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Obama's LIES: 158 and Still Growing Like Pinocchio's nose

Obama's LIES: 158 and Still Growing Like Pinocchio's nose



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Published by Levitator

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Published by: Levitator on Feb 01, 2010
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Obama's Documented LIES: 158 and remarkably still growing# 158 Obama claims he wrote letter to US Treasurer to try to prevent the housingcrisis; but he acted only AFTER he had caused it by blocking McCain's bill# 157 Obama claims he is bipartisan ; Congressional Quarterly shows he voted withhis party 97% of the time# 156 Obama's dirty lie scares seniors: falsely claims McCain plans to cut $880billion from Medicare: liar liar liar says Annenberg Factcheck# 155 Obama lies about his mother turning to food stamps AND still sending him totop schools; his grandmother paid for education# 154 Obama lied about being asked to wear dead soldier's bracelet: family hadasked Obama to stop wearing it# 153 Obama claimed all new spending is economic plan was self-funding; short by$3.5 Trillion says nonpartisan Tax Policy Center# 152 Obama denied Admiral Mike Mullen had called Obama's Iraqi troop plan"dangerous"; Mullen made comment on Fox in July 2008 according to WaPo# 151 Obama lied about Kissinger's views of diplomacy during first debate;Kissinger confirms the lie# 150 During Debate 1 Obama denied voting to tax some people making $42000 a year:Annenburg Factcheck,org confirms Obama is lying# 149 After Debate 1, Team Obama denied Obama ever said, "Iran's not a threat":Video proves Obama DID say "Iran is NOT a threat."# 148 Obama claims under McCain employers would be taxed on the health carebenefits it grants to workers; he's lying# 147 Obama refers to an Iraqi surplus of $79 billion and says US should have it;its $60 billion and dwindling# 146 Obama claims only 5% of Americans would see tax increase; he's grosslyunderstating the number of people effected# 145 Obama accuses McCain of lying about Biden being against clean coal; videoproves Obama is lying# 144 Obama claims McCain is opposed to abortion in cases of rape or incest;McCain has never held that position.# 143 Obama accuses McCain of making an ad about Obama's vote to approve leavingbabies who survive abortion procedures to die; McCain did not make the ad# 142 Obama's ad on abortion claims BHO always supported medical care to protectinfants; text of the Bill he supported shows he wanted babies born alive afterabortions to be left to die# 141 Obama's ad on abortion uses quotes by journalists who made negative commentsabout a McCain ad; but Obama is misleading because both journalists have beenproven to be incorrect# 140 Obama's lying when he says McCain's ad misstated BHO's Sex Ed forKindergartners Bill: McCain's ad was accurate; here's the Sex Ed Bill text# 139 Obama and Biden both truncate McCain's comments on the strength of theeconomy's fundamentals: deliberate distortion# 138 Biden claims McCain tried to hurt our veterans by denying them educationalbenefits; NewsWeek confirms Biden is lying# 137 Obama claims under McCain, Elderly would have had Social Security tied up inthe Stock market; Newsweek cries BS# 136 Obama claims his opponent will cut social security in half: NOT true; Obamaguilty of scare-mongering aimed at Seniors# 135 Biden claims McCain wouldn't help small borrowers hurt by housing crisis;this is untrue according to Newsweek# 134 Obama claimed during the primary he had more Ex President Clinton ForeignPolicy advisers than Sen. Clinton; she had 70% more# 133 Obama claimed his father served in World War 2: his Kenyan-born father neverserved# 132 Obama grossly misquoted Sen.Clinton about her vote on a banking bill; BHOused the false quote to show why voters don't trust Government
# 131 Obama claimed employers are more likely to be struck by lightning than beprosecuted for employing illegals; Gov stats prove he's lying# 130 Pushing his Green agenda Obama claimed Japanese Car average 45 mpg fuelefficiency; its actually around 29 mph# 129 Obama disparaged the President saying he hadn't met with auto makers untilthe sixth year of his presidency; GWB met automakers in April 2003# 128 Obama disparaged the efficiency of our healthcare system saying the U.S.spends twice per capita than other countries: WaPo proves he's lying# 127 Obama claims President Clinton's Labor Secretary said BHO's healthcare plan,"Does more than anybody to reduce costs"; Robert Reich did NOT say it# 126 Obama falsely claimed he won the Michigan Democrat primary: he was not onthe ballot# 125 Obama's Spanish language ad lies about McCain's position on immigration;tries to stir race-war: lies debunked by ABC# 124 Obama lies about his interference in Iraqi negotiations; but his campaignadmits his treachery# 123 Obama took credit for the economic stimulus package passed in Feb 08; BHO'scolleagues on Capitol Hill cry BS# 122 Obama claims Big Oil is ignoring 68 million acres of oil fields they couldbe drilling; most fields are being worked# 121 Obama claims never questions his opponent's patriotism; asks of McCain"WHICH country first?": ABC says he's questioning McCain's patriotism# 120 Obama claims personal savings rates are lowest since the Great Depression;currently higher than under President Clinton# 119 Obama claims on this video that he doesn't switch positions; list of 31 flipflops show he's lying# 118 In the Primaries Obama puffed