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Sustainability eBook

Sustainability eBook



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Published by Crystal

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Published by: Crystal on Apr 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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**If you have printed this guide pl
ease ensure you recycle the paper**
Join theGreenSustainability Wave
Ways To Go
Tips To Help Prevent Pollution & Be Environmentally
For Individuals and All Size Companies)
Crystal Vaughan
Join theGreenSustainability Wave
Ways To Go
An overwhelming majority of consumers (92%) agree t
hat businesses,government and consumers have an
equal responsibility 
to reduce energy use 
(Alliance to Save Energy, 2003 Consumer Market Research).
In todays world, there
are so many actions individuals, companies and communities can do to become
sustainable and eco
In all of my research, I have come
across countless ways to help prevent pollutionhowever, there are so many of these
tips that it is utterly impossible for one individual to actually remember or even learn
about unless researching on specific topics. Therefore, I have compiled all of myfindings in this
about being environmentally sustainable.
Each section provides
useful tips for how an individual or company could become environmentally
Not only does each section list tips, it also gives the reader anexplanation of what it does and why it is good for the environment. Many of the tips
are cross
functional and can be used by businesses
individuals, so you may come
across some that are
repeated from a previous section. I hope this provides helpfulguidance to many and educates on the importance of being environmentally
sustainable for the future.
Very few businesses have any policies in place regarding their carbon footpri
However, by reading the below tips, businesses can take the necessary steps to
reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. The advantages of going
green for businesses include lower business costs, increased efficiency, creating brand
erentiation, improving standings within the market and with customers, investors,
and partners and
building a reputation for genuine corporate social responsibility.
Launch a green campaign whose initiative is to emphasize the specific course of
actions t
hat businesses can
to make
an impact on preserving resources and the
Avoid purchasing products with excess packaging. Buy in bulk and look to use
suppliers with a clear policy on energy reduction.
Purchase products from local manufactu
rers in order to support the local
economy as well as reduce the need for long
distance transport.
Use environmentally friendly products at the office. Try recycled toilet paper,
recycled Kleenex, eco
friendly hand soap, post
consumer paper towels, eco
iendly cleaning products, potato starch plates and utensils and ceramic cups.
Purchase only Fair Trade coffee.
Use staple
less staplers.
Recycle, recycle, recycle.
You could save 2,400 lbs. of CO2 every year by
recycling just half of your businesses wast
Join theGreenSustainability Wave
Ways To Go
Make sure to recycle all equipment as well. Company computers, cell phones,
blackberrys and PDAs can all be recycled through the vendor you purchased
them from. Sometimes they even have plans where you can exchange old items
for a credit.
Upgrade on
ly what is needed and when you do upgrade equipment, make sure topurchase energy efficient technology products such as certain Dell processors.
Many applications in the office environment would benefit more from additional
memory than high
performance pr
Create a company policy regarding cell phone upgrades. Employees do not need
to replace devices so often. Make sure they justify and understand the benefits
a new phone can offer before the company purchases again. If everyone in the
UK dela
yed upgrading their phone by a year, the energy saved would be
equivalent to taking 213,000 cars off the road.
Buy low flow toilets, showerheads and faucets for the restrooms in your
Adjust your thermostat two degrees down in the winter and up two degrees in
the summer. This could save about 2,000 lbs. of CO2 per year
saves money.
Your heating costs can go up by around 8% every time the thermostat isincreased by just one degree.
Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of regular ligh
t bulbs.
These use up
to 75% less energy than a regular light bulb.
This wil
l save 150 lbs. of CO2 per
year and also last around 10 times longer than regular ones.
Go solar! For savings today, energy forever, use solar energy. It is clean energy
that d
oes not use up valuable resources such as fossil resources like coal and
natural gas. It does not pollute and every kilowatt
hour produced by a solarsystem is one that does not have to be created by burning fossil fuels. Oh and by
the way.There is also
a $2,000 federal investment tax credit businesses can getback just by installing solar panels. Solar electricity helps businesses reduce
their monthly electric bills, increase employee satisfaction and increase the
value of the property.
Consider using
motion sensors for offices and conference rooms. This way if
someone leaves the room and forgets to turn off a light, it will go off
automatically after five or so minutes. This also prevents lights from being on
one system. If one employee is working a
lone in their office, there is no reason
to turn the entire floors lights onthe light will only come on in their specific
Turn off all electric devices when not in use. This includes computer screens and
printers. By doing so, you can make more
of a difference than you think.
Limit business air travel to essential trips only. Create a comprehensive company
policy on business travel to avoid unnecessary business travel and reduce its
negative impacts on the environment. Nowadays, modern technolo
gy provides a

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