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The God Paradox

The God Paradox



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Published by Anthony A. Castro
A satirical look at the question of God's infallibility.
A satirical look at the question of God's infallibility.

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Published by: Anthony A. Castro on Jan 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anthony A. Castro about 3,731 words1D Oak Crest Court Novato, CA 94947(415)897-0305Tcastro09@comcast.netThe God ParadoxBy A. A. Castro
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The two homicide detectives were looking thru the two-way mirror at the man sitting inthe interrogation room. He was old and small, with scraggly wisps of white hair. He was thinand so bony he looked like a walking skelteton. They could see the blue roadmap of his veinscontrasting with the pallor of his skin. He was dressed in a plain grey business suit, a white shirtand a solid blue tie. The tie was loose and the top button of his shirt was undone. There werereddish brown stains on his shirt and there was mud on his pants.The detectives could see him slumped on the chair there, wringing his hands and lookingaround with a wide-eyed expression. The shorter detective looked at his partner and asked “So,do you believe his story, Mac?”Detective MacAnally snorted derisively. “Well, he acts like he does. We’ve been herefor five hours and we can’t shake him, Boyd.”“You wanna call in the psych boys?” asked Detective Boyd.“Hell, no” MacAnally snapped, “we’ve got this guy dead to rights on a murder one rap,and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let the psych boys take him and turn him loose on an insanity plea.”“Well, whadda ya wanna do then?”“What we’re good at” said MacAnally, “we’re going in there and we’re going to sweatthis guy until he tells us what really happened behind that bar.”
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MacAnally ran his fingers thru his hair. Boyd straightened out of his chair and adjustedhis tie. The tall, rangy MacAnally and the shorter, dapper Boyd looked at each other for asecond before MacAnally opened the door and they both went into the interrogation room.The little man looked up when they walked in. He looked at MacAnally and then atBoyd. His lips were slightly curved, as if he wanted to smile but wasn’t sure if it wasappropriate under the circumstances.Boyd leaned against the wall as MacAnally pulled out a chair and sat across from the oldman. He put a yellow legal pad on the table. He pulled out a pen from the inside pocket of his jacket. He laid it down on the yellow pad, folded his hands and looked at the old man acrossfrom him.“We need to ask you some more questions” said MacAnally.The old man answered in a low, sad tone “You don’t believe me.”Boyd walked over and leaned into the old man, his fists on the table, and said “Of coursewe don’t, smart guy, so we’re going to stay in this room until you tell us the truth. Hell, even if you don’t we’ve got enough on you to send you upstate for life.”“Then why do you need to ask me more questions?” asked the old man.Boyd sneered with disgust as he said “Because your story is bullshit, that’s why. Youthink you’re going to get out of this by pretending to be a nut job and telling us a crazy story.Well, you’re not and I don’t care if it takes till Judgment Day, we’re going to get the truth out of you!”
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