his resume claiming he was a "Professor";State Senate bio shows he was not ; he now agrees# 117 When Obama ran for US Senate his web site claimed "5 years as a communityorganizer"; he admits it was only 3 years# 116 Obama's attack ad in Michigan claims McCain doesn't support loan guaranteesfor auto-industry. McCain DOES support them# 115 Obama says "if we're STILL in recession when he takes office...etc"; theeconomy is NOT in recession# 114 Obama claims he signed up for Selective Service when he graduated from HighSchool; records show he did NOT until he'd been at college 1 year# 113 Attacking Palin, Obama has the audacity to claim,"Words mean something; youcan't just make things up "; BHO makes stuff up# 112 Biden claims McCain will increase taxes for workers & Obama will onlyincrease taxes on those making $435k: he's lying# 111 Biden claims Obama drew the Nation's attention to problems at Walter ReedArmy Hospital; it was two WaPo reporters that reported the issues to the Nation# 110 to make Obama seems more American/less exotic, Biden tells Scranton crowdObama grew up in Kansas; BHO grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia# 109 Obama lies yet again to disparage Gov. Palin; ignores her executiveexperience as Governor of Alaska# 108 Obama says the US economy has failed under Bush; World Bank stats provesObama's been lying; US a world leader in growth, employment, incomes# 107 Obama claims if you are born into poverty in America you are on your own:there are many government programs# 106 Obama claims he's bi-partisan: voting records prove Obama is #11 mostpartisan# 105 Claimed Hillary would be on anyone's short-list; Hillary wasn't on Obama'sshort-list# 104 Obama claims abortion rates have not gone down under the BushAdministration; stats show they have gone down# 103 Obama dismissed Bomber Bill Ayers as "some guy who lives in theneighborhood";they had a close working relationship
# 102 Obama claims there's no charge to attend his acceptance speech: CBS 4 inDenver proves he's lying; some tickets cost $1000# 101 Obama used being a first-time-buyer to justify consulting with Rezko beforehe bought his house; BHO had already purchased a residence# 100 Obama lies about his support for infanticide; campaign concedes in 03 heopposed a bill stopping the killing of kids born alive after abortions# 99 Obama overstates Oil Industry's contributions to McCain; ignores cash the Oilindustry gave BHO; Newsweek debunks# 98 To belittle America,Obama exaggerated the growth in Debt under the currentAdministration; debunked by WaPo# 97 Obama claims President George W Bush had not left the country before hebecame President; WaPo confirms he's lying# 96 To promote "green", Obama claimed he drove a vehicle that uses ethanol; GMconfirmed the model was NOT ethanol-ready# 95 Obama claims he's taking his family for a week's rest in Hawaii with nocampaigning; schedules a rally for first day# 94: Obama claims "properly inflating tires" will save as much energy as we coulddrill offshore; analysis shows not even close# 93 Obama denies accusing McCain of using race against him; ABC, NYT confirmObama did accuse McCain of making racial attacks# 92 Obama claims he's not being political when he's flip-flopping; timing &direction of major flip-flops show he's lying# 91: Obama INVENTS a wall between Christians and Jews; deceptively omits themajor religious wall is caused by a "fatwah" to kill American Christians and Jews# 90 Obama claims he made a substantive call for Germany to help in Iraq; Berlinspeech transcript proves he's lying# 89: Obama admits he underestimated the decline in violence from the Surge;falsely claims McCain made same mistake# 88 Obama turned a disappointing crowd of 20,000 into media reports of 200,000# 87 Obama lied about his father's religious upbringing! half-brother confirmsObama's father was "RAISED Muslim"# 86 Obama claimed we only made one fundraising trip to Florida during thePrimary; Florida papers proved he lied# 85 Claims reducing obesity to 80's levels would save Medicaid ONE TRILLIONDOLLARS; not even close# 84 To make Iraq/Afghan Wars look bad, Obama claimed demands on Nat Guardpersonnel hurt flood relief; Guards prove lying# 83 Claimed due to overseas commitments, too few helecopters were available tohelp with Midwest flood relief; now concedes not true# 82 Starting in Iowa, Obama claimed Clinton's healthcare plan would "punishfamilies that couldn't afford healthcare"; NYT calls BS# 81 Obama claims McCain's tax plan will do nothing to help the middle-class: TheTax Policy Center proves he's lying# 80 claims the use of an Email with a big red DONATE button is NOT a fundraisingsolicitation# 79 Obama claims his trip to Europe was non-political: uses video of Berlinspeech to raise money within hours# 78 Tells NBC that during the debate on the Surge he said the Surge would work inBaghdad; video proves during the debate he said the opposite# 77 Obama's "Changing World" ad claims he'll fast-track alternatives to oil tostop us buying from hostile nations; "fast track" is totally misleading# 76 Obama tells Israeli media that he's a member of the Senate Banking Committee;CNN confirms he's delusional# 75 Obama claims Lou Dobbs caused hate crimes against Latinos to double; the FBIand CNN confirm Obama is lying# 74 Obama claims the military brass think like he does; top US commanders say hisplan for Iraq is unworkable# 73: Obama promised to filibust FISA; later Obama voted for FISA and now denies

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