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A Vision From 1974 That Foretells Christian Apostacy

A Vision From 1974 That Foretells Christian Apostacy

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Published by laws632
1974 prophecy now being fulfilled
1974 prophecy now being fulfilled

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Published by: laws632 on Jan 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday and Wednesday evening from 7:30-10:30 CST for the
Unleavened Bread Bible Study.
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Through Us (PDF) is now available from Unleavened Bread
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We now have a separate website for Unleavened BreadPublishing Inc.,our new publisher, and all of our books and
related materials are available there.
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Toronto/Brownsville: Trojan Horse
A Vision From 1974 That Foretells Toronto and Brownsville
MODERATOR: A few people have been questioning why I chose tobring up 'Toronto' at this time. "Surely it is old news?" they say. Sadly,that is not the case. Everywhere I look throughout the Charismaticmovement today I see evidence of Toronto-type excesses andmanifestations. They come in slightly different forms (-new fads blowthrough every year). But I tell you, the "children of Toronto" areeverywhere. Sometimes it is plain 'silliness' going on - but other timesthere is real power behind it.However, the other thing that comes into this is the "Youth Revival"scenario. Personally, we are in the midst of adapting our entire ministryto the coming 'Street-Revival' right now. Others are hearing this from
God also. And so the basis of our entire ministry is changing. We arebeing forced onto a kind-of 'War' footing.I want to tell you, there is no worse nightmare I can imagine than'Toronto' getting a foot-hold in the new move of God. All those youngconverts - hungry and susceptible. If they get fed 'Toronto' they will
believe it. I have studied Revival history now for over 20 years - and I tellyou, Toronto is a "Revival-killer". It has a proven track-record going back
centuries. And I cannot imagine a worse fate for the coming Revival, can
you? Why do you think the first Great Awakening lasted only threeyears? (Research the name 'James Davenport', the "old lights" and the"new lights" - and you will find out). Why do you think the 1904 WelshRevival became a by-word in that nation within just a few years? Readhistory and there you will see 'Toronto'-type phenomena wreckingRevivals time and time again. Is that what we want for the coming moveof God, my friends?From my point of view, if there are leaders who carry that "anointing",they are absolutely UNWELCOME to minister in any way to the youngconverts that are coming in. -Which is another reason why this issue isso important to discuss at this moment. I believe we are about to enter'harvest-time' in the West and we simply cannot afford to see it so easilyruined. We need to keep this thing OUT!(Mind you, we cannot afford to be too heavy on 'minor' excesses either.The Holy Spirit has to be given room to move and there will always besome 'messiness' involved. It is a question of BALANCE).By the way, you may be interested in the following brief account that alady named Patti sent me today:"I inadvertently got prayed over by some people who had received "TheToronto Blessing". I ended up that night with uncontrollable flopping andshaking of my limbs, being drunk in spirit and uncontrollable laughter. Atthe time it felt right. But later as time went on, these manifestations cameat inopportune times and were uncontrollable. My arms and legs wouldshake when trying to pray for people or when just sitting in church. Mylegs would give out and I would have to catch my balance just to standupright while worshipping. It soon became clear to me that this was notthe Holy Spirit and so I repented of allowing myself to receive this spiritand asked God to take it away from me. Praise Him, He did!"Below is an interesting vision from 1974 which may also relate to thiswhole thing.Moderator: Andrew Stromhttp://www.revivalschool.com 
NOTE from Arthur Eedle: Thank you for your article on Toronto. In themid 90s I sent out similar warnings, and received some flak as a result,although here in England, the influence of Toronto has never been as

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