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Warhammer 40,000 Fanmade: Tau Empire codex

Warhammer 40,000 Fanmade: Tau Empire codex

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Published by Herald of Nurgle
Herald of Nurgle's current edition of the work in progress 'Codex: Tau Empire'
Part 1 - Codex
Herald of Nurgle's current edition of the work in progress 'Codex: Tau Empire'
Part 1 - Codex

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Published by: Herald of Nurgle on Feb 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Codex: Tau EmpireThe Fifth Edition Redux
Tau Special Rules
For the Greater Good!
Tau forces believe that even in death they will have accomplished something forthe master cause. All Tau units will have this, and it gives them the Stubborn USR.
Art of 
Commanders of the Tau usually utilise the Mont’ka in order to sever the command
structure of an opponent and then destroy their forces. If a Sergeant or higher levelmodel (i.e. HQ units, upgrade characters, and so forth) defeats another Sergeant or
higher level model in an opponent’s unit, that unit will immediately fall back unless
it is Fearless or still has another Sergeant or Higher in the same squad. The Tau untilmay not attempt to cut them down as they run, but may then consolidate.
Art of Kauyon
Sometimes Tau will believe that it is better to make a tactical retreat than to losetheir lives for no reason. Units with this rule have the Hit and Run USR. However,whenever this is pulled off the unit which used Hit and Run may immediatelycondu
ct a turn’s worth of at the unit that they are running from –
morale checksand such may be forced by such shooting. Only one unit may pull off the Art of Kauyon in a single combat at a time
so if multiple units used Hit and Run, only onecan subsequently shoot at the unit they were previously in combat with.
Ta’lissera Bond
Certain members of Tau society undertake the Ta’lissera, and become even greater
comrades than before. Units with this special rule gain Relentless if their squad isunder 50% strength and Furious Charge if they are under 25% Strength.
Tau Weapon Special Rules
Automated technology is widespread in Tau forces. Guns with the
Overwatch special rule will fire in the enemy’s movement phase, and must fire at
the first enemy unit within line of sight which chooses to move.
Heavy Fire
: Weapons with this special rule reduce their target’s Cover Save
by 1, to a minimum of 6+ (unless noted)Variable Fire:
There are a number of guns in the Tau armoury which use differentrates of fire for procedures such as Rapid Fire. These will be noted in a specific
‘notes’ section of the weapon summary list
Tau Weapons and Art of Kauyon:
Weapons with a variable rate of fire (seeabove) do NOT get this when the Art of Kauyon is used. Units count as moving forArt of Kauyon, but may not Rapid Fire for this. The unit which has Art of Kauyonused on it may take a 5+ Cover Save against any shooting excluding that whichignores cover. Blast Weaponry may not be used in Art of Kauyon
Rail Guns: Do not count as Ordnance on Tau Battlesuits.
New Tau Weaponry
The following weapons are new, of course:
Deathshroud Frag Projector
Defence Gatling Gun
Fusion Cannon
Knarloc Gun
Light Railgun
Overburst Cannon
Pulse LancerA number of weapons have also had their profile changed, even before you factorin the weapon notes. All players should read through the weapon summary beforeadvancing any further in this Redux.
Tau Armoury
Battlesuit Technology
Advanced Tracking System
This is a full suite of technology which gives the bearer an unparalleled perceptionof the field. Models with this double their line of sight during Night Fightingmissions, and may also fire one more weapon than usually allowed each turn.
Failsafe Systems
Certain more ‘cowardly’ members of the Fire Caste employ complex safety systems
in order to escape bad situations. Models with this are replaced by a single Fire
Warrior Shas’ui when they are killed either in close
combat or shooting by a model
which does not cause Instant Death. This model may then immediately make a ‘Hitand Run’ movement.
Heavy Crisis Battlesuit
A more powerful version of the standard battlesuit, this experimental suit of armour is currently being tested by the Fire Caste. The bearer of this suit gains a 2+Armour Save and a 4+ Invulnerable Save. In addition, it gains the Slow and
Purposeful special rule. In addition, it gains a 5+ ‘Feel No Pain’ save, as described in
the Warhammer 40k Rulebook.
Tactical Hologram Generator
Included in this commander’s suit is a vast array of communication tech...
Allowingthe leader to control his army from upon the field. All Reserve rolls made by thecontroller of this wargear are made as if it were one turn further in the game (inTurn 2, this means a 3+, on Turn 3 a 2+ and so on). No Reserves may be broughtonto the board by this effect in the First Turn.
Networked Markerlight
Formed of multiple markerlights, this single powerful one allows for a vast amountof firepower to be levelled at the foe. At the beginning of every friendly ShootingPhase, the model controlling this Markerlight may immediately place d3+2Markerlight tokens onto any units within line of sight.
