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July 12-09-82693 Revised English

July 12-09-82693 Revised English

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Published by: Robert Emmett McAuliffe on Jan 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan
This is a legal contract (hereinafter referred toas the “Plan”). By purchasing it, you under-stand that it is a legal contract and acknowl-edge that you have had the opportunity to readthe terms and conditions set forth herein. ThisPlan and your purchase receipt, containingthe effective date and expiration date of yourPlan, and the product purchase identificationconstitute the entire agreement between youand us.
Throughout this Plan the words “we”, “us”and “our” refer to AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc.(“AIGWG”), the Obligor of this Plan exceptin Oklahoma and the Administrator of thisPlan. AIGWG can be contacted at 300 SouthRiverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606-6613,(800) 250-3819. In Florida, the companyobligated under the Plan is New HampshireInsurance Company, whose address is 80Pine Street, 13th Floor, New York, New York10005, telephone 1-800-250-3819. “Best Buy”refers to Best Buy Stores, L.P. “Magnolia” refersto Magnolia Hi-Fi, Inc. The words “you” and“your” refers to the purchaser of this Plan.
A. Geek Squad Black Tie ProtectionRepair Coverage (GSBTP).
This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repairyour product in the event your product fails toproperly operate due to:1) defect in materials or workmanship;2) normal wear and tear;3) dust, internal overheating, internal humid-ity/condensation;4) a power surge/fluctuation;5) defective pixels for those products that havea pixel-based display. Pixel repair will bebased upon three (3) defective pixels locatedin a group less than one half (1/2) squareinch or five (5) defective pixels throughout theentire display area.
your product cannot be repaired, we will re-place it with a product of like kind and qualitythat is of comparable performance or reim-burse you for replacement of the product witha voucher or gift card, at our discretion, equalto the current market value of the product, asdetermined by us, not to exceed the originalpurchase price of your product, includingtaxes.
replacement product with a lower selling pricethan the original product.
or rebuilt to meet the manufacturer’s specifica-tions of the original product at our discretion
installed by Best Buy or Geek Squad as statedon the same purchase receipt as the purchaseof this Plan, and you receive a replacementproduct pursuant to these terms and condi-tions or it is necessary for us to remove yourproduct from your home for it to be serviced,we will cover the delivery and installationcosts for your replacement product or servicedproduct exclusive of parts such as mount-ing brackets, kits, etc. that may be needed tocomplete the installation.
beginning on the date you purchase yourproduct or on the date your original productwas delivered to you as stated on your pur-chase receipt and will expire either one (1),two (2), three (3), four (4) or five (5) years fromthis effective date depending on the lengthof Plan you purchased and as stated on yourpurchase receipt.
fulfilled in their entirety if we replace yourproduct or issue you a voucher or gift card forreplacement of your product pursuant to theseterms and conditions.
-tions of this Plan become the sole propertyof AIGWG/Best Buy/Magnolia except whereprohibited by law.

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