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CCNA Cisco IOS Commands

CCNA Cisco IOS Commands

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Published by deven_k

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Published by: deven_k on Jan 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\fcharset0 Times NewRoman;}}{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs24 ROUTERCOMMANDS\line\line 1. Identify the command to display the IP routing table?\lineA.) show route\line B.) show ip route\line C.) show ip table route\line D.) showipx route\line\line Answer: B\line\line 2. Identify the command to display all thevalid commands at the given mode?\line A.) Help all\line B.) Help\line C.) Allcommands\line D.) ?\line\line Answer: D\line\line 3. Identify the keystroke usedto terminate the setup mode?\line A.) Ctrl-K\line B.) Crtl-C\line C.) Ctrl-Z\lineD.) Crtl-End\line\line Answer: C\line\line 4. Identify the command to display theIP host table?\line A.) show ip hostnames\line B.) show ip names\line C.) showhosts\line D.) show ip hosts\line\line Answer: D\line\line 5. Identify the commandto display the configured IP routing protocols?\line A.) show protocols\line B.)show protocols all\line C.) show routing-protocols\line D.) show ipprotocols\line\line Answer: D\line\line 6. Identify the command to configure ALLthe default VTY ports?\line A.) Router(config)# line vty 0 4\line B.) Router# linevty 0 4\line C.) Router(config)# line vty\line D.) Router(config)# line vty0\line\line Answer: A \line\line 7. Identify the command to reload therouter?\line A.) Router(config)# reload\line B.) Router# reset\line C.) Router#reload\line D.) Router> reload\line\line Answer: C\line\line 8. Identify commandthat configures 'Cisco1' as a secret password?\line A.) Router(config)# enablesecret password Cisco1\line B.) Router(config)# enable secret cisco1\line C.)Router(config)# enable password Cisco1\line D.) Router(config)# enable secretCisco1\line\line Answer: D\line\line 9. Identify the statement which connectsaccess-list 101 inbound to interface e0?\line A.) Router(config-if)# ip access-group 101 in\line B.) Router(config-if)# ip access-group 101\line C.)Router(config)# ip access-group 101 e0 in\line D.) Router(config)# ip access-group101 e0 in\line\line Answer: A\line\line 10. Identify the command that displaysethernet0/1 interface status?\line A.) show interface ethernet0/1\line B.) showinterface ethernet e0/1\line C.) show interface ethernet0.1\line D.) showethernet0/1\line\line Answer: A\line\line 11. Based upon the exhibit, create astatic route to on Router A\line A.) Router# ip route\line B.) Router(config)# ip static route\line C.) Router(config)# ip route\lineD.) Router(config)# ip route\line\line Answer:D\line\line 12. Identify the command that saves the configuration stored in RAM toNVRAM?\line A.) copy running-config startup-config\line B.) copy tftp running-config\line C.) copy startup running\line D.) copy active to backup\line\lineAnswer: A\line 1\line 13. Identify the command that displays the SAP table?\lineA.) show ipx servers\line B.) display SAP table\line C.) display SAP's\line D.)show sap table\line\line Answer: A\line\line 14. Identify the command to configurethe IP address \line\line A.) Router(config-if)# ipaddress\line B.) Router(config)# ip address172.16.100.5\line C.) Router# ip address\line D.)Router(config)# ip address\line\line Answer:A\line\line 15. Identify the command to configure the router to boot from an IOSlocated \line on a TFTP server?\line A.) boot system tftp IOS.exe\lineB.) boot system tftp IOS.exe\line C.) boot system flash tftp172.16.5.1\line D.) boot system IOS.exe\line\line Answer: A\line\line16. Identify the command to display the hardware platform information?\line A.)show all\line B.) show platform\line C.) display hardware\line D.) showversion\line\line Answer: D\line\line 17. Identify the command to display theFrame Relay map table?\line A.) Router# display frame-relay map\line B.) Router#show frame-relay map\line C.) Router(setup)# show frame-relay map\line D.) Router#show map frame-relay\line\line Answer: B\line\line 18. Given the command 'cl?',what will it display?\line A.) Syntax of the 'clock' command\line B.) Syntax ofthe 'clear' command\line C.) All commands that begin with 'cl'\line D.) Allcommands that begin with 'c'\line\line Answer: C\line\line 19. Identify the 2
