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Tape 19 FLDS

Tape 19 FLDS

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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
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FLDS Priesthood History for 3
Grade StudentsTaught by Warren Jeffs
Tape # 19 – January 4, 1996
Subject: Saul and Samuel -David and Goliath
We are giving you things in classes like this, that you will have to answer for.
If you're trained at ayoung age, you'll understand.
The Lord tells us if we do what He says, He is bound to bless us. If we don'tdo what He says, we have no promise. How do you know what He says? It is called
The Lordspeaks through His prophet. When your parents tell you to do something, they are prayerful. They haveinspiration what you should do. When you go to the prophet and say, " I think this or that should happen" or maybe you ask your parents something and they say "no", then you ask again and they say "no", and after much teasing, even if they give in - if it is not according to the will of those over you, it is disobedience. It isthe first impression of your father that you should listen to, not after the begging and begging. So, for you to be called an obedient person, you must listen to those over you. Every blessing you will ever get in priesthood, you must listen to those over you and do as
direct, not
commanding them. This is whatthe story today explains.Saul became the great power among the people. When he spoke, everybody had to obey.
If theydidn't obey him, he would take his soldiers and punish them, even with death, if he wanted
. Samuelanointed Saul's head with oil and blessed Saul to be king. Saul became as one of the prophets and wasinspired of God. Very early on, Saul had the trouble of pride. The Lord would tell him to do things and hewould do it
He would do it just a little different. Samuel warned him and told him that the Lord hadsought another man, after His own heart, to be captain over His people. Saul was proving that he would obey but then changed the word of the prophet a little.Uncle Roy taught us, the degree of your blessings depends on how obedient you are. If you don't feelyou have the blessings you want, it's because your obedience isn't in place. Saul had won many battles, untilall Israel submitted to him. One day, the Lord spoke to Samuel and told him to tell Saul to take the armies of Israel and fight the Amalekites, perfect in evil. The Lord told Saul, through Samuel, to go down and killevery man, woman and child, every animal, every living thing in their city. Saul already had this bad habit of changing what the prophet said, just a little. So, he and his army killed everybody except the king. He killedmany of the animals except he kept the best to bring back to offer as sacrifice on the alter. He changed whatthe prophet said, to himself, just a little. He thought he had a better idea. That's usually what we do, feelingthat we have just a little better idea than what father wants, or the teacher. Look what happens to a personwho
almost obeys,
 but changes it just a little. They are still called disobedient.The Lord told Samuel that Saul committed a great evil, in that he disobeyed. Now, you could say,"Well, he pretty much obeyed him. He did
of everything." When the Lord speaks, we obey all the wayor we are disobedient. Don't we always find a
 good reason
for our disobedience? Samuel said to Saul, thatthe Lord commanded him to kill every living thing and instead, Saul disobeyed the Lord. Whatever goodidea Saul had, was it better than just simply obeying?
Here's the quote I want in your notes:
Verse 22 and23, Chapter 15 in the book called 1st Samuel.
"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice... for rebellion is asthe sin of witchcraft or following devils, and stubbornness, unwilling obedience
is as iniquity and idolatry,"
said Samuel. The Lord then rejected Saul as being king. An evil spirit then took over Saul becausehe was rebellious to the prophet and to the Lord.1
Agag, the king of the Amalekites, came to Samuel and humbly bowed down and said he supposed hislife was spared to which Samuel replied, "As you killed women and children, so shall you die." Thatdescribes how wicked that king, was, for they were a people that worshipped idols and would offer upchildren as human sacrifices. Samuel, in front of all the people, took a sword and cut Agag down, hewinghim in pieces. Then Samuel left Saul and wept because of Saul - he was so sad because of the evil Saul haddone and was now rejected. The prophet always weeps and is hurt by our wickedness, and, whenever wedon't obey, don't we feel like we have a good reason for it? Beware young people, you cannot change whatthe prophet says and think you're obeying. Some have thought, as we read these stories, that it's amazing howthese people would just kill people - how the prophet could cut a man down.
I want to remind you what the prophets have taught us, that whenever a man of God iscommanded to kill another man, he is never bloodthirsty. If you see a wicked man killing anotherperson,
are bloodthirsty – they love to do it. A righteous man never loves to kill. Instead, I’ll tellyou what a righteous man does if he is called to fight in a battle. He humbly asks the Lord tostrengthen his hand. He doesn’t go thirsting after blood and wanting to kill. He wants to do the Lord’swill, and he keeps sweet even in doing that.
So don’t think Samuel or any of these prophets were bloodthirsty, as they were called upon to strike down the enemy.
I don’t want you boys feeling like, “For neat! For neat!” when people are killed or you willbecome bloodthirsty and lose the good spirit. We should not even want to watch the killing ontelevision and movies. That will make you blood thirsty, like unto the world. You can’t keep sweet if you love those things, so don’t call it “neat”. Remember, a man of God is praying for strength when heis doing that work.
Saul continued as king for many years - for forty years. Samuel was led by the Lord, to go toJerusalem and find the next king in the family of Jesse of the tribe of Judah. The people were greatly afraidof the prophet.
Remember, people are afraid of the prophet when they have a guilty conscience.
