck? I’m tired, man!”“Well will you tell Anne I said hi? It doesn’t have to be right this second.”“Why don’t you tell her hi?”“Okay, I guess I really did mean that it should be right this second. Sorry.”“Don’t sweat it.”“Will you put her on?”“What?!?”“Will you put Anne on? Maybe she won’t be as grumpy as you. Fuck.”“Dude, I’m goin’ to bed. This is fucked up.” He sighed. “Every fucking night.”“It’s the coffee, I think. Really. I’m gonna try to get off it.”“No you won’t.”“I know I won’t. I just can’t deal with all this grumpy shit.”“I gotta sleep. Call me tomorrow.”“Okay. What time do you—“ He hung up.I finished off my mug and went back to the first coffeemaker to reload. I wasdrinking Chase and Sanborn that came in a fifty-five gallon can. I picked it up at Eckerd.I used to have a thing about getting coffee at department stores and drugstores and such, but it didn’t really much bother me anymore. I hit redial on my cell phone. It didn’t evenring once this time.“What!!!”“Can I say goodnight to Anne? I’m kinda scared and shit. Her voice is all softand comforting. I think it would help.”“So would a carton of Sominex.” He hung up again.I contemplated calling back but decided against it. Stephen used to be such atrooper. Back when we were both single, the four a.m. phone calls were routine. We’dget so overly caffeinated that we’d hallucinate and vomit. It was great. We’d start out ata diner around six or seven, then hit two of our regular coffeeshops, maybe duck in back home to watch a bad movie, and never stop with the coffee. Then he got diagnosed withthe heart palpitation. No more caffeine. It was really— My phone beeped. Four times. A text.
From: Stephen
Please call.Aug 4, 4:09 a.m.
I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I hit redial. I didn’t even hear a ring.“Are you okay, honey?” It was Anne. “Stephen said you couldn’t sleep again.”“Hello? Anne?”“It’s me, sweetie. Are you alright?”“Anne? I don’t feel so good. I tried to tell Stephen, but he got all grumpy andswore at me again.”“Aw, honey. It’s okay. Do you want us to come over?” I could hear Stephengrinding his teeth. I tried not to laugh.“I dunno.” I paused for dramatic effect, but I sighed a little bit to make it soundlike I was reluctant. “It’s really late.”“Give us fifteen minutes, okay? We’ll be right over. Do you want us to stop atWawa? I’m not going to get dressed, but Stephen can run in and get you a coffee. How’sthat?”“You don’t have to do that. That would be really nice.”“I’m putting my sweats on now. We’ll be there in fifteen minutes, okay? I’ll bring along Trivial Pursuit.”“You know I love you both, right?”“I know, honey. We’ll be right over.” She hung up.To be honest, I didn’t know if I was so crazy about the company, but it was hardto resist the Wawa coffee and a good game of Trivial Pursuit. Anne always read thequestions, and she really did have a soft and comforting voice.3

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