commands that copies the configuration in NVRAM to RAM?\line A.) copy backup-config running-config\line B.) configure nvram\line C.) copy startup-configrunning-config\line D.) configure memory\line\line Answer: B, C\line\line 20.Identify the 2 commands the saves the running-config to NVRAM?\line A.) writememory\line B.) copy running-config startup-config\line C.) write network\line D.)write backup\line\line Answer: A, B\line\line 21. Identify the command thatdisplays traffic statistics on serial0/1?\line A.) display interfaceserial0/1\line B.) show interface serial0/1\line C.) show seria0/1 stats\line D.)show interface serial0/1 stats\line\line Answer: B\line\line 22. Identify thecommand to determine if CDP is enabled?\line A.) show enable cdp\line B.) show cdpenabled\line C.) show cdp run\line D.) show cdp\line\line Answer: D\line\line 23.Which 2 commands shows the Cisco IOS filename?\line A.) show IOS\line B.) showver\line C.) show flash\line D.) show mem\line E.) show NVRAM\line\line Answer:B,C \line\line 24. Identify the command to copy a configuration file from a TFTPserver to a \line routers active configuration?\line A.) Router# copy running-config tftp\line B.) Router# copy tftp running-config\line C.) Router# copy tftp172.16.0.1 running-config\line D.) Router(config)# copy tftp running-config\line\line Answer: B\line\line 25. Identify the command mode necessary toenter the extended ping command?\line A.) Router#\line B.) Router>\line C.)Router(config)#\line D.) Router(ext-ping)#\line\line Answer: A\line\line 26.Identify the command to configure the router for IGRP autonomous system \line100?\line A.) Router(config)# router igrp 100\line B.) Router> router igrp100\line C.) Router# router igrp 100\line D.) Router(config)# routerigrp\line\line Answer: C\line\line 27. Identify the command that forces the routerto load into ROM mode upon a \line reload?\line A.) boot system rom\line B.) romboot\line C.) boot system flash rom\line D.) boot router rom\line\line Answer:A\line\line 28. Identify the command that specifies Serial 0 in slot 1?\line A.)Router(config)# interface serial1/1\line B.) Router(config)# interfaceserial1/0\line C.) Router(config)# interface serial0.1\line D.) Router(config)#interface serial0/1\line\line Answer: B \line\line 29. Identify the command toconfigure the configuration-register?\line A.) Router# config-register 0x2102\lineB.) Router(config)# config-register 0x2102\line C.) Router(config-reg)#0x2102\line D.) Router> config-register 0x2102\line\line Answer: A\line\line 30.Identify the command to disable CDP on an interface?\line A.) Router(config-if)#no cdp enable\line B.) Router(config-if)# no cdp run\line C.) Router# no cdpenable\line D.) Router(config-if)# no cdp\line\line Answer: A\line\line 31.Identify the command that will display the RIP routes entering and leaving \linethe router?\line A.) Router(config)# debug ip rip\line B.) Route# debug iprip\line C.) Router>debug ip rip\line D.) Router# debug rip routes\line\lineAnswer: B\line\line 32. Identify the prompt displayed if in privileged execmode?\line A.) Router(config)#\line B.) Router#\line C.) Router>\line D.)Router(priv)#\line\line Answer: B\line\line 33. 'Show cdp neighbors detail' showthe following 3 pieces of information?\line A.) Hardware platform\line B.)Software version\line C.) Same as 'show version' command\line D.) Up to 1 addressfor each protocol\line E.) Non-direct connected routers\line\line Answer: A, C,D\line\line 34. Identify the command mode necessary to enter the standard pingcommand?\line A.) Router(config)#\line B.) Router>\line C.) Router(std-ping)#\lineD.) Router(config-if)#\line\line Answer: B\line\line 35. Identify the command torun 'setup'?\line A.) Router(config)#setup\line B.) Router?setup\line C.)Router#setup\line D.) Router>setup\line\line Answer: A\line\line 36. Identify thecommand that configures serial0 for PPP encapsulation?\line A.) Router(config)#encapsulation ppp\line B.) Router(config-if)# encapsulation serial ppp\line C.)Router(config-if)# encapsulation ppp\line D.) Router# encapsulation ppp\line\lineAnswer: C\line\line 37. Identify the command to display the status of the FrameRelay virtual \line circuit?\line A.) Router# show frame-relay virtual-circuit\line B.) Router(config)# show frame-relay pvc\line C.) Router# show frame-relay pvc\line D.) Router# show virtual\line\line Answer: C\line\line 38. Identifythe command that disables name-to-address translation?\line A.) Router(config-
