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Tape 34 FLDS

Tape 34 FLDS

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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FLDS Priesthood History for 5th
8th Grade StudentsTaught by Warren JeffsTape # 34 – March 21, 1996Subject: Conversion of Paul and Cornelius
You young people, by now, after hearing all this training, should be reaching out to your Heavenly Father. You should be awakening to what you have been through. You have taken upon youthe name of Jesus Christ, by being baptized. You have made a promise that everything about youhonors Him. You have promised to think of Him and serve Him, even to the end of your days. This iswhy the spirit of God is not always with young people - because they don't keep their promise. Yousee, you can be faithful to the end if you'll just say your prayers and obey.Saul - later known as Paul the Apostle, thought the apostate church was the true church and hethought the Christians were going to destroy his church. He became anxious to destroy the people of God, so he consented to the death of Steven (an apostle), but he didn't help kill him. Saul was anxiousto put down these so-called evil people. The wicked always called the priesthood people wicked. It'salways that way. Saul got a letter from the high priests in Jerusalem, that gat him permission to usethe high priests and the apostate people or the unbelievers, I will call them, in Damascus.He traveled to Damascus to find all Christians, arrest them and put them on trial. He spentmuch time and energy, persecuting the priesthood. Suddenly, there came a light and a voice was heardsaying, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou, me?” Saul fell to the earth and asked, "Who art thou,Lord?" The Lord's voice said, "I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest. It is hard for thee to kick againstthe pricks, or the thorn bush." Saul asked what he should do. The Lord told him to go to the city.When the light went away, Saul was blind.Don't think that all the disobedient people will have some great light to stop them in their sins.Paul had been foreordained to do a certain work in this earth. He would realize how great his sinswere. The Lord called him because, in his repentance, he desired to save souls. He was like Alma inthe Book of Mormon. The Lord would use him and turn his evil to good. Through his faith andobedience, Paul was willing to suffer much. When Paul went to the city, he got a priesthood blessingand immediately, scales fell off of Paul's eyes and he could see. From that moment, he started to preach faith on the Lord Jesus Christ. He stayed faithful to the end, and never turned back to evil.Your faith has to be tested to prove you are with the Lord. Most of the New Testament was written byPaul - beautiful words that he learned from the prophet and from the spirit of God.We've told you several stories this year about miracles. Notice the miracle we describedyesterday - the lame man - how the Lord performed that for a purpose: to test the leaders of thewicked, apostate church, and also to strengthen the faith of the obedient. Miracles are not performed just to entertain people. They are given to the faithful, not to unbelievers. Paul could have rejected theLord and become a more wicked man, but he chose to repent.I say to you again, young people, don't expect some great angel to appear and turn you awayfrom your sins. You don't have time to go be bad. You only have time to do good and become cleanand pure. Don't tempt the Lord to strike you down, thinking some great miracle will turn you back. No, the Lord will give you what you want in this day, and we're trying to convince you right now,while you're young, to want the right.
Peter and the apostles had the tradition to stay away from the gentiles. You young peopleknow - you've studied what the Lord is like. He is no respecter of persons. In every nation, he thatobeys the Lord will be accepted. We've also taught you, the promise to Abraham, that if a gentile isconverted, is baptized and receives the gift of the holy ghost, their blood is changed to the blood of Israel. They become part of the chosen priesthood family.The apostles had a training to go through. Peter was impressed (by a dream repeated threetimes) to not call people unclean or unworthy of priesthood blessings if the Lord says to give them priesthood blessings. As he was ending the dream, the soldiers knocked at the door, entered in andasked for Peter. They took him to their captain, Comelieus and other believers and Peter baptizedthem. Literally, these gentiles became part of the house of Israel. Now young people, there are great lessons in this. We get - in our family associations - wherewe feel like we're better than others because of our name, or because our family has been in the work longer, or whatever. The Lord doesn't look on us that way. You can be born in the prophet's familyand still be rejected. In the Lord's eyes, there are only two kinds of people: The obedient and thedisobedient. If you're a son or daughter 
of the prophet, that doesn't guarantee your salvation. The onlything that makes you faithful is obedience.If others come into the work and they are obedient, the Lord accepts them. Only your obedience makes you acceptable. No family needs to put down another family because of your nameor you've been in the work longer or your father is a good man. Everybody is important in this priesthood, if they are obedient. Everybody's important enough to the prophet, that he will correctthem if they are
