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Neutral Accent

Neutral Accent

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Published by myshashi
an accent the world understands
an accent the world understands

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Published by: myshashi on Jan 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Neutral Accent: A Perspective
Thanks:http://www.neutralaccent.comAn accent the world understands Neutral Pronunciation: The standardization of English pronunciation for communication with the majority of the audience. This is accomplished throughthe study and knowledge of neutral pronunciation of English, one that is free of regionalisms and that conforms to the norms of the theatrical stage and publicusage - that is, the pronunciation of news broadcasters, television actors andnational mass media performers. Neutral English: This is not to imply that neutral pronunciation has greater meritthan any of the regional dialects. It is also a dialect, but one without anyregionalisms. It is, however, the dialect that is used by trained speakers and performers for public usage. The way we speak English regionally is part of our  personal identity. It is something that should be used and mentioned in our everyday speech. However, when we are speaking or performing in a public forum,neutral English should be used, so as to erase regional barriers and communicateeffectively with the most people. - Kathryn LaBouff 'A CCA(Call Center Associate) would have to be a good listener and cultivate aneutral accent'.An actor's job is to be neutral, to be a tabula rasa, and a little kid who wants to bean actor starts learning that right away. Actors may want to sound more neutral.Gone are the days when call centres required candidates to sound like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. The stress now is on a neutral accent that can be understoodglobally.A neutral accent, according to Ashish Gupta, CEO from a call centre traininginstitute, is one that removes "regional biases".But when it was time for them to talk, they spoke in American English, in anaccent nearing what is known in the call center industry as the Holy Grail: theneutral accent.IT, BPO FIRMS ON SAME HEAD-HUNT (IT sector is gauging candidates onvoice clarity, neutral accent, fluency and grammar).It is called, in rather Orwellian fashion, "voice and accent neutralisation". "When Iwas training I was told to adopt a neutral accent, like the BBC news presenters,"says Gaurav, whose mother tongue is Hindi, but who learned English fromkindergarten and thus needs little coaching.
Voice and accent training: The objective of the trainer is to improve the speech anddiction of the trainees and help them develop a 'global, neutral accent'.A neutral accent is important, as you would be interacting with a global customer  base. A heavy regional accent may hinder comprehension.A neutral accent is safe; you can't offend anyone with it. ... What is popularlyknown in current parlance as 'neutral accent', a diction devoid of mother tongueinfluence is a primary requirement.IBM teaches English skills in India: The focus of the software is on buildingEnglish speaking skills in a neutral accent that will be universally understood,Verma said.Why should an employee at a call centre try and develop a British or Americanaccent to her English, or in the least develop a `neutral accent'?So, having a neutral accent allows an employee the flexibility of switching from anAmerican client to a British one and vice-versa.Professionals were supposed to speak with a "neutral accent."Accent neutralisation means achieving an accent that is 'neutral' and thereforeunderstandable to a global audience. ..."A neutral accent, one that doesn't betray where you come from, is still verynecessary," says HendersonAlthough anonymous voice actors are paid for their services, even the biggest starsgenerally donate their time --and that's what they were looking for in this case --some sort of neutral accent that could be understood ...Having an accent can be OK, just as long as everyone else around you has thesame one. But accents really can be a problem if your job depends on ... Much like broadcast journalists, actors must replace their accents with the "neutral speech" patternAccent-neutral is the sound of a coming media culture.Actors nowadays are making a conscious effort to eliminate these accents. Inaddition, it is vital that actors speak neutral.Acting & Dubbing: A central element is speaking a "neutral" accent, free of regional accent. The actor who is dubbing has to merge vocally, temperamentally,and emotionally with the actor onscreen. "The lip-synching is a very big challenge.The timing has to be precise. But one of the most important things is the script,which has to be translated and adapted to lip-synch."The neutral accent is comprehensible to everyone. In that, there's no regionalstereotype to obscure the meaning of the lines.

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