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'An Inconvenient Truth' Study Guide (All 3 Tiers)

'An Inconvenient Truth' Study Guide (All 3 Tiers)



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Published by takepart
All three tiers of of a study guide inspired by the film "An Inconvenient Truth"
All three tiers of of a study guide inspired by the film "An Inconvenient Truth"

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Published by: takepart on Apr 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A series o lessons designed or science classroomsas a companion to the documentary
 An Inconvenient Truth
AIT in the Classroom
Think Globally, Act LocallyThe Green Mile to School
Small Steps Mean Smaller Footprints
Thank you
or downloading these curriculum materials and using them in your classroom. We areexcited to oer this resource to you and hope that you fnd them valuable and easy-to-use.We realize that teachers are under incredible pressure and severe time constraints. As a result, we’vemade sure that each o our lesson activities is aligned with curriculum standards you are asked to meet inyour classroom. The lessons included in this download are designed or high school science classroomssuch as Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Physics, but the materials can also be used in Civicsclasses, middle school science classes and oer Service Learning opportunities as well.Don’t orget to read and post to the AIT blog, located at http://www.participate.net/educators. We areeager to hear about your classroom experiences and your eedback on the lessons.
Grades 9-12
This lesson is most eective when students have already seen the lm:
 An Inconvenient Truth.
I they have not, and time does not permit or the entire lm, it is suggested that you show thesegments listed in the Class Time
section o this lesson plan.
In this lesson, students will learn that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are not all the same. They willinvestigate the type and severity o emissions released by dierent countries, states, industries, and cars.This assignment will challenge students to estimate the impact o each actor on greenhouse gas emissions.They will also examine their own personal activities and nd ways to help reduce the damage.
Understand why the relative impact on global warming may vary depending on where you live,what car you drive, how many miles you drive, and how you live your lie.Understand how both government and corporate policy impact individual choices and vice versa.Represent data illustrating dierences in greenhouse gas emissions at various scales.Calculate the relationship between gas mileage and carbon dioxide emissions in variousautomobiles.Construct a concept map illustrating the relationships among government policies, individualbehaviors, and global warming.Evaluate multiple ways in which emissions o greenhouse gases can be reduced in the localcommunity.
This lesson addresses the ollowing National Science Education Standards:
As a result o activities in grades 9-12, all students should developAbilities necessary to do scientic inquiry.Understandings about scientic inquiry.
As a result o activities in grades 9-12, all students should develop an understanding o Personal health
Big Ideas:
 The lesson is designed  to accomplish  these major goals: 1. S tuden ts  will cri ticall y discuss  the global  warming issue. 2.  S tuden ts  will in ves tiga te and discuss  the rela tionship be t ween greenhouse gas emissions and global  warming. 3.  S tuden ts  will mae in formed decisions in vol ving science and socie t y.

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