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Tape 18 FLDS

Tape 18 FLDS

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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FLDS Priesthood History for 5th
8th Grade StudentsTaught by Warren JeffsTape # 18 – January 2, 1996Subject: Judges of Israel (continued)
Do you want to hear some more stories? The stories that I teach you are true and I want you to receivethem personally – 
how to learn obedience.
After the days of Joshua, men or women called judges ruled Israel.The reality was the Lord ruled Israel through these inspired judges. He would place His spirit on a certain person and they would lead the people and drive the gentiles out.Sampson married a Philistine woman but was very angry with her for telling the Philistines the answer to a riddle, so went to live with his father and mother. While he was gone, the father of his wife gave her toSampson's friend, a Philistine. She became the wife of another man; "Sampson returned and said he wantedhis wife. Her father said he thought Sampson was so angry at her that he didn't want her any more. He said,"Here, take her younger sister - she is prettier." Sampson was so angry and he felt he had the right to punishthe Philistines. He went out and caught 300 foxes and took cord and tied the tails of every two foxes, together,then tied a torch to their tails. These two foxes would run through the fields and burned all the crops of thePhilistines. He did it because they took away his wife. He then went into the mountains in the land of Judah.The Philistine soldiers came to the father of Sampson's wife and they took him and all his household,including Sampson's wife and burned them with fire.Each time the Philistines went against Sampson, he felt justified to go against them. He killed onethousand Philistines with the jawbone of an animal. When the spirit of God comes upon a man of God, theenemy can't kill him. The fame of Sampson's great strength caused all of the Philistines to fear him. He hadthe promise that if he did not cut his hair, he would have this strength. When he said his prayers, he was ableto do these things. Now we come to the story of how a man - even a man in the priesthood - falls. After Sampson ruledIsrael for twenty years, he started to love a certain gentile girl, whose name was Delilah. He would stay withher. The Philistines offered her one thousand pieces of silver if she would find the source of his strength. Shestarted to tease and ask Sampson where he got his strength from. She cried and begged him for his secret,teasing him until he was just getting sick of it. Finally, after she teased him so much, he told her that to cut hishair would take away his strength. Now, all of you understand, long hair does not give you strength, but it was the promise of the Lord toSampson, if he would do that thing, the spirit of God would be in him to give him strength. If you boys wereto grow
hair long in this day, you would
the spirit of God, because
it's obedience to the prophet that  gives you your strength.
Delilah cut his hair and he couldn't fight the Philistines, for they were stronger thanhim. Right there, they cut out his eyes and blinded him. Instead of killing him, they paraded him among the people, then imprisoned him. He was in prison long enough that his hair grew back. In the city of Goza, therewas a great celebration for thousands of the Philistines. Sampson asked the servant who was guiding him to put him by two pillars. He said a prayer for God to strengthen him once more, so as to be avenged for the lossof his eyes. He caused the two main pillars to fall and the whole house tumbled down, killing more Philistinesthan he had killed in all the years before. Thus Israel had many of their enemies destroyed. Notice what weakens a man. When he gives in to a girl that he shouldn't - into that temptation of morals...immorals. Immoral desires - that's when he is weakened. His (Sampson) downfall was to give in to agirl instead of obeying Heavenly Father. I hope that will be a lesson to everyone. There were many evilsamong the people that the Lord caused destruction to come upon them.1
January 3, 1996Subject: The Prophet Samuel
 As I tell you these stories, your faith should be increasing. You should have a feeling inside of youcalled faith, which is a feeling that you
these things are true. I'm not just saying these stories to entertainyou. You are learning about what Heavenly Father is like. We want to do the same things the prophets did.Samuel was the last of the judges. Eli was the judge before him, for forty years. Eli's sons were verywicked. When the people wanted a blessing from the Lord, they would bring their animals to sacrifice, to a priest. He would offer up the animal and pray for that
Hannah's husband had two wives. The other wife and others, made fun of Hannah because she had been married so long and the Lord had cursed her  because she had no children. She was alone by the temple crying and praying. Eli, the priest was on the front porch and thought she was drunk and got after her for drinking wine. She said she was not, but was praying tothe Lord. Eli prayed for her. She was blessed with a son. When Samuel was old enough, she gave her son toEli to-raise. Eli's own sons were the most wicked men. They would take brides and money in exchange, as bribes. They were immoral. Right in the temple with Eli, a prophet (Samuel) was growing up. He walked andtalked with God. He performed a great work.While Samuel was growing up,
being a good and obedient boy,
serving Eli in the temple, a prophetcame to Eli and cursed him and his household because Eli did not stop his two sons in their evil as judges.Again, the lesson is a parent and his household is cursed if they do not correct their children. The Lord willcurse the father and mother, even their whole household and descendants. Eli grew old and was blind. Samuelhelped Eli take care of the temple, where that sacred box that Moses had built (Ark of the Covenant) was kept.The Lord actually came down into the temple and talked with Samuel, telling him that He would destroynearly all of Eli's household because Eli did evil in not correcting his sons. From that time on, Samuel becamea prophet. He had greater power than the priests. Every prophet was ordained to the high priesthood by GodHimself.During a battle with the Philistines, four thousand Israelites were killed. The Ark of the Covenant was brought to the battle by Eli's two wicked sons. There was another great battle, but the Lord did not bless Israel.Over thirty thousand Israelites were killed. The Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines andsuddenly, they were struck with a disease and many died. The box was taken to other cities and thousandswere stricken and died. The Philistines sent it back to the Israelites and the disease and destruction stopped.Fifty thousand Israelite men were struck with the same disease and many died because someone tried to openthe Ark of the Covenant.Still, Israel was under bondage to the Philistines, Samuel called upon the people and told them hewould pray for them only if they put away their idols. When the prophet had the people obedient, then he prayed and the Lord promised they would win their battle. The Philistines were driven out all the days of Samuel. When he grew old, something had happened to his sons. They were disobedient. The people thendemanded that a king rule them and not the Lord (through a prophet). Now here's the lesson, young people When people reject the prophets, they reject the Lord.
Wherever the prophet rules, that is the Lord leading the people because the prophet only does what the Lord directs him.You must believe this. To treat that prophet lightly is to treat the Lord lightly, and to want it different from what the prophet wants, we reject God. That is how you actually reject Heavenly Father, by rejecting His prophet.
The Lord told Samuel to gather the tribes of Israel. From the tribes of Israel, he chose the tribe of Benjamin. The spirit of God was guiding Samuel. He chose a certain family and among this family was a son2

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