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Lie Dectector

Lie Dectector

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Published by Abbie
Emmett brings home a lie detector test and the Cullen family is appalled at the answers that Edward gives.Pre Breaking Dawn/ Post Eclispe
Emmett brings home a lie detector test and the Cullen family is appalled at the answers that Edward gives.Pre Breaking Dawn/ Post Eclispe

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Published by: Abbie on Feb 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I could feel a drop of sweet trickle down the back of my neck and was vaguely aware of my nervously tapping toe. Emmett's eyes were bearing into mine- filled with determinationand accusation. I took a breath and told myself to calm down. The stress would give meaway."Yes." I answered in a monotone voice, hoping that my efforts towards confidence wouldwork out. I held my breath as I waited for the results.The seconds ticked by as Emmett looked down at the tiny machine placed on his lap. Whenhe finally looked up at me, there was a grin plastered on his face."Liar." he said triumphantly. "You've dreamt of being with more people than just Edward."I could feel the blush return to my face as the rest of the Cullen family got off of the couchto see the small machine that Emmett was holding. Ever since Emmett had received themachine only hours ago, I had been the test subject as he asked the most pointless andembarrassing questions. Whenever I asked where he got it, he simply says "Don't worryabout it.""Who was it?" Rosalie asked, amused at my embarrassment.My blush slowly returned and I ripped the few pads that were taped to my body and leftmy chair."I'm done being you're test subject." I announced exasperatingly. "Why can't youembarrass someone in your family? Why not Edward?!"It was a hypothetical question- but Emmett's eyes widened and he looked around thegroup until he saw Edward."No." Edward immediately said."Come on. It's not like you have anything to hide!" Emmett reasoned from his chair. Alicehad already picked up the small pads to tape to Edward's chest and arm."And if you do then it's time to see how great of a liar you really are." Rosalie added,though there was no hostility in her voice.Edward shot me one pleading look and I gestured towards the chair that I was previouslysitting at. As he stomped his way to the chair, he mumbled something that I couldn'tunderstand, but that made Alice giggle. The room grew quiet as Emmett picked up andread off of a large box."Focus on only what I am saying and try to remain calm. Only answer with the word 'Yes'and---""Is this really necessary?" Edward interrupted."If you want this to be 100 accurate, then yes. It's necessary. Only answer with the word'Yes' and don't allow your mind to travel to other topics. Try your best to relax. Do youunderstand?""But what if what you say isn't true? Then I can't say yes. Where did you get thisanyway?" Edward asked confused.
"Just answer with yes. The machine will be able to tell that it's a lie and then I'll say thatyou lied. And as to where I got this- don't worry about it." Edward opened his mouth tospeak but Emmett quickly asked the first question. "Do you love Bella?My breath caught in my throat at the words. Nervously, I looked at Edward. His face wasin a cool, serene expression as he made his answer. "Yes."I held my breath as Emmett waited for the machine to analyze the results. "You're tellingthe truth, you do love Bella."Edward rolled his eyes again, as if it was obvious and opened his mouth to speak."Hey!" Emmett interrupted. "The rules! Always say 'Yes', relax and do not let your mindtravel to other topics. That includes no talking. Now, have you ever had feelings for Alice?"The serene face returned as he said the answer that he was obligated by the rules to say."Yes."Alice chuckled at the absurdity of the chance of Edward ever liking her as more than asibling. I found the humour myself, but it was obvious that Emmett was only askingquestions that he knew Edward would have to say yes to, no matter how unlikely theywere.Emmett's eyes widened. "That's...true? You've had feelings for Alice?"Alice stopped giggling and I could feel tension a few feet to my right. Jasper. Edwardopened his mouth to defend himself but Emmett scolded him about the rules again.Grudgingly, Edward sat back down. I'm sure that he was planning on arguing this later."Are you a vampire?" Emmett tried, obviously trying to see whether or not the machinewas broken."Yes."A few moments passed. "Yes. You're telling the truth."Jasper was still feeling tense, but the calmness was beginning to come over me. Either hewas no longer as stressed about the new information, or he was aware of how he wasaffecting everyone."Have you ever had feelings for Jasper?" Emmett joked, hardly able to contain his chuckle.Edward rolled his eyes at the immaturity of his brother and answered the question with theonly response he was allowed to. "Yes."Emmett couldn't contain his booming laughter anymore, though, and eventually Rosaliehad to walk to the machine to see the results. Her eyes widened and Emmett stoppedlaughing. "That's...true." she said simply.Edward's eyes widened too and his mouth fell opened. He glanced at me to see myreaction and then returned them to Emmett."What is---" he began."No talking!" Emmett chastised. "One more question." he thought for a moment. "Haveyou ever wished to be in a sexual relationship with another man?"

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