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English Translation of Tafseer-E-Uthmani - Translation and Tafsir Commentary) of the Holy Quran

English Translation of Tafseer-E-Uthmani - Translation and Tafsir Commentary) of the Holy Quran

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Published by: scparco on Feb 01, 2010
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English translation of "Tafseer-e-Uthmani" - translation and tafsir (commentary) of the Holy Quran.© 2008 Taqi Uthmani ®
English translation of "Tafseer-e-Uthmani"- translation and tafsir (commentary) of the Holy Quran.© 2008 Taqi Uthmani ® All RightsReserved Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study,or criticism or review, this work may not bereproduced, stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior  permission in writing of the Great TafsirsProject, Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute foIslamic Thought ( aalal-bayt@rhc.jo )
The OpeningWith the name of Allah, the All-Merciful,the Very-Merciful.
[1:1]With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, theVery-Merciful.[1:2]Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all theworlds.[1:3]the All-Merciful, the Very Merciful.[1:4]the Master of the Day of Requital.[1:5] You alone do we worship, and from You alone dowe seek help.[1:6] Take us on the straight path.[1:7]the path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who have incurred Yourwrath, nor of those who have gone astray.
The CowWith the name of Allah, the All-Merciful,the Very-Merciful.
[2:1]Alif. Lām. Mīm .[2:2] This Book has no doubt in it - a guidance for theGod-fearing,[2:3]who believe in the Unseen, and are steadfast inSalāh (prayer), and spend out of what We haveprovided them;[2:4]and who believe in what has been revealed toyou and what has been revealed before you; andthey have faith in the Hereafter.[2:5]It is these who are guided by their Lord; and it is just these who are successful.[2:6]Surely for those who have disbelieved, it is allthe same whether you warn them or you warnthem not: they do not believe.[2:7]Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on theirhearing; and on their eyes there is a covering,and for them awaits a mighty punishment.[2:8]And among men there are some who say, “Webelieve in Allah and in the Last Day”, yet theyare not believers.[2:9] They try to deceive Allah and those who believe,while they are not deceiving anyone exceptthemselves, although they are unaware of it.[2:10]In their hearts there is a malady, so Allah hasmade them grow in their malady; and for themthere is a grievous punishment, because theyhave been lying.[2:11]When it is said to them, “Do not spread disorderon the earth”, they say, “We are but reformers.”[2:12]Beware, it is, in fact, they who spread disorder,but they do not appreciate.[2:13]And when it is said to them, “Believe as peoplehave believed,” they say, “Shall we believe asthe fools have believed?” Beware, it is, in fact,they who are the fools, but they do not know.[2:14]When they meet those who believe, they say,“We have entered Faith;” but when they arealone with their satans, they say, “Indeed, weare with you; we were only mocking.”[2:15]It is Allah who mocks at them, and lets them goon wandering blindly in their rebellion.[2:16] These are the people who have bought error atthe price of guidance; so their trade has broughtno gain, nor have they reached the right Path.[2:17] Their situation is like that of a man who kindles afire, and when it illuminates everything aroundhim, Allah takes away their lights and leavesthem in layers of darkness, so that they seenothing.[2:18]Deaf, dumb and blind, they shall not return.[2:19]Or (it is) like a rainstorm from the sky, bringingdarkness, thunder and lightning; they thrusttheir fingers in their ears against thethunderclaps for fear of death, -and Allahencompasses the disbelievers-[2:20]
Sunday, June 07, 2009Page 1 of 249
English translation of "Tafseer-e-Uthmani" - translation and tafsir (commentary) of the Holy Quran.© 2008 Taqi Uthmani ®
and lightning (all but) snatches away theireyesight; every time a flash gives them light,they walk by it; and when darkness falls uponthem, they stand still. And if Allah willed, Hewould certainly take away their hearing andtheir eyes: surely Allah is powerful to doanything.[2:21]O people, worship your Lord who created youand those before you, so that you may becomeGod-fearing.[2:22]He is the One who made the earth a bed for you,and the sky a roof, and sent down water fromthe sky, then brought forth with it fruits, as aprovision for you. So, do not set up parallels toAllah when you know.[2:23]If you are in doubt about what We have revealedto Our servant, then bring a Sūrah similar to this,and do call your supporters other than Allah, if you are true.[2:24]But if you do not - and you will never be able to -then guard yourselves against the Fire, the fuelof which will be men and stones. It has beenprepared for disbelievers.[2:25]And give good news to those who believe and dorighteous deeds that for them there are gardensbeneath which rivers flow. Every time they aregiven a fruit from there to eat, they will say,“This is what we have been given before”; andthey will be given (fruits) resembling oneanother. And for them there shall be wivespurified; and there they will live forever.[2:26]Indeed, Allah does not feel shy in citing anyparable, be it that of a gnat or of somethingabove it (in meanness). Now, as for those whobelieve, they know it is the truth from their Lord;while those who disbelieve say, “What couldAllah have meant by this parable?” By this Helets many go astray, and by this He makes manyfind guidance. But He does not let anyone goastray thereby except those who are sinful[2:27]- those who break the Covenant of Allah after ithas been made binding, and cut off the relationsAllah has commanded to be joined, and spreaddisorder on the earth - it is these who are thelosers.[2:28]“How is it that you deny Allah, while you werelifeless and He gave you life; then He will makeyou die, and then He will make you live again,and then to Him you will be returned?[2:29]It is He who created for you all that the earthcontains; then He turned to the heavens andmade them seven skies - and He is the knowerof all things.