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Tape 14 FLDS

Tape 14 FLDS



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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
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FLDS Priesthood History for 3
– 8
Grade StudentsTaught by Warren JeffsTape # 14 – December 19, 1995Subject: Plagues Over Egypt
Be honest and come determined to learn at this age. Why wait until you're 20 or 30, when youcan learn now. We're learning the truths of priesthood, how to be good people the Lord can use. A person hardens their heart because they love evil, and usually they're not moral. If you will believethese words while you're young and pure, you don't have to be bad. You can do good the first time.Seeing miracles does not make a person good. You have to have enough of the spirit of Godthat you will believe and obey. It's believing and obeying that earns you the good spirit.Moses said to Pharaoh, “Let Israel go” but Pharaoh would not. He only made the people's work harder until the people of Israel complained against Moses. They should have said, "We know you'rethe prophet. We believe you will deliver us. We'll endure anything you want. We believe in you...”The Lord told Moses to go to the Pharaoh and do certain things, like throw his staff down to become a snake, but Pharaoh's heart was hardened because he already had connection with devilish people and the magicians, etc. made their staffs turn to snakes. Moses’ snake ate up all the others thenwas turned into a stick again. Pharaoh made the burdens greater and would not let Israel go.Moses caused the Nile river to turn to blood for seven days and ordered Pharaoh to let the people go. Pharaoh called his sorcerers to command in the name of the devil, for water to turn to blood, also. After seven days, Moses again commanded Pharaoh, then he and Aaron brought forth a plague of frogs upon the land. Pharaoh's magicians brought forth frogs also, but they didn't have power to turn it away, so Pharaoh said to Moses, if he would take the frogs away, then the people could go.After the frogs stopped coming, Pharaoh's heart was hardened again.A truly pure person would have believed and obeyed, but Pharaoh was a wicked man. You see,for the prophet to command a wicked man to do something, even great miracles won't convince him.That is why the people of the world won't come to the prophet - because of their wickedness.Moses and Aaron were sent back to Pharaoh and caused that the dust on the ground wereturned to lice, little worms that went everywhere. This time, Pharaoh's magicians could not make ithappen nor turn it away. The magicians said this was of God. As this took place, the Lord told Mosesand Aaron to rise up and command flies to come upon all the land of Egypt. The Israelites lived in theland northward and the destructions did not happen among them, yet they saw it and heard it. It was soterrible that Pharaoh told Moses to take the people and leave, but only stop the plague. He did, but theking's heart was hardened again. The next plague was boils all over the Egyptian people and animals,and sickness. The seventh plague was hail mixed with fire, killing the cattle that were yet alive.Pharaoh was afraid, that's what wicked people do- when they
great things, they get scared.He told Moses to get out, but first stop the hail. Again his heart was hardened. The Lord hardenedPharaoh's heart so the people may know the Lord, generation after generation. Here's the lesson... on purpose, the Lord made a wicked, evil man, to be king to glorify His name. The eighth plague was biggrasshoppers called locusts, up to eight inches long, that ate the crops. Pharaoh promised again, thenhardened his heart.
You see, each one of these were warnings, trying to soften the Pharaoh's heart. That's how theLord works. You know your parents will warn you softly, and if you keep doing bad, they will warnyou a little hard, and if you keep doing bad, they might even give you a physical punishment. That'show the Lord did it with Pharaoh. Moses commanded and there were three days of darkness where theEgyptians were, but where the Israelites were, there was no darkness. Again Pharaoh called for Mosesand told him to go if he would just take away the darkness - that was the ninth plague. The tenth andfinal destruction was called the Passover. The Lord said after this plague, Pharaoh would let theIsraelites take their gold, animals, etc. and leave Egypt.This last plague would affect every family this time. They must take a male lamb and kill it intheir house, drain the blood, and paint the blood above the door, and stay in the house all night, thencook the lamb and eat of it. Moses taught his people that God was Jesus Christ, and about the comingof the Savior and His dying on the cross. The blood of the lamb means people in that day believed inthe coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord said in every house, the first-born child would dieunless they had the blood of this lamb, which represents the blood of the Savior. This took place allnight. The angel of death came and passed by every house where the blood was painted on the door.There was a great cry in Egypt, and even Pharaoh's child died. The people cried to Pharaoh, to do whatMoses wants. He was ready to let them go. The next day, Moses commanded the people to prepare.The Israelites went right into the Egyptians homes and took their good things, their gold and jewels,and gathered together - two million Israelites.The Lord told them every year until