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Emerging Economies

Emerging Economies

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Published by jagadishprasad
something for your brains
something for your brains

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Published by: jagadishprasad on Jan 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Savings play a key role in emerging markets where high rate of savings enablebanks to go for circulation of money and to go for loans giving
this results in growth of entrepreneurship in the economy
 Foreign Direct Investment boosts growth of economy faster but can crash downalso faster because of removal of cash at any given point of time by the investor  unless stringent rules aren't guaranteed by the country where this type of foreigndirect investment is allowed Foreign Institutional Investors also play the same role as FDI with same policyhow to provide stringent rules and regulations is basicallyfor example amount of withdrawal by investors by country per day/per monthmonitored by say RBI of INDIA
Private sector role
should be basically entrepreneurship promoted if possiblethrough companies by providing finance by company to its employees Its advantage would be enjoyed in the long run Specific segments which company wants to promote can be promoted throughentrepreneurship by its own employees which company feels comfortable Specification of these types of industries can be specified through HR policy 
Example :
TATAS promoting spare part units through its employeesentrepreneurship by providing capital at cheaper rates than banks 
Opening up of accounts is done usually through reference,
some additional benefits like company accounts being used for loan giving toneedy which aids the giver of loan an additional percentage of savings in the longrun say period of 1 year and above savings without spending This type of policy can be used in Fixed Deposits and shifted to other types of accounts say current account Other types of accounts being used by banks can be by linking the accounts tofinancial instruments Think what can be those instruments to promote entrepreneurship by providingloans 
- checks over a period of time not to exceed per leaf an excess of 10,000 rs would be awarded a cash prize of 1% on total savings made on thatparticular time frame (average) per year  
 Educational institutions in some countries is being used by lending support infood consumption if child is sent to school up to a certain standard of class their should be some other type of motivation in sense that job guarantee in labor market once child completes certain standard of education within a specific timeframe Educational institutions if made private would increase the expenditure of afamily as they look out for more profits, If these benefits are provided with companies setting out educational institutionsfor its labor with funding on equal basis with Government, How its that This would make even companies happy with labor union leaders in their respective branches 
: TATAS having their own medical doctors taking care of labour free of cost in Jamshedpur, jharkandThis extended to education also 
Research and Development wing has to improve its standards over the period of time with enough investment made for looking at future growth of brands How can this happen, It can happen only if CEO of company sets up a statutory body to look at patentsthat are coming up in the market at regular intervals especially in its own homecountry Through 4c research can be shared between companies or done researchtogether  Technological advancement can be checked in its country if this policy is decidedby Board Members Companies have to go for innovations of their brands on regular basis if theywant to survive How to do it innovatively or say how would you manage these brands It is through 4c can play an important role in sharing information about industry segment wisein both research and innovation 
What are the steps needed to
 get/manage information on brands?
Ans) steps needed to get/manage information under branding are 
Step one 
 Prioritize information as per company core competency 
Step two 
 Check out the database available in Internet based upon your core competencyinformation 
Step three 
 Streamline as per companies man power requirement 
Step four 
 Prioritize information based upon the company product brand requirement 

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