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Imam Ja'Far Al-Sadiq About Sahaba

Imam Ja'Far Al-Sadiq About Sahaba

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Published by Alqadisiyyah

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Published by: Alqadisiyyah on Jan 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the Name of AllahRead and beleive the words of the Imam.Lantern of the Path byImam Ja'far al-SadiqSection 29
Recognition of the Companions
Do not forsake certainty for doubt, and what is clear for what is hidden. Do not pass judgement on what you cannot see because of something you are told about it. Allah despisesslander and bad opinion of your believing brothers. What then does He think of boldness inattributing a false statement, false belief or lie to the Companions of the Messenger of Allah?As He said,
ذ ْإِس َي ْل َ ام ّ ك ُهِو َف ْأ َب ِ ن َول ُوق ُت َ َ  ْك ُ ِ َ ِل ْأ َب ِ  ُ َو ْق ّ َت َ ٌيظ ِعَ ّِ د َعِ و َهُ َ ا ًي هَ  ُ َو ُ َح ْت َ َ  ٌ ْعِ  ِب ِ ك ُل َ
When you welcomed it with your tongues, and spoke with your mouths that which you had noknowledge of, and you deemed it an easy matter while with Allah it was grievous. (24:15)As long as you can find a way to speak well and act well of people whether or not they are present. Do not do anything else. Allah said,
ا ً ْ ُ  ِا ّل ِ ْول ُو ُ َ
Speak to men good words. (2:83)Know that Allah chose companions for His Prophet, honoured them with the noblest mark of honour and robed them in the robe of support, victory and the correct keeping of his companyin desirable and undesirable situations. He made the tongue of His Prophet speak about their virtues, excellent qualities and marks of honour; so believe in their love, mention their excellence, and beware of the company of people of innovation, for it will make disbelief andclear loss grow in the heart. If the excellence of some of them is not clear to you, then leavethem to the Knower of the Unseen, and say, 'O Allah, I love anyone You and Your Messenger love, and I hate anyone You and Your Messenger hate.' There is no obligation beyond that.http://al-islam.org/lantern-of-the-path/30.htmHis words perfectly describe the Shia these days in the last paragraph.Jazakallah.Salamu Alaykum.Its not part of our iman to believe in sahaba. But the companions of the Prophet(saw) are the best people from this ummah and Allah said about them"And of those who led the way-the
first of the Emigrants (Muhajirun) and the Helpers (Ansar), and those who followed them inthe best possible manner-Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased withAllah. He has prepared for them Gardens beneath which rivers flow; therein they will abidefor ever. That is the supreme triumph"Allah has certainly turned with mercy to the Prophet and to the Muhajirun and the Ansar whofollowed him in the hour of distress after the hearts of a party of them had almost swervedfrom duty. He again turned to them with mercy. Surely, He is to them Compassionate,MercifulAnd any one who have smallest hatred or enemty against them is not a believer as Allah saidMuhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are harsh with the disbelievers andgentle among themselves. So that the disbelievers may become enraged with them.If the best people from our ummah are not loved and respected then who is worthy of it?

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