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the tagimoucia flower

the tagimoucia flower

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Published by Sándor Tóth

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Published by: Sándor Tóth on Apr 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Tagimoucia Flower
In the high mountains of Taveuni, know as Fiji's Garden Island, there is a beautiful lake of considerable size. A flowering plant called Tagimoucia is found only on the shores of thislake and any attempt to transplant the vine has failed. The Tagimoucia is one of Fiji's most beautiful wild flowers, the bunches of red flowers have a small white centre.The legend of theTagimoucia flower goes something like this.In a hill above the shore lived a woman and her little daughter. One day the little girl was playing when she should have been working. Her mother kept asking her to get on with her work but she ignored her mother and kept on playing. Annoyed, the mother seized a bundle of sasas (mid-ribs of the coconut leaf) which she used as a broom, and spanked her daughter."Go on, get out, you naughty girl. Go out and I don't want to see your face again."The little girl was so upset that she sobbed and ran away. She kept on running not realisingwhere she was going. Her tears blinded her and as she ran along she blundered into a largeclimbing plant that hung from a tree. It was a thick green vine with large green leaves butthere was no flowers on it. The child became entangled with the vine and could not get free soshe stayed there, crying bitterly.As the tears rolled down her cheeks they changed from salt tear to tears of blood which fell onthe stem of the vine and turned into lovely flowers.At last the little girl stopped crying and managed to free herself from the vine and went back home. She was delighted to find out that her mother had forgotten her anger and so they livedhappily together againThe Tame Fish Of FijiOn the island of Nananu-i-ra, just off the North-east corner of Viti Levu, can be seen one of the strangest sights in the Pacific. Here Paul Miller who lives on the island keeps a school of tame sand cod. These fish are friendly and come to be fed every day by Paul.Oen Cropp, one of Australia's best know underwater cameraman says the fish will doanything. It is quite safe to get in and swim with them. The fish, weighing up to 45lbs willtake food from your fingers and will allow themselves to be petted and stroked. Ben and his
wife Van have filmed many exciting and amazing sequences with these fish and they have particularly asked to try to have the waters round the island declared a fish sanctuary.Legend Of Old FijiThere is a legend "NANANU-I-RA" which goes something like this:- "Once upon a timethere lived in the village of Nanukuloa (village of black sands) on Viti Levu (Queen of thesands). Adi fell in love with a handsome young chief from Bua, about twenty miles across thewater. Bua was famous for its forests of beautiful sandalwood with a fragrant perfumedtimber, and the people of Bua were great canoe sailors.Adi's lover, being a skilled sailor, sailed his fast canoe across the intervening sea to visit her, bearing many gifts carved from the exotic sandalwood of Bua.Unfortunately, however, the tribes of Bua and the tribes on Viti Levu were not friendly, andthe suit of the young chieftain was rejected by Adi's father and the chief of Nanukuloa.Undaunted, however, the two lovers were determined to meet secretly and this is what theydid. Off the coast near Adi's village is the island of Nananu-i-Ra, meaning "Dreamland in theWest" and it was here the lovers arranged to meet. [TOP]The Red Prawns Of VatuleleLong ago on the island of Vatulele there lived a very beautiful chief's daughter called"Yalewa-ni-Cagi-Bula" or Maiden-of-the-Fair-Wind. So beautiful was she that every eligiblechief who visited Vatulele sought to take her as his bride. Yalewa-ni-Cagi-Bula however, washard to please and on every occasion she scornfully refused to accept their approaches. Not far away on the mainland of Viti Levu lived a very handsome and dashing chief's sonwho was heir to the throne of mainland tribes. He had heard of the beautiful daughter of thechief of Vatulele and decided that she was worthy to be his wife. Finally, after much preparation, our bold young chief set off, laden with gifts, to seek the favours of yalewa-ni-Cagi-Bula. He was well received by the chiefs of Vatulele, and confidently, he produced thespecial gift which he had personally carried from his mainland.

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