dns)# no ip domain-lookup\line B.) Router(config)# no address translation\line C.)Router(config)# no ip domain-lookup\line D.) Router(config)# ip domain-lookup\line\line Answer: C\line\line 39. What command will not display the statusof to1?\line A.) show int to1\line B.) show to1\line C.) show interface to1\lineD.) show interface\line\line Answer: B\line\line 40. Identify the 2 commands tocopy a configuration from a TFTP server to RAM?\line A.) configure network\lineB.) configure overwrite\line C.) copy backup-config running-config\line D.) copytftp running-config\line\line Answer: A,D\line\line 41. Identify the followingcommand to configure a secret password to 'cisco'?\line A.) Router(config)#enablepassword cisco secret\line B.) Router(config)#enable secret cisco\line C.)Router(config)#enable secret password cisco\line D.) Router(config)#set secret =cisco\line\line Answer: B\line\line 42. Identify the effect of Ctrl-Z?\lineA.) Exits back to privileged exec mode\line B.) Disconnect from the router\lineC.) Abort the ping operation\line D.) Exits privileged exec mode\line\line Answer:A\line\line 43. Given an IPX network with redundant paths, what command willconfigure \line load balancing?\line A.) ipx load-balance\line B.) ip maximum-paths 2\line C.) ipx maximum-paths 2\line D.) ipx load-share\line\line Answer:C\line\line 44. Identify the correct IGRP configuration?\line A.) Router# routerigrp 100\line Router# network\line B.) Router(config)# router igrp100\line Router(config-router)# network\line C.) Router(config)# routerigrp\line Router(config-router)# network\line\line Answer: B\line\line45. Identify the components in the following command 'interface serial0/1/1'\lineA.) Serial interface, port number 0, slot 1, port adapter 1\line B.) Serialinterface, slot 1, port number 1, port adapter 0\line C.) Serial interface, slot0, port adapter 1, port number 1\line\line Answer: C\line\line 46. Identify thecommand to view the configuration-register value?\line A.) show register\line B.)display config-register\line C.) show config\line D.) show version\line\lineAnswer: D\line\line 47. Identify the 2 commands that save the running-config to aTFTP server?\line A.) write running tftp\line B.) copy running network\line C.)copy running tftp\line D.) write network\line\line Answer: C,D\line\line 48.Identify the mode reflected by the following prompt 'Router<boot>'?\line A.)Setup\line B.) RXBoot\line C.) Boot mode\line D.) Privileged exec mode\line\lineAnswer: B\line\line 49. How do you disable CDP on the entire Router?\line A.)Router#no cdp run\line B.) Rotuer(config-if)# no cdp enable\line C.)Router(config)# no cdp enable\line D.) Router(config)# no cdp run\line\lineAnswer: D\line\line 50. What command can be used to test IPX connectivity?\lineA.) Ping 2e.000.0045.8923\line B.) Ping\line C.) Ping ipx2e.0000.0045.8923\line D.) Ipx ping 2e.0000.0045.8923\line\line Answer:C\line\line 51. Identify the 2 commands that display the clock rate configured onthe \line serial0 interface?\line A.) show serial0\line B.) show interfaceserial0\line C.) Show clock rate serial 0\line D.) show controllers serial 0\lineE.) show running-config\line\line Answer: D,E\line\line 52. What is the command tocopy the IOS image to a TFTP server?\line A.) copy flash tftp\line B.) copyrunning-config tftp\line C.) copy ios tftp\line D.) copy startup-configtftp\line\line Answer: A\line\line 53. Identify the command that configures thebandwidth to 56K?\line A.) Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56000\line B.)Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56k\line C.) Router(config)# bandwidth 56\line D.)Router(config-if)# bandwidth 56\line\line Answer: D\line\line 54. Identify thecommand to configure DLCI 100 on an interface e0?\line A.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100\line B.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 inte0\line C.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100\line D.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 int e0\line\line Answer: ALL ANSWERS AREWRONG\line\line 55. Identify the command to configure the router to boot from analternate IOS \line located in flash?\line A.) boot system flash IOS.exe\line B.)boot system tftp IOS.exe\line C.) boot system alternate IOS.exe\lineD.) boot system rom IOS.exe\line\line Answer: A\line\line 56. Identify the commandto configure a description on an interface?\line A.) Router> description Financedepartment\line B.) Router(config)# description Finance department\line C.)

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