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Tape 7 FLDS

Tape 7 FLDS

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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FLDS Priesthood History for 5th
8th Grade StudentsTaught by Warren Jeffs
Alta Academy (Sandy, Utah)Tape # 7 – November 20, 1995Subject: Greatness of the High Priesthood
The power of the Priesthood is the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is the mind of theFather and the Son. God is priesthood - priesthood is God with us. The prophet is God with us and Godover us. To obey the prophet (Rulon Jeffs) is to obey God. (Quote from LSJ sermons) "There is never  but one on the earth at a time, on whom this power and the keys of this priesthood are conferred". He,President Jeffs, is as Moses in this day and time, to gather Israel.There have been times in priesthood history, which is the only
history, when whole armieshave come against the prophet. The Lord would send destroying angels to kill the prophets enemies.Some of you young men have been to the prophet, and he, with your father and some others,lays his hand upon your head and he uses certain words. The priesthood does its work through blessingsthrough words and the prophet, who always has the spirit of God in him, that spirit goes into the personhe touches, and gives the gift the prophet voices with words. The spirit of God goes through his hands,into your body, and it does what he says. That's how Heavenly Father's spirit works - through the prophet. The spirit of God understands his word. One day, you young men will have the priesthood power in your bodies. You will then have the greatest power that's ever given to men - to do whatever the prophet directs. You can't go throw down mountains and fight battles,and do what you want just because you want to, but if the prophet said "Go do a work", because youhold the priesthood, you will be able to do that work.This special power, through the spirit of God, was given your father. He then had the power tohold a wife, or wives, and he had the right to have you, as a child.
your fathers didn't have theMelchizedek priesthood, they couldn't have their family today. That's the power in them that makesthem the
in the home. It's the priesthood. You can't see it, but you can feel it.When a man holds the priesthood, and God's spirit comes into that man holding the priesthood,that man can act and do, as though he was God in person. President Jeffs can now do whatever he iscalled to do, as though God, Himself, were here. He (God) has given that power into the person of President Jeffs, to speak in His name, when He wants him to.The Lord said if anybody out on the street - a gentile or anybody - were to come into the presence of God right now, they would bum up. They would be destroyed in an instant. The only peoplethat can come into the presence of God and survive, and not be destroyed, are men who hold the priesthood, like the prophet - and women who are with a priesthood man. You have to come into the presence of God
President Jeffs. I'm talking about something that
want. You want to comeinto the presence of Heavenly Father again, but you do it through President Jeffs and this power heholds.I know this is the
work of God. I testify to you that there are people living among this people, the Lord has risen from the dead, through President Jeffs. I know their names. That is the power of life in the priesthood. You must be connected to the man who holds the priesthood
after the order of the Son of God 
those words mean he can act in God's place
- to have eternal life and get to thecelestial kingdom. Today, we are all blessed more than any other people on the earth, to be connectedwith this prophet, who holds this highest priesthood.

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