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Stress & Yoga It is a Simple

Stress & Yoga It is a Simple

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Published by Mayudharan (vicky)

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Published by: Mayudharan (vicky) on Jan 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stress & Yoga
It is a simple process that you can do anytime and anywhere. It can be done separatelyor while doing any yoga exercise (asana).Sit straight in
i.e. both legs outstretched, the left heel placed against theperineum and the right ankle over the left. The left foot is placed beneath the right legand the right foot is positioned in the fold behind the left knee. Make sure that your spine is erect. If you are not able to sit in this position due to some reason, simply sitstraight with erect spine. Now close your eyes. Start inhaling through your nose and letyour abdomen and rib cage expand. Once you fill your chest and abdomen with air,exhale gradually. Let your abdomen contract and your chest too.Repeat this breathing process 8 to 10 times to overcome stress and improve breathing.The yoga breath takes care of shortness of breath, calms down the nervous system andmind and also improves digestion.
The Neck Series-
These are neck related yoga exercises to fight stress and other problems such as headache and insomnia.Sit straight (with spine erect) on the floor with your hands touching your knees. Lower your head and bring your chin closer to your chest. Take a deep breath and exhale.Now slowly lift your head a little and turn it to the right. Bring your chin over the rightshoulder. Hold for a while, take a breath and then gradually guide your head back to thecenter. Repeat the sequence with the left side this time.
Bring your head back to the center. Now lower your right ear over the right shoulder.Take a complete breath. And then slowly lift your head directing the left ear over the leftshoulder. Wait for a breath and get back to the original position with head straight in thecenter.Guide your chin a little towards your chest. Take a completebreath. Now slowly rotate your head in a clockwise direction. Waitfor a breath when you complete a round. Then rotate your head inthe anti-clockwise direction. Make sure that you neither lower thehead nor take it back too much. You have to breathe comfortablythroughout the process.You can repeat each of these sets of the neck series 3 to 10 times(as your body allows).
Shoulder Series-
Either sit or stand in a relaxed manner and leave your arms free.Now inhale and shrug your shoulders by lifting them up towards your ears and roll themin the backward direction. Exhale and bring your shoulders down away from the ears.Squeeze the shoulders forward (towards the chest) and roll them forward.Repeat the movement as many times as you want. It will relieve you from stress and thepain in arms and neck. You will also find some energy being generated in your body.
Arm Movements -
Arm rotations are a great way to relieve stress,tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back.Sit or stand in a relaxed manner. Now stretch your arms in their respective directions,perpendicular to your body and parallel to the ceiling and the floor. Now as you inhale,squeeze your shoulder blades together and push your arms backward. Exhale andgradually lower your arms and with shrugged shoulders bring them back to their initialposition. Hold for two breaths and relax your shoulder blades. Now relax the armsslowly and repeat the process at least thrice.Fold your arms and make fists. Bring the fists parallel to your shoulders. Inhale. Nowexhale while raising your arms with great force in the air. Your fists should open andfingers point towards the ceiling. Inhale again and bring the fists back to the shoulder level. Repeat this process first slowly and then rapidly as many times as you can tocharge your body and reduce stress.These (aforementioned) yoga movements can be done at home as well as in office.They are a big source of relief from stiffness in the upper parts of the body that usuallyoccurs while sitting for long hours in front of computer or doing any similar sedentarywork.
Offering the heart- Salutation Seal (
 Anjali Mudrasan
Sit comfortably (in
) or stand (in
). Take a deep breathin and bring your palms together. Let the thumbs rest on your sternum. Press your hands gently without either of the handdominating the other. Put equal pressure on both the hands.Lower your head a little and draw the crease of the neck towardsthe center of your head. Gradually lift your sternum into your thumbs and lengthen down along the back of the armpits, puttingweight on your elbows.The Salutation Seal is an ideal stress and anxiety buster. It calms the brain and bringsflexibility in hands, wrists, fingers and arms.
Child Pose (
- It is another technique to say good bye to stress, fatigue, backand neck pain and to tone up your hips, thighs and ankles.Kneel down on the floor and try to join your big toes. Sit on your heels and separateyour knees as wide as your hips. Exhale and gradually lower your torsoto place it in the space between your thighs. Rest your foreheadon the floor. Lay your hands on the floor alongside your torso,palms facing the ceiling and the front of the shoulders pointing thefloor. Keep breathing gently and experience the weight of the frontshoulders pulling the shoulder blades wide across the back.The child’s pose is a resting pose in which you can remain for 30seconds or more. If you have problem sitting on your heels, placea thickly folded blanket or bed sheet between your thighs and calves.
Downward facing dog (
 Adho mukh Svanasana
This old asana is a wonderfulmeans to combat stress, rejuvenate and strengthen the body.Kneel with your hand and knees on the floor. Place your handsunder the shoulders, spread your fingers wide and keep your knees under the hips. The knees should be at an approximatedistance of 7 inches from each other. Your spine should be straightand relaxed.Exhale and push your hips towards the ceiling. Form a V-shape of your body. Your legs and arms should be straight and headpointing downwards. Avoid pressure on the wrists by pressing intothe fingers. Concentrate on your breath. Breathe slowly and constantly. Rest in theposture for few breaths and then gradually fold your knees down to the floor and lift your upper body. Relax in the way you want.Remember to not to go beyond the limits of your body. Breathe wherever you are notable to control your breath and take the help of a yoga instructor if you want.2CommentsPosted bymalaikainYoga,Stress,Health Issues 

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