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10  Commandments  of  Success  for  the  iPad

10  Commandments  of  Success  for  the  iPad

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Published by ridrx

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Published by: ridrx on Feb 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The iPad is clearly cool but it is still missing plenty of notable features such as Flash, Multi-tasking, a Camera, Streaming Video, USB ports etc... None the less at least for Healthcare we believe it will be at least as big of a hit as the iPhone and we outline the commandments of its success below.

I.No Training Needed \u2013 Historically, the expense and risk of
training a user on a particular technology often dwarfs the
expense of the hardware and/or software, and often extends for
years after purchase. This is particularly true when you deploy a
new device or expand into a larger demographic pool, both of
which are proposed by the release of the iPad. But the iPad will
require no training. The one thing that the iPhone has taught us
is the enormous value of an intuitive interface. Additionally, after
2.5 years of common use, over 75 million users of the iPod
touch and iPhone, ubiquitous and lovely apps, countless and
enticing TV commercials, the lessons you receive from your
grandchildren, it has just become part of our collective cultural
DNA to know how to use this thing even before it arrives on the
shelves. No training required is the \ufb01rst and most important
reason why the iPad will be successful as a Healthcare delivery
platform hence EMR\u02bcs deployinghttp://mobihealthnews.com/


II.Opens a New Demographic - The iPad will expand the use of personalized health and medical care
delivery just like the iPhone has done only it will perform better at this function for the exact demographic
that needs it the most. No longer will older generations of people feel alienated by cumbersome operating

systems and/or tiny screens. We predict these generations will
now \ufb02ock to the device like nursing homes to the Wii. It will
create a seismic shift in usability and scalability to the
burgeoning \ufb01elds of TeleHealth, mHealth, and Health 2.0 for
older generations.http://buzzdroid.com/apple/ipod/the-ipod-

III.Connecting Professionals with Patients - Health promotion

and disease management programming on the platform are
now able to be delivered effortlessly, customized, relevant, and
monitored for compliance by professionals connecting both the
patient to the professional in ways that have never been
possible before. This brings rapid adoption for both patients
and healthcare professionals alike.Hint http://


IV.Thou Shalt Be Low Cost \u2013 If you intuitively know how to use
it, and it is fun, effective, and personal, then that leaves the
issue of cost as the \ufb01nal barrier to adoption. For less cost than
a monthly insurance payment you can now be out\ufb01tted with
the best tool for managing your own health, and many will.
Many clinics will out\ufb01t their waiting rooms. Hospitals will use
them as kiosks and concierge services, and more. The return on this investment for these devices might be
in the days to weeks but certainly not much more. Hint just make sure you protect them with RidRx so you
are not creating an even bigger problem of cross contamination with the device.http://www.ipadcost.com/

V.Thou Shalt Provide Immediate Scalability to Innovators \u2013 Because the platform is at scale with iPhone/ iPod touch users and developers, and lives within a thriving marketplace (iTunes), this platform is the Holy Grail for innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, medical devices, monitoring and sensing solutions, social

networks, media, education, customized and enterprise programming, and more. Personally I struggle daily
with batting down a barrage of innovative ideas on how to use the platform. It is likely that product
designers, marketers, and I dare say the FDA, will all need to have their thoughts together on how to exploit
the platform to add value to currently available products and services. Hintwww.innovationthrives.com

VI.Thou Shalt Reduce Health Care Expenditures - An insurance plan or employer that would use the
platform to incentivize and monitor users for chronic and expensive
health conditions to adopt a personalized health, medical care
delivery solution for themselves could very easily lead to 10x cost
advantage. The cost of the platform may be substantial, but it is
dwarfed by the cost reduction available by having a connected and
informed patient that uses the platform to initiate healthy
behavioral change and medical monitoring, both of which are
rapidly deploying into the ecosystem as we speak. Hint


VII.Sheer Awesomeness Shall Make Me Cool \u2013 The platform
re\ufb02ects strong emotions that my doctor is tech savvy and must
therefore also be a great technical and informed physician. This
idea has already been studied for the iPhone, and it will be even
more dramatic for the iPad. It will be an extremely powerful and
sexy way for health care professionals to show their patients all
forms of medical information. It will serve as the intake form, the
satisfaction survey, the concierge service, the promotional tool,
and the health education platform. Patients will get used to using it
in these settings as well as others and they will take a side trip on
their way home just to stop by the APPLE store to get one for
home. Hint HealthEd CRM

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