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VHP Sampark September 2009

VHP Sampark September 2009

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Published by: vhpsampark.org on Jan 28, 2010
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VHP Sampark 
Give us just 10 minutes. We’ll give you the truth that the secular media
Vol.2, No.5
September 2009
VHP brings Government on its knees amd ensures Justicefor Miraj Hindus at last in the wake of 
Murderous Muslim Militancy in Miraj thatresulted in launch of jihadi attacks onGanesh pandals under the benign eye of thepolice
Display of a painting depicting Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj engaged in combatwith Afzal Khan atop a Ganesh pandal in MIraj, Sangli was all the provocation for the town’s rabid Muslim population to display the bitter hatred of Hindus in builtin their genes.
Frenzied murderous Muslim mobsnumbering thousands, charged with thespirit of jihad attacked Ganesh pandals,desecrated and broke the Ganesh idols,pulled down the festoons and buntingsand assaulted Hindu devotees. And mostshamefully, the partisan pro Muslimpolice did not lift a finger to stop them.
One of the most shameful sceneswitnessed was that of a senior policeofficer standing amidst a howlingMuslim mob while a Muslim youthclambered atop a police van andhoisted a Muslim flag,
The weak kneed police in the face of fierce violence by the Muslim mobs,capitulated to the Muslim demand andpulled down the painting that the Muslimsconsidered offensive. We fail tounderstand the love that the Muslims for a murderous for a foreign jihadi invader like Afzal Khan . It is all the more puzzlingto note the police support for the Muslimsagitating in favour of Afzal Khan.Meantime the pandal committeesdemanded that the painting pulled downby the police be restored to its originalplace failing which they would notimmerse the idols. They also demandedthat the Ganesh idols should be re-installed with proper religious rites failingwhich they would not carry out theimmersion.Keeping in tune with their policy oMuslim appeasement the police forciblyentered the pandals, thrashed thevolunteers and forcibly carted away theidols in a garbage truck for immersion.Instead of punishing the rabid Muslimmobs, the partisan pro Muslim policearrested Hindu devotes and subjectedthem to third degree treatment, injuringmany of them, This was in addition to an
earlier lathi charge in which two Hindudevotes died and several others werecritically injured.
The towns Hindus were highlyenraged and the situation was gettingtenser by the day. However theVishwa Hindu Parishad rallied all thedivergent Hindu groups under itsumbrellas and peacefully lobbied withthe adamant patently pro Muslimauthorities and the government andensured a peaceful outcome. Thegovernment has seen reason and hasagreed to accede to all our demands
Sadhvi Pragya Thakur case : Egg onGovernment face as MCOCA courtthrows out case against her andothers
In the wake of rabid Muslim jihadi bombings across the country and the mountinganger in the country against jihadism and the government’s impotence inensuring the safety of the citizens, the wise men presiding over the country’sdestiny launched a diversionary attack on patriotic Hindu saints and sages andsoldiers and on the Hindutva organizations. What better way could the patentlypro min ority government could the government chose to demonize, humiliateand tarnish Hindus and Hindutva organizations and keep its minority vote bankpleased and secured !! And the results are there for all to see. This dastardlyelection eve stunt saw the Italian born Christian Sonia Gandhi ride to power onthe strength of its Muslim vote bank.
Aided by the mercenary anti Hindu wogmedia and implemented by a subservientpolice and bureaucracy, Sadhvi PragyaSing, Col. Purohit and several othepatriotic Hindus were charged withinvolvement in the Malegaon bomb blastscase. Rather, a case was cooked upagainst these patriotic Hindus. And toensure that the sadhvi and othersremained indefinitely behind bars, morecases were cooked up against them todetain them under the draconian MCOCAprovisions.Every one knows and we have reportedfrom time to time, the illegal detention bythe police f the sadhvi for several days,her brutal iterrogatin, the inhumantreatment meted out to the sadhvi in jailand the assault on her by a femaleMuslim prisoner. In short, the sadhvi hadto undergo hell. The reason? She is apatriotic Hindu sadhvi, a young icon for Hindu youth and perhaps an easy targetfor the police and the press.But the government did not reckon withIndia’s impartial judiciary. The Hon’bleMCOCA Court ripped the governmentcase to shreds and booted it out.
However, stung by this verdict, thevindictive government, not to fall foul of its Muslim vote bank, has assembled abattery of top star lawyers to file anappeal in a higher court. The governmentperhaps believes that these top legaleagles will help it turn the thumbscrewson the innocent, frail, ailing sadhvi, thepatriotic army colonel and others andperpetuate the bad name it has tried togive to her and to the HIndutvamovement
Is the Case against HH theSankaracharya of Kanchipuram, SriJayendra Saraswati falling apart ?
In a bid to humiliate the country’s Hindusand to defame and denigrate Hinduism,HH Shri Jayendra Saraswati, revered bycrores of Hindus as a living God, wasimplicated in a murder case, arrested and jailed. The Rajdeeps and Barkhas, theGoswamis and Roys and othemercenary media hacks went all out toback this anti Hindu attempt and sparedno effort in putting the news in their primeslots for days on end.However, His Holiness was granted bailand the case is transferred out oChennai. According to recent newspaper reports, some of the star prosecutionwitnesses in the case have back trackedon their original statements leading todoubts whether the case against HisHoliness will stand the test of law.Egg on government face once again ?
Muslims more pampered in Secular India than in Islamic Countries
Muslims in this Hindu majority country have always been a pampered lot. Firstthe British pampered them to such an extent that the Muslims were handed over almost of the country’s most precious, fertile and strategically important areas tocreate the Islamic state of Pakistan. And later with the advent of the pro MuslimCongress government , followers of the jihadi ideology of hatred, intolerance andviolence have been granted de facto status of first grade citizens and the Hindushave become third citizens of this country.
Muslims in India enjoy every kind of privilege in the world, privileges that evenIslamic states and caliphates do not grantthem. Take for instance the Muslimpersonal that allows a Muslim male tomarry up to four wives, the minimummarriage age for Muslim women, thestatus of Muslim even etc. While evenrabid Islamic countries like Pakistan haveput restrictions in this regard, the Muslimsunder the benign patronage of successiveCongress governments at the centre

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