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Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-6

Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-6

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Published by Freddy Davis
The Gospel According to Radical Environmentalism
The Gospel According to Radical Environmentalism

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Published by: Freddy Davis on Apr 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Have you ever had any doubts about your faith? Do you have friends who have had such strong doubts that they left thefaith or simply dropped out of church? Have you ever had a period of time in your life when you, yourself, were a drop-out? As I am sure you have observed, it is a pretty common phenomenon.There has actually been research done on this topic and we will look at some of the results of that today. But there issomething that is even more important than knowing survey results. The question becomes: What can be done about it?We will address that too. There is a lot that even we can do to help people out in this arena.Well, what did you think? Did you enjoy the last issue of the newsletter on “The Gospel According to PETA?” I hope youdid. And I hope you will take some initiative to partner with us to get this out even more. (In fact, this could be one of thosethings you can personally do to help folks who are struggling with their faith). Would you take that article and send it toeveryone you know? If you can’t dig it up quickly, you will find it at the MarketFaith Ministries website(www.marketfaith.org) in the “Newsletter Archives.” You might not have a lot of other ways you can be a witness and canhelp other Christians grow their faith, but it is certainly easy enough to simply pass on an article. Thanks so much.
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Recently, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life con-ducted a survey about the religious affiliation of the Ameri-can public. This survey indicated that there is a huge shifttaking place in the religious affiliation of Americans. Theyfound that more than one-quarter of American adults haveleft the faith of their childhood for another religion or no reli-gion at all. And that is only for people completely changingreligions. If you count those who have moved from oneProtestant denomination to another, that figure rises to for-ty-four percent.In trying to analyze the reasons for this shift, the Pew Fo-rum drew several conclusions. Their belief is that there areactually several reasons for this massive shift. They attribut-ed part of it to American society’s “competitive religiousmarketplace. ”Another factor is a “dropping confidence inorganized religion.”I am certain that these conclusions have an element of truthto them. But they do not tell the whole story. There is anoth-er factor which is absolutely critical to understand if we wantto get at this issue in a way that allows us to actually dosomething to turn the tide.We human beings have a deep seated need to connectwith God. It is a part of our very being. God created us asspiritual beings with this element built into us.Unfortunately, a large percentage of people don’t know howto effectively do that – even many who are affiliated with achurch. In America, other worldview beliefs have becomesuch a part of the fabric of society that we don’t even tendto think in terms of a real Christian worldview anymore.Even the conclusions of the Pew Forum are based on Nat-
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MarketFaith Ministries is an equipping ministry which is focused on helping Christians become more effectivein living out their faith in the midst of the increasingly diverse worldview environment of modern society.
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Volume 3 Number 6 March 26, 2008
Why People Leave the Faith
Why People Leave the Faith - Continued from page 1)
uralistic methodologies rather than Christian ones. They have looked to the “sociological reasons” rather than “spiritualreasons” for the changes. They see it as what is going on in society rather than what is going on it the heart of the indi-vidual.What is even more tragic is that the average church is not effective in stemming this tide. The evidence for this is seen inthe results of the survey. Too many churches have so been so swamped by other belief systems that they have either bought in or been overwhelmed and defeated by them. There are even entire denominations which are crumbling fromwithin as they fight over such things as whether or not homosexuality is a sin and whether or not Jesus’ death and resur-rection were actual events which supply the means for the salvation of mankind. As a result, these churches are nothelping their members understand the fight they are in and not giving them the tools to stand strong in their faith.So what happens? Since people don’t seem to be able to find the answers to the yearning of their hearts in the church,they begin looking, in large numbers, for other places and ways to have their spiritual needs met.The problem here is a worldview problem. Society is laying a worldview foundation which says that ultimate reality isfounded strictly on the natural world or on some set of spiritual principles which is contrary to Christian teachings. To thedegree that people buy into that, they are not looking to a personal relationship with God to meet their need. The resultis, they look somewhere else.In order for Christians to reverse that trend, we must go to go back to square one and once again lay out a Christianworldview foundation in a way which helps people have confidence in their own faith. With this, they will have the motiva-tion to share that faith with people who are moving in a different direction.So, what exactly is necessary for us to pull this off? How can we make sure that we, personally, have the right perspec-tive and are channeling our energies in a direction which will make a difference?In order to turn the tide, there are two things which we must do. First of all, we must understand the problem and dealwith it on a personal level. Secondly, we must make our own personal relationship with God a real and active personalrelationship. Let’s look at these briefly and see why these are so critical.
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Since no one in MarketFaith Ministries takes a salary, our financial needs are not huge. But we do have office supply andweb upkeep expenses. If you would be willing to help us a little with these by sharing a monetary donation, it would alsobe greatly appreciated. Your gift is
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Understanding the Problem and Dealing with it on a Personal Level 
This first matter relates to understanding worldview. I know we hammer on this a lot, and that it is not understood as acritical matter by most people. But the fact is, everything that we do in life, without exception, is based on our worldviewfoundation. You cannot address any issue in life outside of that truth. So the question becomes: What do you do whenyou confront a person who is a Secular Humanist or a Wiccan or a Buddhist or a Jehovah’s Witness? Do you know whatthey believe? Do you know how they think? Can you share Christ with them in a way that allows them to understand? If one of them attacks your faith, are you able to turn the tables and help them understand why their attack is baseless? Andeven more telling, do you think that it is important to even be able to do this?Your answers to these questions reveals two important things. First, they reveal whether or not your own worldview isbased on a Biblical view of life. If you don’t see the need, you are obviously coming from a worldview belief system that isnot based on the Bible. Secondly, they reveal whether or not you have the tools to engage people who have other belief systems with the gospel message. For instance, if you try to share the love of God with someone who says they don’t be-lieve in God (or who has an entirely different understanding of God), simply giving a gospel presentation may not makesense to them.The whole purpose of MarketFaith Ministries is to provide you with the tools you need to stand with confidence in your own Christian faith and to share the love of God with those who don’t know him. An understanding of worldview is not anoption any more for Christians who are serious about living a life of obedience to Christ.
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Making Our Personal Relationship with God a Real and  Active Personal Relationship
The second matter we must address if we want to turn thetide of people converting to other beliefs is that we mustmake our own relationship with God personal and vital. Agreat knowledge of the facts and possibilities, even regard-ing worldview, is not enough to motivate us to actually liveour lives for Christ. The only thing that can do that is for usto continually experience a personal and active relationshipwith him.The real question is: How real is God to you? If you trulybelieve that God is a real person with whom you are ableto have a real, objective relationship, it changes the wayyou evaluate and live life.Here’s how this concept plays out. If God is, to you, simplyan abstract concept or principle, then the service you dobecomes impersonal – like a duty or a good deed. In thiscase, you do the deed because it seems right to do gooddeeds. Now, most Christians will acknowledge intellectuallythat God is, indeed, a real person. But all too often the in-tellectual acknowledgment does not translate into an actualpersonal interaction.On the other hand, if we know God as a real person andlearn how to listen to him speak directly to our minds, and if we can use our imagination properly to experience his ac-tual presence with us, we become able to interact with himin the same way that we interact with people who havephysical bodies. When we can experience God as an actu-al person that we personally interact with, our service thenbecomes personal and we do it out of love for him rather than out of a sense of duty. The difference that this makesregarding our motivation to serve God is dramatic.
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