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Steampak Series

Steampak Series

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Published by ipn09

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Published by: ipn09 on Jan 27, 2010
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Boiler Drum Level Control Packages 
Helps prevent unplanned boiler shutdowns due to drum level and feedwater pressure 
Increases safety for personnel and equipment 
Pre-configured single-, two- or three- element control strategies 
Optional level instrumentation 
Application-specific installation &operations documentation 
Specification Sheet
DrumPAK is a series of pre-engineered controlpackages designed to provide significant improve-ments in maintaining drum water level, stabilizing theeffects of feedwater pressure changes, and respond-ing to plant load changes.Single-element control Two-element control requiresthe addition of a steam flow measurement device.Three-element control also requires feedwatermeasurement. DrumPAK functions with either linearor non-linear flow devices without modification to thecontrol programming or hardware.DrumPAK-1The DrumPAK controller receives the Drum Levelsignal from the drum level transmitter, compares it toa pre-determined setpoint, and adjusts the output tothe feedwater flow valve. A single-element system,while simple and low-cost, does not protect against“shrink” and “swell”, and cannot anticipate large orsudden changes in plant steam demand. ThereforeDrumPAK-1 is typically used on small boilers withslow load changes.DrumPAK-2DrumPAK-2 adds Steam Flow measurement for“shrink” and “swell” compensation and better re-sponse to load changes. The controller calculatesthe feedwater flow requirement based on level, anduses the Steam Flow signal from a flow transmitter orvortex meter as a feedforward signal to anticipate theeffect of steam demand changes on level.
The output is fed to an X,Y lookup table that isprogrammed with predetermined valve positions forgiven steam flows (entered from the front panel duringcommissioning) before being sent to the FeedwaterFlow Control Valve in the field.DrumPAK-3
A three-element system adds measurement andcontrol of feedwater, which allows the system tocompensate for variations in feedwater pressure andvalve linearity. The output of the Drum Level controlalgorithm, adjusted with the Steam Flowfeedforward input, becomes the Remote Setpointfor the Feedwater Flow algorithm. The DrumPAKcontroller rcompares the Feedwater Flow signalfrom the flow transmitter ato this setpoint andsends the output to an X,Y lookup table pro-grammed with predetermined valve positions forgiven steam flows (entered from the front panelduring commissioning). The resulting signal issent to the Feedwater Flow Control Valve in thefield. Large boilers or those with large or rapidload changes benefit most from a 3-element controlsystem.Installing DrumPAK can significantly reduce oreliminate boiler shutdowns due to drum level orfeedwater pressure. DrumPAK not only helpsprevent loss of valuable production time andmaterials, but increases the safety of your boiler.A DrumPAK system more than pays for itself whenit prevents just one shutdown per year.
STEAMPAK SeriesDrumPAK Boiler Drum Level ControlS-STEAMPAK-DrumPAK
Standard Application Engineering
- This can includesetting up the TrimPAK controller database tocommunicate with other SteamPAK cotnrollers, addingFlue Gas Recirculation Control, configuration and displayof additional alarm and/or data acquisition points, orintegration with SteamVIEW software. (Note: FGRcontrol is not available if the Boiler Efficiency Calculationoption is selected).
Backup Memory Module
- provides redundant, remov-able non-volatile RAM which backs up the controllerdatabase. In addition, if left on the controller duringoperation, it is updated every 50ms with current processdata such as output values, controller mode, tuningparameters etc. This allows immediate re-start of thesystem after a power outage or equipment failure, withthe latest values.
Additional Data Acquisition / Alarm Points
- dependingon the options selected, up to 4 additional inputs oroutputs may be specified for data acquisiton or alarming.This option typically requires Custom ApplicationEngineering.
Custom Application Engineering
- if the standardTrimPAK configuration doesn’t meet your applicationneeds, MicroMod will work with you to develop a cost-effective solution to improve your boiler’s efficiency andoptimize your fuel consumption.
The MicroMod SteamPAK SERIES 
DrumPAK is just one of MicroMod’s pre-engineeredpackages for industrial and institutional boiler controls.The SteamPAK family includes:
- plant master controller, withoptional lead/lag
- single-point jackshaft position control
TrimPAK -
Parallel position combustion controlsystem with O2 trim. Ideal for upgrading jackshaftcontrol systems to obtain maximum boiler efficiency.
- Fully metered combustion control systemwith O2 trim
- Burner Management SystemsCombustion control packages are also available for HighTemperature Hot Water systems.
Each DrumPAK includes:
DrumPAK controller, pre-configured, with the I/Orequired for one-, two- or three-element drumlevel control
Drum level transmitter with 3-valve manifold(optional)
All necessary documentation for the installation,startup and operation of the system.The DrumPAK controller is a multiloop controller withflexible, isolated I/O. It has a high-visibility displaywith clear, informative screens for ease of operation.The basic controller includes the CPU, power supply,vacuum fluorescent display, and terminal block. Thecontroller memory is non-volatile RAM which containsthe configured database and all current processparameters. The terminal block provides directconnection of field wiring at the rear of the controller.The power supply is 85-250Vac or 24Vcd, and thefront panel has a NEMA 4 rating. The controller alsoprovides failsafe and power fail-recovery settings forall configured parameters and output points.
DrumPAK is part of the SteamPAK series of pre-engi-neered boiler control packages. Each controller comesnetwork enabled, to connect to other packages in theSteamPAK series. This peer-to-peer network providessecure communications between SteamPAK controllersto ensure your boiler stays up and running regardless oftraffic or failures on the plant information network.
DrumPAK OPTIONSModbus Communications
- An RS-485 communicationsmodule is added to the controller to provide a secondnetwork connection for Modbus RTU over RS-485, forconnecting the TrimPAK controller to a host PC oroperator graphic panel.
Field Instrumentation
- When purchased as part of theDrumPAK system, the controller and level transmitter arepre-ranged and pre-calibrated. No further adjustmentsare required. The transmitter provides local and infiniteadjustment of zero and span and has an accuracy of±0.075%. Two non-volatile EEPROMs, one in theprimary electronics and one in the secondary electronics,back up the transmitter configuration. When replacingthe electronics, the new assembly instantly recognizesthe original configuration.
The three-valve manifoldincludes a single mounting flange that allows thetransmitter to bolt directly to the manifold to simplifyinstallation.
STEAMPAK SeriesDrumPAK Boiler Drum Level ControlS-STEAMPAK-DrumPAK
DrumPAK is a licensed package. The following end-user information must be supplied with each package ordered:End-user Company NameComplete AddressContact NameTelephone NumberFax Number
DrumPAK _______
01 - 0708091011
DrumPAKDrum Level Controller
Control Type
Single Element1Two Element2Three Element3
Communication Option
0Modbus -
for communication to host PC 
Operator Language
Optional Field Instruments
None0Drum Level Transmitter with 3-valve manifold1
All TrimPAK controllers include peer-to-peer communications as standard, for connection to other SteamPAK products 
If Level Transmitter is ordered, TrimPAK controller and transmitter are pre-ranged and pre-calibrated. Steam Flow element & transmitter must be provided separately for 2- and 3-element control.
Available Options (please specify on order):
Standard Application Engineering (may include one or more of the following):Configuration for communication with other SteamPAK controllers (e.g. PlantPAK)Configuration / display of additional data acquisition pointsTwo-element furnace pressure control (requires furnace pressure transmitter signal)Integration with SteamVIEW softwareBackup Memory Module (blank)Additional data acquisition points:Analog (hardware only) - per pointDigital (hardware only) - per pointCustom Application Engineering

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