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Dade County Screenplay

Dade County Screenplay

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Published by jasonwiese2982
The world’s most dangerous terrorist escapes military custody and plots to bomb Miami’s American Airlines Arena while evading capture by a victim’s vengeful boyfriend
The world’s most dangerous terrorist escapes military custody and plots to bomb Miami’s American Airlines Arena while evading capture by a victim’s vengeful boyfriend

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Published by: jasonwiese2982 on Jan 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Dade County”
 Original Screenplay Written By Jason Wiese
Dade County
” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese
DAYA military base lies in a desolate area of northernFlorida.TITLE OVER:
Unidentified Military Base
Outside of Jacksonville,Florida
DETENTION CENTER WITHIN THE MILITARY BASEHALLWAYDimly lit, cramped and depressing; a series of small prisoncells straddle the narrow hallway on either side. Theceiling lights are flickering on and off.TWO GUARDS emerge from the darkness and slowly walk downthe hall towards a particular cell; they are holdingseveral handcuffs and leg restrainers.PRISON CELLThe walls are dirty and moist from the humidity. Severalold newspaper clippings have been taped up to decorate thewalls. They include headlines such as:
Sears Tower collapses in Apocalyptic Explosion;
“ManKnown Only as „Viper‟ Identified by the FBI as the World‟s
Most Dangerous Terrorist;
“Hoover Dam Comes Crashing D
…Terrorism is Likely Suspect
“„Viper‟ Strikes Again
Captured, Authorities put an End to His Five-YearReign of Terror.
 VIPER, a tall, rugged, handsome but weathered man in hismid-thirties, is sitting at a small desk reading the bible.The two guards approach the cell.MILITARY GUARD #1Viper.(pause)Viper.
Dade County
” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese
Viper stands up from his desk and faces the guards.MILITARY GUARD #2
Come on, you‟re due in court intwo hours. You don‟t want to keep
 the judge and all those prettylittle reporters waiting now, doyou?Viper just stands there emotionless and completely silent,
not even acknowledging the guards‟ existence.
 As a sign of indifference, he picks the bible up off hisdesk and starts looking through it.MILITARY GUARD #1You know the drill, put yourarms out and walk slowly up tothe cell door.Viper stands there stoically, then he sets his bible downand puts his hands on his hips. He spits in the directionof the guards and then stares them down.Out of anger, one of the guards hits his nightstick againstthe metal poles of the cell door.MILITARY GUARD #1Now!Viper walks gingerly towards the cell door. He puts hishands and wrists through a slot in the door.While one of the guards puts him in handcuffs, the other
stares directly into Viper‟s eyes. Viper reciprocates bystaring right into the guard‟s eyes.
You‟re not so tough. You‟re a
bitch just like every other twobit terrorist
that‟s ever walked
 this earth
from Osama to McVeighto you.MILITARY GUARD #1
Ok, he‟s secured…let‟s move out.
 The military guard grabs the walkie-talkie from his beltand talks into it.

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