[2:30](Remember) when your Lord said to the angels,“I am going to create a deputy on the earth!” They said, “Will You create there one who willspread disorder on the earth and causebloodshed, while we proclaim Your purity, alongwith your praise, and sanctify Your name?” Hesaid, “Certainly, I know what you know not.”[2:31]And He taught ’Ādam the names, all of them;then presented them before the angels, andsaid, “Tell me their names, if you are right.”[2:32] They said, “To You belongs all purity! We haveno knowledge except what You have given us.Surely, You alone are the All-knowing, All-wise.”[2:33]He said, “O ’Ādam, tell them the names of allthese.” When he told them their names, Allahsaid, “Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the skies and of the earth, and that I know whatyou disclose and what you conceal.[2:34]And when We said to the angels: “Prostrateyourselves before ’Ādam!” So, they prostratedthemselves, all but Iblīs (Satan). He refused, andbecame one of the infidels.[2:35]And We said, “O ’Ādam, dwell, you and yourwife, in Paradise; and eat at pleasure whereveryou like, but do not go near this tree, otherwiseyou will be (counted) among the transgressors.”[2:36] Then, Satan caused them to slip from it, andbrought them out of where they had been. AndWe said, “Go down, all of you, some of you theenemies of others; and on the earth there will befor you a dwelling place and enjoyment for atime.”[2:37] Then ’Ādam learned certain words (to pray with)from his Lord; so, Allah accepted his repentance.No doubt, He is the Most-Relenting, the Very-Merciful.[2:38]We said, “Go down from here, all of you. Then,should some guidance come to you from Me,those who follow My guidance shall have no fear,nor shall they grieve.[2:39]As for those who disbelieve, and deny Our signs,they are the people of the Fire. They shall dwellin it forever.”[2:40]O Children of Isrā’īl (the Israelites), rememberMy blessing that I conferred upon you, and fulfill
Sunday, June 07, 2009Page 2 of 249
English translation of "Tafseer-e-Uthmani" - translation and tafsir (commentary) of the Holy Quran.© 2008 Taqi Uthmani ®
the covenant with Me, and I shall fulfill yourcovenant, and have awe of Me alone.[2:41]And have faith in what I have revealed,confirming what is already with you, and do notbe the first to deny it, nor take a paltry price forMy verses. Fear Me alone.[2:42]and do not confound truth with falsehood, anddo not hide the truth when you know (it).[2:43]And be steadfast in Salāh (prayer), and payZakāh, and bow down with those who bow down.[2:44]Do you enjoin righteousness upon others whileyou ignore your own selves, although you keepreciting the Book? Have you then no sense?[2:45]Seek help through patience and prayer. It isindeed exacting, but not for those who arehumble in their hearts,[2:46]who bear in mind that they are to meet theirLord, and that to Him they are to return.[2:47]O Children of Isrā’īl (Israel), remember Myblessing that I conferred upon you, and that Igave you excellence over the worlds;[2:48]and guard yourselves against a day when no oneshall stand for anyone in anything, nor shallintercession be accepted on anyone’s behalf, norshall ransom be taken from him, and neithershall any be given support.[2:49](Remember) when We delivered you from thepeople of Pharaoh! They had been inflicting onyou grievous torment, slaughtering your sonsand leaving your women alive. In all that, therewas a great trial from your Lord.[2:50]And (recall) when We parted the sea for you;then We saved you, and drowned the people of Pharaoh while you were looking on![2:51]And when We appointed forty nights for Mūsā,then you took the calf (as God) thereafter, andyou were unjust.[2:52] Yet We pardoned you, even after that, so thatyou may show gratitude.[2:53] Then We gave Mūsā the Book and the Criterion(of right and wrong), so that you may find theright path.[2:54]When Mūsā said to his people: “My people, youhave wronged yourselves by your taking the calf (as God). So, turn in repentance to your Creator,and slay yourselves. That will be better for youin the sight of your Creator”. Then, He acceptedyour repentance. Indeed He is the Most-Relenting, the Very-Merciful.[2:55]When you said, “Mūsā, we will never believe youtill we see Allah openly!” So, the thunderbolttook you while you were looking on.[2:56] Then, We raised you up after your death, so thatyou might show gratitude.[2:57]And We made the cloud give you shade, andsent down to you Mann and Salwā: “Eat of thegood things We have provided to you”. And they(by their ingratitude) did Us no harm, but wereharming only themselves.[2:58]When We said, “Enter this town, and eat to yourheart’s content wherever you wish in it; andenter the gate prostrating yourselves and say:HiTTah (we seek forgiveness), so that We forgiveyour errors. And We shall give much more tothose who do good.”[2:59]But those who were unjust substituted anotherword for the one that was prescribed for them.So, We sent down a scourge from heaven uponthose who were unjust, because they had actedsinfully.[2:60]When Mūsā sought water for his people, Wesaid, “Strike the rock with your staff,” Andtwelve springs gushed forth from it. Each groupof people came to know their drinking place.“Eat and drink of what Allah has provided, anddo not go about the earth spreading disorder.”[2:61]And when you said, “Mūsā , we will no longerconfine ourselves to a single food: So, pray forus to your Lord that He may bring forth for us of what the earth grows - of its vegetable, itscucumbers, its wheat, its lentils and its onions.”He said, “Do you want to take what is inferior inexchange for what is better? Go down to a town,and you will have what you ask for.” Then theywere stamped with disgrace and misery, andthey returned with wrath from Allah. That wasbecause they used to deny the signs of Allah,and would slay the prophets unjustly. That wasbecause they disobeyed and transgressed alllimits.[2:62]Surely, those who believed in Allah, and thosewho are Jews, and Christians, and Sabians,-whosoever believes in Allah and in the Last Day,and does good deeds - all such people will have
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