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Creating Change 2010 Workshops

Creating Change 2010 Workshops

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Published by zackford
Excerpted from the complete Creating Change 2010 Program Book, this is the list of workshops being offered. (www.creatingchange.org)
Excerpted from the complete Creating Change 2010 Program Book, this is the list of workshops being offered. (www.creatingchange.org)

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: zackford on Feb 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friday, February 5 • 9:00
“When Under Your Wing Smells Like Under Your Armpit”: A Youth Centered Guide To Navigating Ageism In Today’sSocial Revolutions
 Youth • Fundamentals
 This session will introduce participants to the concept and prac-tical application of an equitable youth-adult partnership model.Participants will be able to explore the need for and benefit of these partnerships as it relates to today’s advocacy work involvingyouth. Session participants will able to learn and discuss practicalapplications of this model of partnership for today’s social and po-litical movements and gain some useful tools overcome perceivedinstitutional barriers.
Ernesto Dominguez
“Would Jesus Discriminate?”Shifting the Discourse on Faith-Based Prejudice
Faith & Spirituality • All Audiences
In 2009, billboards in Dallas generated media and internationalinternet conversations. Rather than addressing the clobber pas-sages from a defensive position, we will explore techniques usedto shift the discourse to impact the moveable middle. Participantswill practice tips for moving beyond personal reactions to advanc-ing a positive, loving, thought-provoking message through mediaor with individuals such that people will re-examine faith-basedprejudice. Participants will leave with tools to respond more ef-fectively to faith-based prejudice.
Rev. Colleen Darraugh, Would Jesus Discriminate?Campaign / Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas,Dallas, TX
 Advancing Equality for LGBT Elders
 Aging • All Audiences
 This workshop starts with an overview of America’s elders andthe key issues they face today, examines how these issues aredifferent for LGBT elders, and then delves into how we, as a com-munity, can undertake political and community action to make adifference. Attendees will break into working groups to discussactions they can take in their organization or community.
Ineke Mushovic, Movement Advancement Project;Catherine Thurston, SAGE
 Ally Training
Campus • All Audiences
  Ally Training aims to give participants the tools, resources, andskills needed to be intentional allies to gay, lesbian, bisexual, andtransgender individuals and communities. Participants will discussGLBT and ally history and culture, myths and stereotypes, sys-tems of gender and sexuality, heterosexual and gender conform-ing privilege, strategies of being an ally, and ways in which we canall confront GLBT oppression. This session is presented by theMinnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance.
Ryan Kroening, MN; Anne Phibbs, SystemwideDirector, GLBT Programs Office, University of Minnesota, Minne-apolis, MN; Alfonso Wenker, PFUND Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Building Your Online Presence
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences
  This session gives an overview of the new media ecosystem thatwe find ourselves in, and how organizations can make the bestuse of new tools, reach out to new supporters, and move theirwork forward. This is an introduction to how your organization oryour cause can benefit from using new media such as blogs andsocial networks, and will cover an overview of online organizingtools and strategies.
Jerame Davis, The Bilerico Project, Indianapolis, IN;Heather Cronk, New Organizing Institute, Washington, DC
Can You Believe It? Three Tools for Reducing Drama in the Workplace
Organizational Development • Intermediate
 Okay, so drama is not all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes,we just want to get through the day unscathed. With so manypersonalities and needs, how can we transform teamwork from ahaphazard free-for-all to more intentional practice where all voic-es can be heard, decisions are made efficiently, and feedback isactively sought out rather than avoided? Join us and learn threeconcrete tools for breakthrough teamwork.
Evangeline Weiss, OpenSource LeadershipStrategies, Durham, NC
Class Matters
Racial Justice • Intermediate
Using Story Circles as a method for self exploration and dialogue,we will consider how class differences can make organizing in theLGBT community challenging. By addressing the issue of classon an individual level and engaging in cross-class dialogue, par-ticipants will be able to do their part to build stronger social justicemovements.
Gabriel Atchison, College Park, MD
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Why We Need Allof It and How To Make Sure It Is LGBT-Inclusive
Immigration • All Audiences
Is the fight for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) importantto the LGBT community? Yes! CIR has to potential to directly im-prove the lives of thousands of LGBT families and individuals inmany ways, from the undocumented to LGBT immigrant youth
Check grid schedule for all room assignments.
