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Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001

Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001

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Published by lovesyndrome

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Published by: lovesyndrome on Jan 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001
Table of contents
CHAPTER I - PRELIMINARYSections1 Short title, extent and commencement2. Definitions3. Ordinance to over-ride other laws4. Local Governments to work within Provincial framework CHAPTER II - LOCAL AREAS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTSSections5. Composition of local areas6. Delimitation of Unions,7. Delimitation of tehsils and districts8. Creation of a City District9 Setting up of a town10. Local areas under previous law to continue11. Alteration of local areas12 Local governments for local areasCHAPTER III- DISTRICT GOVERNMENTSections13 Composition of District Government14. Decentralized offices and grouping of offices15. Entrustment of certain decentralized offices to Tehsil Municipal Administration.16 Authority and responsibility of District Government.17 The Zila Nazim18 Functions and powers of the Zila Nazim19. Right of the Zila Nazim to take part in Council's meetings20. Personal responsibility of Zila Nazim21. Resignation of Zila Nazim22. Vacancy in the office of Zila Nazim23 External recall of Zila Nazim24. Internal recall of a Zila Nazim25. Setting aside an order of Zila Nazim by Chief Executive of the Province26. Structure of District Administration27. Heads of offices and groups28. District Coordination Officer29. Functions and powers of Executive District Officer30. District administration working
31. Rules of Business for disposal of work 32. Assignment of work to Tehsil Municipal Administration33. Disposal of Government's work 34. Performance evaluation35 Offices of the City District36. Integrated management of services in City DistrictCHAPTER IV - ZILA COUNCILSections37. Composition of Zila Council38. Secretariat of the Council39. Functions and powers of Zila Council40. Functions of Zila Council in a City District41. Zila Council to approve certain plans for towns42. Conduct of the business of Zila Council43. Address of Zila Nazim44. Joint committee of Councils45 Setting aside a resolution of Zila Council46 Resignation of Naib Ziia Nazim47. Recall of a Naib Zila Nazim48. Power of Zila Council to elect officiating Zila NszimCHAPTER V - TEHSIL AND TOWN MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATIONSections49. Composition ofTehsil Municipal Administration50. Town Municipal Administration51. Provisions relating to tehsils apply to towns52. Entrustment of certain decentralized offices to Tehsil Municipal Administration53. Structure of the Tehsil Municipal Administration54 Functions and powers of the Tehsil Municipal Administration54-A.
Functions and powers of the Town Municipal Administration.-
 55. Fiscal transfer for Tehsil Municipal Administration56. Tehsil Nazim57. Functions of.Tehsil Nazim58. Tehsil Municipal Officer58-A. Town Officer or Tehsil Officer59. Personal responsibility of Tehsif Nazim60. Resignation of Tehsil Nazim61. Vacancy of the Office of Tehsil Nazim62. External recall ofTehsil Nazim63. Internal recall of a Tehsil Nazim64. Setting aside an order of Tehsil NazimCHAPTER VI - TEHS1L AND TOWN COUNCILS
 Sections65 Composition of Tehsil and Town Councils66. Provisions of Tehsil Council apply to Town Council67. Functions and powers of the Tehsil Council67-A. Functions and powers of the Town Council68. Power to appoint officiating Tehsil Nazim69. Conduct of the business of Tehsil Council70. Address of Tehsil Nazim71. Resignation of Naib Tehsit Nazim72. Recall of a Naib Tehsil Nazim73. Joint committees of CouncilsCHAPTER VII - UNION ADMINISTRATIONSections74. Composition of Union Administration75. Structure of Union Administration76. Functions of the Union Administration77. Assignment of functions to Village Council78. Entrustment of functions by District Government, etc.79. Government to prescribe powers of Union Administration80. Functions of Union Nazim81. Personal responsibility of Union Nazim82. Setting aside decisions of Union Nazim83. Resignation by Union Nazim84. External Recall of Union Nazim,85. Internal recall of Union Nazim86. Joint committees of CouncilsCHAPTER Vlll - UNION COUNCILSections87. Composition of the Union Council88. Functions of the Union Council89. Conduct of the business of Union Council90 Address of Union Nazim91. Resignation by Naib Union Nazim92. Recall of Naib Union Nazim'CHAPTER IX - VILLAGE AND NEIGHBOURHOOD COUNCILSSections93. Declaration of village, and Neighbourhood Councils

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