Samuelcalled Jesse to bring his sons before him. He thought surely the oldest son was to be king because he was talland strong. The Lord spoke with Samuel and said not to look on his appearance because the Lord sees not asman sees, but looks on the heart. The people didn't see the Lord appear.
The Lord speaks in the prophet'smind. His spirit is always there in the prophet's mind. The prophet just thinks a prayer and the Lord'sspirit puts the words in his thoughts. He talks with the Lord in that way.
 Now, young people, when yougo and see President Jeffs, you are going to talk with the Lord. You ask him a question and he asks the Lordwhat the right answer is and although Heavenly Father doesn't appear in a flame or in a cloud, He is there,talking through the prophet - just like Samuel talked with the Lord while those people were standing around. Now, you must believe this - this is called
Don't ever treat President Jeffs lightly.Jesse then had the next son, then the next - each one appeared before Samuel. Each time the Lordwhispered to Samuel, this was not the one, until Jesse said those were his sons. Samuel said surely there wasanother son. The spirit of God had told him this certain man was one of Jesse's sons. Jesse said he had ayoungest son - out tending the sheep. He called for this son, David, and the Lord told Samuel to arise andanoint him for David was the one. David was not real tall or strong looking, and had a beautiful countenance- a handsome young man. He was blessed to become king and immediately, the spirit of the Lord came intoDavid and gave him the gifts of the spirit where he could become king.Saul had an evil spirit and the people called for someone who could play sweet music for the king andthen maybe the bad spirit would leave him. David could play a harp-like instrument and he obeyed and came2
(# 19)
to play his sweet music for Saul. The evil spirit left Saul because David, who had the spirit of God, camearound the king. That spirit in David caused evil spirits to leave. Many times, a young person who has a badspirit usually - they come around their good father, and they feel good and have a good spirit. Very often, thatkind of a person, when they're away from their father, they get the bad spirit again. It's possible to comearound good people and feel their good spirit. It's for us all to
keep sweet 
ourselves. I hope you are learningthis lesson... the spirit of God stays with the obedient. Obedience means
 perfect obedience
or it is notobedience.We now come to the story of David and Goliath. Goliath's height was approx. 9 feet tall. He wore ahelmet of brass and a steel woven coat weighing approx. 150 pounds, about what I weigh. He had brassshields on his legs and chest and back. His spear weighed 20 pounds. He told the Israelites, if they could findsomeone to kill him, then the Philistines would be their servants. He
mocked the Lord. Saul heard of thischallenge. Daily, Goliath challenged the Israelites. David was sent to take food to his brothers in the army.He heard Goliath make fun of the Lord. When the prophet gives a man a blessing, the spirit of God is there tomake sure it happens. David depended on the Lord and was impressed to challenge Goliath, who cursed him,I am sure with some rotten words. As Goliath came forward, David slung a stone and it hit the forehead of Goliath, who fell down, unconscious. David stood on him and pulled out Goliath's sword and cut off Goliath's head. The Philistines started to run and the Israelites ran after them and killed many. The Philistineswere driven out of that land. David took the head of Goliath and showed all the people in Jerusalem. As Sauland David marched through the streets, the people rejoiced to be delivered from their enemies.The girls, dancing and singing, said Saul has slain thousands and David has killed ten thousands.They said David was stronger than Saul. From that moment on, because he had an evil spirit, Saul wanted tokill David. For many years, Saul tried to kill him out of jealousy, for no reason. Saul plotted a secretcombination with certain people, to kill David, who was obedient through those years. As long as a person isobedient, the Lord blesses them. Can't you see that in
the stories we are telling you? When they turn ever so slightly from the commandments of God, the spirit of God leaves. Watch out, when you are tempted tochange what your parents want you to do - even when that temptation leads you to think of a good reason,watch out - you'll still be a disobedient person. These stories sure make me want to do better. It teaches uswhat Heavenly Father is like, and He is the same God today, as He was in that day. He has a prophet today, just like the prophet Samuel.
Young people, when you're in the presence of our prophet, you're in the presence of God.
Don't you understand that? The Lord is with him all the time. His spirit is always leadingour prophet, so treat his words carefully. When you're in his presence, sit up, look at him, watch him. He setsa perfect example and you can feel his spirit if you're praying. One more recommendation: I see many of yougo through the line on Sunday, to shake his hand. After meeting, sometimes I've sat with father, and he startsnaming a few families. He says, "This person or these children have a good look in their eye and I feel agood spirit." Others I have heard him say, "That family - those children, are dark. They don't have a goodspirit, a good feel, a good look in their eye." Did you know that's what is happening when you are shaking hishand? He is feeling your spirit. Now, shake his hand and look him in the eye, but if you feel guilty aboutsomething, you'll have a hard time doing it, or if you look him in the eye, your spirit will be felt by him, thatyou've been disobedient. What a privilege it is to meet the prophet and know you've been obedient so he canfeel the spirit that you have. You can't hide what spirit you have from him. This is so real, and I want you tolove and respect the prophet whenever and wherever you can. Do you enjoy hearing these stories? Show me by doing good on your tests. Really care and study.3
(# 19)

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