wrong.I see President Jeffs hurrying to get to his appointment with even the youngest person in thiswork. If they've made an appointment with them, he doesn't consider himself so great that he canignore them. He will take time for anybody and if he's a little late, he cares enough about what youwould consider the youngest elder, or whoever. He cares for everyone. We need not put others down because of their name or because we figure our family is a little better. If your family is better, itshould bless others, build up others.Sometimes your parents will say, "Watch out, that certain friend or that certain family is notdoing just right." I leave that in the hands of the parents. When you're warned about certainfriendships, it's because of your weakness your parents are concerned about. They are concerned thatyou will fail if you get with certain friends, so you should take that as a correction for yourself.Beware of putting down others, but it is possible for parents to have inspiration that if you arewith certain friends, you will do evil. You obey your parents, but still forgive, work with, do righttoward others, and don't just put them down and call them wicked because of their family name. All people are good if they are obedient, no matter what their name is.Peter went back to Jerusalem and oh, the Jews, his own brethren were upset. How could he dothis thing - allow gentiles to be baptized, allow gentiles to be in the same house with him? The Lordgave Peter that vision to give him strength, even against the complaining of his own brethren. It alsoshows you how the people would question the prophet. That was a great weakness among the peopleof all ages. When they question the prophet and accuse him of doing wrong, you know they don'tunderstand priesthood and they might fall away. Peter was patient and told the story how Cornelieus
had a visit from the angel, how he had the dream, how the spirit of God told him these people should be baptized. These Jews started to humble themselves and learn the true character of God. In everynation, those that obey will be accepted.I want you to believe, for the same priesthood is here in President Jeffs and in your fathers.These miracles, these blessings the Lord gives, will be ours if we will just believe and obey.
TheLord will send you young men forth one day. That's why you are sitting here, having thistraining. You will go to the nations of the earth. You will go among the ten tribes. Some of youwill go south among the Lamanites, and you will teach them these stories - this gospel. We'renot going through this just to be entertained and to forget. I yearn you young people will beraised up to be used by our prophet.
Talking to the young ladies, you are being prepared to teach children to have faith in God -your children - so they can be used by the Lord. You ladies will go into the temples with your husbands, and give blessings to all the people that have lived on the earth, in the spirit world now,who will receive it. There are such great things ahead of you. You must have this training as part of your life. You weren't born to be a gentile and just go get a job. You were born to help build the cityof Zion and do the same work the ancient prophets performed. I testify of this to you, and ask Heavenly Father to give you a love for these truths you are learning, that you will live for our prophetand do his will.
March 25,1996Subject: Stories of the Prophets
Every teacher in priesthood is to teach as moved upon by the Holy Ghost. That means everylistener should receive by the same spirit. You and I are here to do the will of the prophet whom theLord has sent. If we'll humble ourselves with that faith because we are doing his will, the Lord willgive us an increase.Paul began teaching the gentiles, and the Jews gathered up other Jews and leaders and rose upagainst Paul, rejecting the word of Paul. Yet, the gentile people received the words of Paul. The Jews,as a people, would eventually reject the word of God. The gentiles would have the gospel clear untilJohn Taylor's day. The Jews would be driven and scattered hereafter. Remember, the teachings youhad about Abraham: When any gentile was baptized and receives the gift of the Holy Ghost, if they'retruely repentant, the spirit of God will come into them and change their blood to the blood of Israel,and they will be accepted. They will be part of the priesthood family. When a gentile receives thespirit of God, they actually look different. Their outside features change. They look brighter andhappier, the spirit of God shining from their face, their countenance and their eyes.
When the Jews saw many gentiles joining the church, the priesthood, they got angry and drove outBarnabas and Paul from that city. The way of the priesthood is, when a
 people reject the message, theteachings of the priesthood, the prophets shake off their feet, the dust off their feet, as a testimonyagainst those wicked people. When the prophet speaks, it is the word of God. A prophet is a teacher.He doesn't just rebuke and cast people out. He will work with his brethren.These great miracles were performed only to do the will of God. What if a person comesamong us, performing
miracles? Does that mean he's a man of God, or woman of God? No. Onlythose that obey the prophet are righteous.

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