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VHP Sampark August 2009

VHP Sampark August 2009

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Published by: vhpsampark.org on Jan 28, 2010
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VHP Sampark 
Give us just 10 minutes. We’ll give you the truth that the secular media
Vol.2, No.5
Anniversary of Freedom atMidnight – Whither Hindus ?
The rabid India and Hindu hater, Winston Churchill once said, “the sun never setson the British Empire”. He said this with all the arrogance that only a EuropeanChristian can command. Responding to this, a Hindu patriot retorted, “the reason,sir, is that even God does not trust the British in the dark”.
And it was precisely at the darkest hour of 12 midnight on August 15, 1947, that theBritish lowered the Union Jack, and thetricolor was hoisted the tricolor atop theramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi. TheBritish quit India leaving the country inthe hands of a party called the IndianNational Congress led by a Britisheducated barrister called JawaharlalNehru, a
Brown sahib bred in thefinest traditions of the Macaulayansystem of education imposed on Indiaafter destroying the ancient, traditionalholistic Hindu educational system.And who could have been happier thanLord Macaulay himself (had been alive atthe time) to witness power passing on toa man cast in the mould that he outlined inhis speech to the British Parliament onFebruary 2, 1835 when he said, " Ipropose that we replace (India's) old andancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreignand English is good, and greater than their than their own, they will lose their selesteem, their native culture and they willbecome what we want them, a trulydominated nation”.And thanks to the brown sahibs in theCongress, the British gave a parting kickto the Hindus. They broke off almost onethird of the most valuable, fertile andstrategically important portions of thecountry and handed it over to the Muslimswho created the Islamic state of Pakistan.A Pakistan that mercilessly butchered theHindus living there. And those whoescaped the butchery, rapine and jiahdibarbarism, fled to India. At the same time,thanks to the brown sahibs in theCongress, the Muslims were allowed tostay on as Indian citizens enjoying all therights and privileges that even Hindus didnot enjoy, and eventually grew to becomethe Congress party’s blue eyed boys, aninvaluable vote bank that has kept theNehru-Gandhi dynasty in power to thisday.
Butchery of Hindus in post partition L
Hindus fought for the country’s freedom.They made enormous sacrifices. Theyshed their life blood. On the other hand,the contribution of Muslims wasinsignificant. Despite this, they walkedaway with one third of undivided India.The contribution of Christians was zero.
Almost the entire Christian communitykept away from the freedom movement, if not siding with the colonizers. TheChristian community was under the swayof the Church. This is best exemplified inthe Malayalam novel “Kayar” where thereis an episode in which a clergymanexhorts the Christians not to side with thefreedom fighters because it would goagainst their religion. The reason? Thecrown adorning the head of the Englishmonarch has a cross on it. So defying theBritish government would amount todishonoring the Christian Cross.Freedom at midnight did not mean aHindu raj. A Hindu raj governed on thebasis of the age old Hindu ethos. TheConstitution was modeled after the patternof Christian states. Privileges unknown inthe world were conferred upon theminorities. While Muslim personal lawswere left intact, Hindus saw a lot of interference in their religious freedom.While Hindu temples and religiousinstitutions came under state control,mosques and churches continued toremain free from government control.And successive Congress governmentswith their anti Hindu governance haveensured that Hindus have become secondrate citizens in their own Hindu land.The so called minorities have the upper hand today. Almost the entire northeastern region of the country has gotChristianized. Hindus are a decliningmajority in rate of growth terms, Muslimsare multiplying faster. This is due to their disregard for family planning. And thespecial privilege that enables them tohave four wives. And large scale illegalinfiltration of Bengladeshi Muslims. Andunfettered conversions carried out byChristian missionaries Add to this, the jihadi terror unleashed on the Hindus byorganizations like the SIMI, the churchbacked organizations in the North eastand the naxalites across the country.Compound this with the anti Hindu foreignfunded mercenary media, the persecutionof Hindu saints and patriots, theshowering of favors on the Muslims andChristians and you have a question:Would we be wrong in concluding thatfreedom at midnight meant thereplacement of the British royal dynasty bythe Nehru Gandhi dynasty. The solatopees were replaced by white Gandhitopees. That the white sahibs werereplaced by the brown sahibs. The civil,legal and administration systems imposedon Hindus by an alien Christian power tofurther their imperial interests continued.The education policy remainedunchanged. And above all, the newdispensation has been as anti Hindu asthe British Christian colonizers.Whither Hindus?
Convict Sanjay on bail! Patriotic SadhviPragya in Jail!!
Rabid Indian Muslims headed by Dawood Ibrahim and his cronies set off bombblasts in the heart of Mumbai in 1993 killing hundreds of Hindus, injuring andmaiming hundreds more. And
actor Sanjay Dutt was arrested in thecase. Luck and
certain other factors
combined to ensure that Sanjay got off lightlywith a jail term under the Arms Act. His co accused were sent to jail under TADA toserve longer terms.
But Sanjay got bail some months beforethe elections. Mulla Mulayam theMuslimphile was eager to give a LokSabha ticket to Sanjay. To garner Muslimvotes. But was thwarted by the Court.Nevertheless convict Sanjay campaignedfor his cronies Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh. And is roaming about as a freeman.A convict out in the open. A convict withalleged underworld connections.
But a patriotic Hindu Sadhvi is in jail. So isa patriotic Hindu soldier, Lt. Col Purohit.In jail under the stringent MCOCAprovisions. Special efforts were taken toinvoke the MCOCA provisions. So thatthey were locked up and the keys thrownaway.And the charges against them ? None of them can stick if the case comes up for trial.Meantime, there are frequent reports innewspapers about the inhuman treatmentmeted out to the frail and ailing Sadhvi in jail. Including an assault by a prisoner.And convict Sanjay Dutt, brother of Congress MP Priya Dutt, is roaming free.Acting, politicking and living it up. Wellthat is Congress secularism. Theminorities must be kept pleased, isn’t it ?
ATS Pampering Anti National Muslimyouth who went to Pakistan for jihaditraining !!!
According to the Mumbai Mirror of July 20, a free handout that accompanies theanti Hindu rag published from Bori Bunder, the state Anti Terror Squad haschalked out a so called rehabilitation programme for a score of Muslim youth whovisited Pakistan for jihadi training
.One wonders why this soft corner foMuslims by the ATS that went out of itsway to persecute Sadhvi Pragya Singhand throw her in jail ? And the Hinduarmy officer Col. Purohit? These twoHindu patriots are innocent and are facingtrial.
Jihadis! Getting the kid glove treatment 
A citizen who has broken the law is acriminal. A citizen who has sneaked out of the country to get training in terror in anenemy country, is a potential terrorist .Why this kid glove treatment for thesetraitors who have betrayed theimotherland?And who are the bosses of these so calledmisguided Muslim youth? At whosebehest has the ATS acted to go soft onthese potential Muslim terrorists? Of course, ATS won’t act without orders fromits political bosses. So who are thesebosses?Islamic terrorism has cost us very heavy interms of innocent Hindu lives lost,property destroyed and economy hit. Rightfrom the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993 tillthe Pakistani invasion of Mumbai onNovember 26, Hindus had to pay verydearly.Terrorists or potential terrorists we cannotgo soft on terror. We must act like theIsraelis. Because terrorists are products of an ideology. An ideology that kills.This is what an Israeli general once said 
Personally we have found that there is only one way to deal with terrorists. Not just an eyefor an eye, but retribution to adegree that makes the tactics of terror not worth it. We level anentire village that harborsterrorists! It works. Jihad

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