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Marketing Report - Nestle Milo

Marketing Report - Nestle Milo



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4P's Marketing Report about Nestle Milo in Malaysia, including SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis

**guy's, so sorry if the document alignment is little bit out, i also dunno why..
4P's Marketing Report about Nestle Milo in Malaysia, including SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis

**guy's, so sorry if the document alignment is little bit out, i also dunno why..

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Published by: Muhammad Salihin Jaafar on Feb 01, 2010
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Assalamualaikum WBT,
Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful to the Almighty God, who have bestowed usthe will to complete our assignment about “Nestle Milo” which is connected to our scheme Introduction to Marketing, MKT260. Here, we would like to take this opportunityto express our highest gratitude and compliment to the people who are involved directlyor indirectly in this assignment especially our beloved Miss Najihah bt Abd Rahim whichis our MKT260 lecturer..In this assignment, we examine that the important of the marketing strategies for the international firm like Nestle. Among the BBC global top 30 brands, we have analysisof how a product’s sales are driven by brand name, weighted for market leadership,stability and ability to cross national borders. The consumers are not aware of their origins. Beside, the product’s prices usually reflect its proper value in the eyes of theconsumer. It’s always not a good idea that the strategy of offering lower prices is topenetrate the advantaged economies and to pay the costs for the unknown quality of their goods.Thank you to all people who are involved in making our assignment a successfulone and may all your help and effort are blessed.Thank you(Muhammad Salihin Jaafar)( Anisha bt Ramli )( Nur Adilah bt Md Zain)(Nurul Zamieza bt Ahmad)
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Executive summary
The main aim of international marketing is to provide solid foundations that areuseful for explanation, prediction and control of the international business activities. Weare not an expert in nestle but we have analysis the firm’s global marketing strategy inthe field of their brand awareness, products and system design, product positioning,advertising, packaging, distribution and customer service. We have notice that the firmutilized generic marketing strategy such as low cost leader in business, differentiatedgood and services satisfy the needs of customers through a sustainable competitiveadvantage. International marketing refer to using common products, price, promotionsand distribution program on a world basis.My secondary data is the most of important for our research and I contributed inthe area such as group or segment those types of potential customers that are mostlikely to benefit from their product line.That is why we effectively utilized the periodical articles which can be a greatsource of product, marketing and industry information. (Periodicals refer to magazines, journals and newspapers. Although we are living in an electronic age, there is still muchinformation that can only be or best be found in print resources or books at library.Nestle management level is a decentralized as possible, within the frameworkcompulsory by fundamental policy and strategy decisions requiring increasing flexibilityand operational efficiencies, as well as the group-wide need for alignment and peopledevelopment, may also set limits to decentralization.
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Nestle SA , the world’s leading food manufacturer and the market leader in bothcoffee and mineral water, produces a wind range of products including prepared dishesand cooking aids, milk-based products, cereals, instant coffee, pharmaceuticals andbaby foods. Nestle SA is a publicly owned company, with subsidiaries across the world.It website addresses in 104 countries. It is also the world largest food and beveragecompany with $71 billion in annual sales and almost 230,000 employees around theworld. It markets some 8000 brands that include instant coffee.Remarkably, its products are sold in every country in the world, including in NorthKorea.Nestle coat of arms, the bird’s nest, which refers to his name, has become asymbol for the products being a safe care for their consumer product safety and quality.Research and development based innovation capacity and strong brands are priority for Nestle.
Objective of Nestle
“ Nestle business objective is to manufacture and market its products in a waythat creates value that can be sustained over the long term for shareholders, employees,consumers, business partners and national economies in which Nestlé operates”.The aim of the creating values for the company include with improve business conditionfor the firm. To obtain more reliable and high qualify source of raw materials, improvedgovernment functioning and regulatory, employed skill and loyal workforce and superior quality products which successfully complete.
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