Tau Armoury
Infantry Technology
EMP Grenades
These are specially made to destroy enemy tanks. They are grenades which deal asingle AP 1 Glancing Hit on a 4 or 5, or a single AP 1 Penetrating Hit on a 6 whendetermining damage against the tank.
Photon Grenades
These are specially made to halt enemy infantry. They are defensive grenades,which mean that the opponent will never gain bonus attacks for charging. Inaddition to this, models with special close combat attacks will not be able to usethem in the first turn of combat.
This is the pinnacle of Tau weaponry
allowing for vast amounts of co-ordinatedfirepower to be levelled at the foe. At the beginning of every friendly Shootingphase, the model controlling this Markerlight may immediately roll a single d6. Ona 4+, a single Markerlight token may be placed on any unit within line of sight. On a6, TWO tokens may be placed on the same unit within line of sight.
Drone Controller
The technology within this allows for the control of drones
small robotic servantsof the more powerful Tau figures. For each Drone Controller in a unit, up to 2 BattleDrones may be purchased for it for points costs defined in that
area of theArmy List. Drones do not count towards the maximum models transported in atransport vehicle, and are immediately removed when their controller(s) is as well.
Target Lock
This small pendant is usually un-noted by opponents. A model with this may fire ata different unit to the remainder of its squad.
Honour Blade
Commonly deployed by high ranking members of the Fire Caste, these large staffsbear a strong blade at its height. A Honour Blade is a Power Weapon that gives thebearer +1 Strength, and a 5+ Invulnerable Save if they are an Ethereal.
Tau Armoury
Vehicle Technology
Disruption Launchers
This is a complex set of illusionary based weaponry, allowing for the controller todefend itself against enemy assaults. The user of this tech always bears a 4+ CoverSave. In addition to this, any enemy units which charge a Tau vehicle with theselaunchers each take a single Poisoned Attacks (3+) hit which counts as a Strength of 6 immediately before they make their attacks. Any saves against this are reducedby 1 (4+ to 5+ and so on).
Sensor Array
A vehicle upgraded with this ignores the effects of Dangerous Terrain, as well asgaining an additional point of BS.
Advanced Recoil System
A vehicle upgraded with this counts its gun as a Heavy 2 weapon for the purposesof scatter
not as Ordnance 1. In addition to this, the player may choose to rollonly 1d6 for scatter, but is not allowed to remove the Ballistic Skill of the firing tankfrom the total scatter roll.
Seeker Missile
This is a single Defensive Weapon, which may be fired once per game. It counts as asingle Strength 9, AP 2, Heavy 1 attack which ignores Cover Saves if fired at a unitcarrying a Markerlight token.
Skilled Pilot
A vehicle upgraded with this counts as moving 6” less for the purposes of firing
weaponry, and may also count his vehicle as Fast.
Improved Skimmer Tech
A vehicle equipped with this gains a 2+ Cover Save when Moving Fast as a Skimmer.In addition to this, the vehicle may use its Landing Gear
on any turn that the pilot
only moves up to 6”, the vehicle loses the Skimmer s
pecial rule and may fire itsmain weapon as Heavy 3, rather than the standard template.
The Markerlight Tokens
The Markerlight token is a key part of the Tau arsenal, and thus takes a key role inany battles involving the Tau Empire. This section explains how it works.
Each time a Tau unit conducts shooting against a unit which has a ‘MarkerlightToken’ allocated against it, they may remove a token to use an effect from this list:
Count the unit’s BS as being +1 to the standard (3
-> 4, and so on)
Reduce the Cover Save of the target unit by 1, and also stop the unit fromGoing to Ground that turn
Decrease the AP of a single type of weapon fired at the target unit (aPulse Rifle goes from 5 to 4, for example)
By expending three tokens, the target unit may be classed as NOT
Fearless for that unit’s shooting.
By expending two tokens, the target may
be classed as NOT Stubborn for that turn’s shooting
 In addition, a Tau unit may use the tokens to level a number of additional effectsagainst the target unit for that game turn:
A single Artillery Strike (Heavy 1, Twin Linked, and Strength 7 AP 2) maybe fired at the target unit using a BS of 3.
The target unit may have 1 Leadership deducted for a single leadershipbased test (e.g. Psychic Test, Morale Test).Finally, there is a reason why the Tau player may choose to allocate Markerlights to
simply ‘a’ unit rather than an enemy unit –
you may choose to fire at any units witha token allocated to them, r
ather than just your opponent’s.
 Markerlight Tokens ar
e expended at the end of a unit’s shooting, or directly after
its effects are used. For example, if an effect would change the target of shootingto a unit without a Markerlight token then the original target retains the token, butif an effect causes the shooting to end before an effect can begin to affect thetarget the token is still expended.

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