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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
ok well, yes its a competition and yes its a twilight story, all you have to do is read the intro i gave you then carry on and the winner will be posted on here :O)
ok well, yes its a competition and yes its a twilight story, all you have to do is read the intro i gave you then carry on and the winner will be posted on here :O)

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Jan 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ok well it says it all in the title, I will write the firstpart of the story then someone else will write thesecond part, but I will judge and will officially post thbest entry, so read the paragraph then email me yourentry to:piegal@hotmail.co.uk And good luck 
The Lone Walker (All Human)
BPOV (duuh)Hi, I'm Isabella Marie Swan, and I hate my life at themoment, my lovely mother died when I was 2 so that leftmy dad in a depression, then he started drinking, and him being the chief of police, he got away with everything,now I'm 17 and I only have one true friend, AngelaWebber, we have been ever since I was little, I told her all the times I was abused, and since last year I wastelling her about my rape stories, now he has me goingout with someone called Jacob Black, who I absolutelydetest and not due to the fact that he also rapes me, buthe likes showing public affection, and the most sickeningthing is when my own father walked in on him raping meand started
it was revolting, disgusting andvile. I really don’t trust men, especially since most of them are like Jacob and my father, even Mike Newtontried me, but when Jacob found out…. Lets just say hewas off a week and steered clear of me.Right now I'm making dinner before my father comeshome to abuse me for not having it ready, I just out thespaghetti Bolognese down when I heard the door unlock so I quickly got him a beer as well. I stood up and waitedfor him to sit. “did you rush this?” he asked in a husky
voice, “n-n-no sir” I stuttered back, “good” he grunted,he tucked in and gestured for me to sit, I'm glad he stilllet me eat, but then again he didn’t want people gettingsuspicious. I quickly ate and did the dishes when he wasdone except he had other ideas, he quickly pulled downmy trousers which made me gasp and I felt him enter mewhile I was washing the dishes, and I felt so helpless, Icouldn’t do anything otherwise he would abuse and rapeme, think the positive, at least I cant see his mean uglyface, and he was fantasizing about my mum and not me,so that’s always a good thing. “Renée, ohh Renée” hegrunted pushing harder, I tried not to cry but it was hardnot to.After I had the dishes done and out away and Charliewas
with me I ran up the stairs before he could doanything else, I quickly got my things out ready for school tomorrow, a baby blue plain long sleeved top, tocover the bruises and a pair of black skinny jeans, and Iwould also wear my black high heels, which Charliedidn’t know I wore, if he did that would be more abuse. Iquickly pulled on my pyjamas and scrambled into bed before my drunken father could do anymore.I woke up actually feeling refreshed, which was weird, Ialways told Angela about anything my dad would doinstead of keeping it bottled up, so maybe that’s why Ifelt refreshed, because I knew I would tell her? I quickly but quietly got to the shower and scrubbed myself withmy freesia body wash and washed my hair with mystrawberry shampoo. Once I was ready I slid in the outfitI laid out for myself yesterday, (A/N: outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/school_outfit/set?
id=15503560) once I was dressed I ran downstairs andquickly made pancakes and left them out for Charlie,when he woke up. I then grabbed a few myself and left before the abuse began, I quickly ran to school, he didn’t buy me a vehicle but the school was only a 10 minutewalk and a 5 minute run, but with me being incrediblyclumsy (mainly because of the beatings) I tripped up, but just before I hit the ground I felt strong arms snake roundmy waist and save me just in time, I opened my eyesonly to be met with gorgeous green eyes, the boy, wellman who was holding me was the cutest boy I had ever seen and he actually made me slightly trust boys more,he had bronze unruly hair and a perfect facial structure,he was slightly tanned and muscular, “are you ok?” heasked with deep concern in his eyes, “yes thank you” Isighed breathlessly, “ we were wandering if you knewthe way to forks high?” he asked, and when he said
Iturned to see a short pixie like girl with short black hair  pointing in all directions, but she was really pretty, thenthere was a tall boy with mediumish length blonde hair,with his arm snaked around the pixie, then there was a big burly man with dark brown curly hair and he had hisarm snaked around a breath taking gorgeous girl who had blonde wavy hair and aqua blue eyes, and she looked likeshe could be the pixie’s, boyfriend’s twin. “oh yeah,sorry how rude of me, I'm Edward, this is my sister Alice” he said pointing to the pixie, “my brother Emmett” pointing to the burly man, “ and they’re boyfriend and girlfriend Rosalie and Jasper, who aretwins” he said pointing to the other two, “I'm Bella” Isaid extending my hand for a shake, but he took it andkissed it, “pleasure to meet you” as he said that I could

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