the Savior was born, to celebrate the feast of the Passover,to remember this great deliverance out of Egypt. The Passover represents the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Today, many Israelites celebrate the Passover. The people went a few days journey to the Red Sea. There was no escape, with the water in front of them and the Egyptian people behind them. After they left, Pharaoh's heart was hardened again, and being very angry now, heordered his soldiers to go after the people and kill them.If the people were good clean people, they should have said they trusted in Moses, but they hadlived with the gentiles for 400 years and most of them had taken on the way of the gentiles. As thesoldiers came toward them, they blamed Moses, but he told them to be quiet and watch for the Lordwas God, causing light to be over the Israelites, and darkness over the Egyptians. In the authority of  priesthood, Moses commanded the sea to separate. All night, the people walked through the separationin the sea and when they reached the other side, the waters came down upon the soldiers. Their enemies were destroyed. How happy they were and began singing and praising God. They were withthe prophet of God.The people could have gone straight up to their promised land, they could have been the peopleof God, but I remind you what the Lord told Moses. No man would be their ruler. It was Moses' job toteach the gospel, to teach them how to do and act and behave so they could come into the presence of God, but the people had been tainted and corrupted by the ways of the gentiles.Young people, even our Lord and Savior celebrated the feast of the Passover. He was the Godover Moses. To show they were humble and would obey, they would eat unleavened bread - what poor  people eat. They would offer on the alter, a lamb without blemish. The Savior ate bread and wine atthe feast of the Passover, the night before He was killed. This feast continued for over a thousand
(# 14)
years. Today we don't celebrate that feast because it was to be celebrated until the time of our Savior inthe flesh. After that, he said, we don't do it. Instead He said to have a sacrament of bread and wine, or  bread and water, and remember the Savior always, not just on one feast.This is real, it happened. The power of the priesthood of the one man, the prophet, is such thatwhatever the Lord inspires him to do - when that one man commands it to happen, it will happen. Weteach you young people, the priesthood and power that President Jeffs has, is greater than all thearmies of the world - greater than all the mountains and all the oceans. If we will but obey him, theLord will bless us through our prophet and even fight the battles against our enemies.If you know it's true, then you are a pure person, able to listen. If you're goofing around, fallingasleep, watch out. You need to be more clean and obedient because when a person who is pure hearsthe truth, they have the good feeling of peace, showing them these things are true. Do you have thatgood feeling? I do. Why don't we follow our prophet? He has the same power, and if we're obedient,though the whole world comes against us, the Lord will answer the prayer of this prophet to protect us.Teachers, make sure you get this message of the feeling they should have, so they come better  prepared, and the spirit of God can write upon their hearts and minds, these truths. Work with your students.
December 20,1995Subject: In the Wilderness
A truly pure person feels the spirit of peace tell them these things are true. Uncle Roy taught usthat when the father in the home speaks, the family should obey. If they obey the first time, the spiritof God will be in the home, but very often when the fathers speaks, a mother or child will speak upand say, "but can't we do it this way instead?"It might seem things go just as well when somebody changes it a little, but Uncle Roy says,when the family changes what the father wants, even just a little, the spirit of God leaves the home.There might not be a noticeable tragedy yet, but when the family feels like they can change the father'swords, it will keep growing and growing until there might be accidents or harm. This is what weexperience in our families. How beautiful it is when a father can say, "I want this done" and someonegoes and does it without a complaint, without trying to change it.Many of us have that terrible habit of complaining. The easiest way to lose that keep sweetfeeling is to complain. You must understand the priesthood over you lives by revelation. Your father says a prayer and asks the Lord to guide him in what he's doing with the family. You need to trust your family and especially trust the prophet, that when he speaks, you quickly get it done without changingwhat should be done. I remind you of these teachings you've heard in meeting, in school, in your homes, so that you can understand the challenge we have, just like our forefathers had in Moses' time.The Israelites brought upon themselves a great curse. It was such a terrible curse, it lasted for over a thousand years. The Lord gave them a chance, the privilege to obey the prophet, but they gripedand complained. Seeing a miracle doesn't change you into a
good person. It's obeying and having thegift of repentance that changes you.The Lord was angry at the people because when they complained against the prophet, theywere complaining against God. The tribes of Israel wandered for 40 years. They were cursed instead
(# 14)

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