   F   R   I   D   A   Y   S   E   S   S   I   O   N   S
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 
Creating Change 2010
to mixed status families to transgender immigrants mistreated inICE detention. As a nation of immigrants, we are all affected byhow we ensure protections for everyone, regardless of genera-tions in the country. However, ensuring LGBT binational familiesand Uniting American Families Act are included in the immigra-tion legislation currently under debate in the Congress will requirework by advocates all over the country. This interactive workshopwill familiarize activists with the importance of LGBT advocacy forCIR, as well as equipping them with successful strategies for lob-bying Congress, raising awareness, and building coalitions withother immigration advocates.
Ben de Guzman, Co-Director for Programs, NationalQueer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, Washington, DC; JesseGarcia, President, LULAC 4871 - The Dallas Rainbow Council,Dallas , TX; Julie Kruse, Immigration Equality, Thomas Saenz,President, MALDEF
Creating Communities of Resistance/Change throughInnovative Sex Organizations and Businesses
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences
Innovative sex businesses are popping up all over. Cutting-edgesex educators and retailers are changing the face, offerings andquality of sex commerce. Come meet sex entrepreneurs and learnabout how sex-positive businesses are on the forefront of creatingresistance to right wing repression in their communities, and im-portantly, are helping us embody a healthier, more vibrant sexuality.
Tristan Taormino, Sex Educator, Author, Entrepre-neur; I.G. Rivera, Sex Educator, Principal, Poly Patao Productions
Health as a Tool for Social Justice Organizing
Health • Intermediate
 This interactive workshop will explore how good health and ac-cess to high-quality healthcare that values and promotes our over-all well-being are issues that cut across multiple diverse identitiesand affect all members of the LGBT community. After discussingsome of the many facets of health and healthcare, participantswill brainstorm strategies for addressing health issues facing theLGBT community by mobilizing the community around these is-sues in pursuit of health equity and social justice.
Kellan E. Baker, Policy Associate, National Coali-tion for LGBT Health, Washington, DC; Rebecca Fox, ExecutiveDirector, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC
Immigration and Indigenous Borders
People of Color • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences
Some immigration activists call for the dissolution of all nationalborders. But what does this mean for current sovereignty strug-gles of Indigenous nations? How do First Nation peoples whohave been colonized by immigrants and some who have had theirnations divided by colonial borders (e.g. US-Mexico) view the cur-rent forces of imperialism that have created a global population of migrant workers? Join us as we take a collective journey to iden-tify common ground that respects the intersection of our histories,shared legacies and strategies in an effort to transcend bordersfor an inclusive movement for liberation. This is an open sessionfor First Nations / Two Spirit / Indigenous folks & allies.
Coya Artichoker, First Nations Collective,Minneapolis, MN; Lucia Leandro Gimeno, Audre Lorde Project,Brooklyn, NY; Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director, Southerners onNew Ground, New Market, TN; Melissa Hoskins, First NationsCollective
Latino (LGBT) Community Outreach 101
People of Color • All Audiences
In the past ten years, the US Latino population has both grown,as well as migrated to states that had not previously seen Latinocommunities. This workshop is designed to help LGBT activistsand organizations begin and/or strengthen their Latino outreachefforts. Let’s increase your capacity to both meet the needs of LGBT Latinos, as well as, collaborate and build relationships withyour larger Latino communities. Note: Workshop not intended forLatino/a LGBT activists.
Francisco Dueñas, Proyecto Igualdad Coordinator,Lambda Legal, Los Angeles, CA
No Retreat
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences
 Transgendered people have no place to retreat. Society literallyfunnels them into the bottom of the prison system. The strugglefor transgendered equality is only beginning and the last great CivilRights struggle remaining to be fought in the Land of the Free.Learn how to become involved in this struggle and ways that youcan be an effective ally to trans people in your community. Help tocreate a nurturing society where we can all be healed and growand fulfill our potentials.
Dani Williams, T.G.I.Justice Project, San Francisco, CA
Recruiting, Retention & Succession Planning;Building Sustainable Leadership Teams
Organizational Development • All Audiences
 This workshop will provide information and implementable toolsfor attendees around the critical organizational areas of recruit-ing, retention and succession planning. The session will feature apanel of experts in a moderated discussion and allow attendeesto pose questions specific to their organizations and to share bestpractices. Participants will gain exposure to market-leading think-ing from the expert panel and engage in a robust exchange of practical experience with their peers in the movement.
