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Brochure Putting Small Business First_en_2008

Brochure Putting Small Business First_en_2008

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Published by Loris Rizzi

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Published by: Loris Rizzi on Jan 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Europe is good or SMEs,SMEs are good or Europe2008 edition
European Commission
Enterprise and Industry
Europe’s commitment to small businessesThe Small Business Act or EuropeFacts & FiguresMaking lie easier or small businessesImproving access to fnanceHelping SMEs to go abroadEnsuring air competitionEducation and skills or entrepreneurshipFacing environmental challenges togetherBoosting SMEs’ research and innovationProtecting your ideasMicro- and crat enterprises in the EUSupport or SMEs at regional level
Europe’s commitment tosmall businesses
SMEs have become increasingly important in our society as providers o employment opportunities and key players or the well-being o local and regionalcommunities. Thereore, the Small Business Act or Europe proposes or therst time to put into place a comprehensive policy ramework or the EU and itsMember States. The Small Business Act is based on the conviction that entrepreneurship andentrepreneurs should be applauded and rewarded; they are the backbone o oursociety. Being SME-riendly should become mainstream policy. To achieve this,the “Think Small First” principle should be irreversibly anchored in policy makingrom regulation to public service thus ensuring that rules reect the majority o those who will use them. SMEs must be helped to thrive. When the setting up o businesses and their growth is hampered by unnecessary obstacles, these must beremoved. When SMEs are held back by market ailures, these must be corrected. The Small Business Act or Europe proposes a partnership between the EU and theMember States. A set o ten common principles should guide the policies both atthe EU and at a national level. An ambitious package o new measures, including 4legislative proposals, is translating them into action. In addition, all Member Statesare invited to benet rom good practices that exist within the EU.What we need now is a strong political commitment at the highest level to achievea true breakthrough. I trust that the Small Business Act or Europe will be thetrigger to transorm words into action.
Günter Verheugen
Vice-President o the European Commission
“Today’s Small Business Act is a step towards a Europe o entrepreneurs, with less red tape and more red carpet or Europe’s 23 million SMEs. It aims to help small businessesto thrive and to give the best ones a launch pad to grow into world beaters. The Small Business Act is a crucial milestone in the implementation o the Lisbon Strategy or Growth and Jobs.It will mean more responsive public administrations, less late payment o invoices,access to more help with nance, innovation and training, lower VAT or servicessupplied locally and better access to public procurement contracts. The package will also give SMEs access to a European Private Company Statute to cut bureaucracy and increase clarity.” 
 José Manuel Barroso
President o the European Commission

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