Eliza Byard, Executive Director, GLSEN, New York,NY; Kevin Chase, McCormack & Associates, Toluca Lake, CA;Joe McCormack, McCormack & Associates, Toluca Lake, CA;Gregg Passin, Principal Mercer Consulting, New York, NY
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 
Creating Change 2010
   F   R   I   D   A   Y   S   E   S   S   I   O   N   S
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 
Creating Change 2010
Responding to Bias in Our Communities:Strategies Adopted from A Guide toCommunity Rapid Incident Response
 Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction • All Audiences
LGBT communities are far too often the targets of hate- or bias-motivated violence incidents. How can we, as activists and advo-cates effectively develop responses to violence that bring healing, justice, and public awareness? We will utilize tips and strategiesfrom A Guide to Community Rapid Incident Response developedby the NYC Anti-Violence Project in coalition with NCAVP mem-bers, while building upon the collective knowledge of participants. This interactive workshop will empower and encourage activiststo take action against bias violence wherever it may occur.
Maryse Mitchell-Brody, National Coalition of  Anti-Violence Programs/NYC AVP, New York, NY; RebeccaWaggoner-Kloek , Minneapolis, MN
Supporting Local Schools and GSAs ThroughCommunity/University/ School Partnerships
School Issues • All Audiences
 This interactive workshop will present and explore ways in whichinnovative collaborations between community organizations, col-leges/universities and local schools can enhance the develop-ment, effectiveness and sustainability of gay/straight alliances andsimilar secondary school-based programs geared towards sup-porting LGBTQA students. Facilitators will present on Philadel-phia-based collaborations as a launching point for discussion butthe workshop will focus on strengthening participant’s programsand ideas, by sharing programmatic objectives, challenges andbest practices. Youth are welcomed and encouraged.
Allison Buehler, Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia, PA;Quincy Greene, Educational Justice Coalition, Philadelphia, PA;Nina Harris, Penn LGBT Center, Philadelphia, PA
 The Art of the Schmooze
Community Organizing • Fundamentals
Now that you’re at Creating Change how do you make the mostof it? Does it make sense to attend every activity and be the lastone to leave? Does handing out 1000 business cards really work?What’s the best way to start a conversation? How do you endconversations so you can keep circulating? Attend this interactiveworkshop to learn tips and tricks to help you work a room, ap-proach prospective donors and steward supporters. All skill levelswelcomed.Presenters: Robbie Samuels, MSW, Somerville, MA
 The Older Americans Act and Getting Your Money’sWorth into Your Community 
Fundraising • Advanced
 As LGBT community organizations build capacity, finding resourc-es to support those efforts is always a priority. This session willoffer insights into an often overlooked funding source for an oftenoverlooked part of our community: aging.
Loree Cooke-Daniels, Transgender Aging Network;Joyce Pierson, National Center for Lesbian Rights ; Catherine Thurston, SAGE ; Laurie Young, The Task Force, Washington, DC
Uniting Communities
Community Organizing • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences
 The Uniting Communities Toolkit is a brand new manual for ad-vancing LGBTQ issues within organizations of color. Built on workdone in Oregon, The Toolkit features workshops, case studies, as-sessments, activities, and exercises that help organizations of colorlook at the issues they work on thru an LGBTQ lens, shift organiza-tional culture to be more inclusive of LGBTQ community members,and work to become public allies to the LGBTQ community. Thissession will help participants from LGBTQ organizations learn howto use The Toolkit, best practices, and strategize with one anotherabout advancing racial justice and LGBTQ equality.
Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Western States Center,Portland, OR
Friday, February 5 • 10:45
 A Debrief of LGBT Initiative Campaigns from 2009
Elections, Ballot Measures and Campaigns • All Audiences
Overall, 2009 marked a year of electoral progress for the LGBTcommunity. Four communities faced LGBT ballot initiatives ona myriad of issues, from protecting LGBT people from job andhousing discrimination in Gainesville, Florida and Kalamazoo,Michigan, to upholding domestic partnership rights in Washingtonstate, to protecting the freedom to marry for same-sex couplesin Maine. Of these measures, the LGBT community won three, inGainesville, Kalamazoo, and Washington State. These victories,however, were tempered by the community’s disappointing loss inMaine, where the passage of Question 1 repealed the state’s lawextending marriage equality to same-sex couples. As the LGBTcommunity prepares to organize against additional initiative at-tacks in 2010 and beyond, what lessons can we glean from thesecampaigns? LGBT leaders from Maine, Washington, and Kalama-zoo will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their respectivecampaigns to offer lessons for the community.
Joshua Friedes, Advocacy Director, Equal RightsWashington, WA; Daniel Hawes, Director, Academy for Leader-ship and Action, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Wash-ington, DC; Jon Hoadley, Campaign Manager, One Kalamazoo;Betsy Smith, Executive Director, Equality Maine, Portland, ME

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