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Tape 36 FLDS

Tape 36 FLDS

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Published by rulonwarren

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Published by: rulonwarren on Apr 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FLDS Priesthood History for 3
Grade StudentsTaught by Warren JeffsTape # 36 – April 2, 1996Subject: Reasons For the Apostasy
I do request that you come into the room quietly and remember we are needing HeavenlyFather's spirit to help us understand. All of you know what that spirit feels like. It's the good feelingwhen you obey. That's what I want you to do. Right now, you're with your friends and they are veryimportant to you. You can get real silly with them and do many good or evil things.
Young people, youare here for yourself, to grow and learn so you can be useful in the hands of our Prophet. Pleasinghim is number one.
Pleasing your friends comes after pleasing your parents. Don’t let your friendsinfluence you away from prayer.I want to discuss with you today, what we need to be aware of, so that we don't turn away fromthis priesthood. We must endure to the end - be faithful to our last breath - to prove ourselves worthy of the celestial kingdom. The priesthood work has been a work where there have been many apostates.
Write it down in your notes
An apostate is a person that turns against the prophet. They turnaway from him at first then they turn to fight him in the end
. People who criticize the prophet willeventually turn against him. What brings a person to do this? It is simply losing the spirit of God throughdisobedience. Many times, we disobey, justifying ourselves because of our traditions or habits - the waysof our forefathers.President Jeffs travels as much as he does because he is the light among the people. Very often,when the light stays away for a while, the people go into darkness. He's careful and tries to stay onschedule. He goes to meetings here (Salt Lake City), in the South (Colorado City), and goes to Canadaat certain times. He sets aside days to visit with people, trying to be that light, trying to bless the peopleif they will be. We gather together to receive light and truth. If you don't come to meeting, you're notgathering.
You're staying away in the darkness. It's necessary to gather where the light is. There seems to be a pattern: when people stay away from meetings for a while, it becomes unimportant. They becomedarkened.Among the twelve apostles and others, there was fighting between them. Certain weaknesses inthe lives' of priesthood men would cause people to make mistakes. In section 64 (D&C), the Lord toldJoseph Smith the apostles "were afflicted and sorely chastened." In our day, there were apostles MarionHammon, Guy Musser, Alma Timpson - who turned against Uncle Roy and they led away anybody whowanted to be led away. The errors in those men caused others to stumble. Brigham Young describes howthere were men among the twelve apostles in his day who taught wrong things. Understand this as I sayit: The one man - the prophet - will never teach you wrong. He will always lead you right, but other apostles who are under him - for them to be acceptable, they must please the one man
the prophet. Thus,we listen to their teachings as they unite with the one man.
You notice how we print many sermons of President Jeffs in the Student Star. He was not the oneman when he taught those things, but he is today and he is publishing his words today, for us to read. Hewas perfectly united with Uncle Roy and John Y. Barlow. We receive the teachings of Heber C. Kimballas though they were the teachings of Brigham Young because he was perfectly united with the one man,the prophet. We want to be perfectly united with the one man - the prophet.
That's another reason the people apostatized, because they followed the weaknesses of certainleaders among them. If they all united, gathered together and followed the prophet Peter, they wouldn'thave apostatized. Yet another reason for apostasy was the great persecution that the gentiles, Romans,Jews and others brought upon the priesthood people. It was a neat thing to do, among the wicked, to findany saints, and kill them.Another reason for apostasy is that people hold on to their traditions. When you join or enter intothe work of God, you are required to sacrifice all earthly things. Many of these gentiles have followedidol worshipping. They had their celebrations at certain times for certain things and when they receivedthe gospel, they mixed their gentile traditions with the priesthood tradition until they lost the truth.Today, the Christian churches throughout the world celebrate Christmas and different events - evenallow things like Halloween - all those celebrations came from pagans or gentiles who worshipped their idols. They would build a statue of Jesus and pray to that, or some of them drew paintings of the prophets and worshipped the paintings. Some thought a piece of rock, where supposedly, Jesus hadstepped, was holy, etc. If they just had that, they would go to heaven.You can't do that and stay faithful. You have to sacrifice your traditions and change yourself into
 priesthood ways.
There has to be a prophet on the earth for the earth to stay together. In America, therewere the Nephites and Lamanites. Our Savior visited this land also, and they lived the
united order 
celestial, plural marriage.
That only lasted 165 years. By 400 years after Jesus was born, the Nephitesand Lamanites had apostatized. The Nephites were destroyed. The Lord allowed the people to go into atime of darkness, filthiness, fighting, and death - a terrible, dark time called the Dark Ages. The peopleof Europe, particularly, became filthy and low in their habits, many living like animals. The idea of Christ and the true religion was lost. As the apostasy took place, there were some who still held on to theteachings of our Savior and the apostles. There grew an apostate church that we call the Catholic church,which grew throughout the Roman empire. This church changed the religion until it was pleasing to theworld, and then it became a powerful church throughout the earth. These Catholics became the rulersover all the land.It's just like the days that we live in. In 1830, the Lord had Joseph Smith organize the church andteach the world. Sixty years later, in 1890, that church apostatized. Wilford Woodruff signed theManifesto and gave up plural marriage. He also gave up his rights to the priesthood and ever since 1890,that big Mormon Church out there has changed the ways of the priesthood until they are pleasing to theworld. Now, the world loves them. They have nine million members. When you become a member outin that apostate church, they don't have to live the laws of the gospel. They can be whatever they want to be, as long as they go to church or pay their tithing. Just like it happened in the days of our Savior, it'shappened in this day, where those who have had the gospel have rejected it. The Lord promised therewould be a people come out of that wicked church and become the center, or nucleus of the millennium.We are that people today. We are the priesthood people, the true church.For 1,800 years or so, the people of the gentiles were without the true gospel, until Joseph Smithreceived the priesthood and taught the people of the world. Can you imagine all the
millions of peoplethat lived and died in darkness, not knowing what was right? How terrible it was. Dear young people,you are so blessed - you hardly even recognize how blessed you are, to know the living prophet andhave the light of truth, the spirit of God, given you. Be very grateful for what you have.
(# 36)
I testify to you, young people, we are part of the kingdom of God - the greatest work on earth.You are part of it. Are you living to help build it up? The kingdom of God can be built up only by arighteous people who obey the prophet and their good parents. You are not here to be gentiles and goafter their ways and entertainments. You are here to become like God and qualify to live with Him - andraise a family that can visit Him and know Him personally. That's what your parents are trying to dowith you. Teachers, you can test the students on reasons of apostasy.I'll tell you how apostasy begins. It begins by not saying your prayers and that will lead you tocomplain and criticize. Criticism will drive the spirit of God from you until you are even willing tocriticize the prophet, and once a person does that, they can't have the spirit of God. They will leave thiswork. If something wakes them up, yes, they could be delivered - as long as they don't go too far. Itseems like when a person criticizes the prophet, it's so hard to get the spirit of this work back again.Don't turn traitor against the light that President Jeffs has. Stay faithful.
April 3, 1996Subject: Fall of the Roman Empire; Dark Ages
We'll go through some events to show you what Heavenly Father does to His children. He is aman of His word. He will give people time to repent if they will. He knows if people can repent. When a people reach a point where they will not repent and do better, He will destroy them to give them somedegree of salvation.For nearly two thousand years, the people of the earth were without the gospel. As the gentile people killed the saints and changed the laws of God - as they took on the ways of the world, theCatholic Church became very popular. First today, I want to talk to you about what those apostates became within a hundred years after the apostasy. It shows you how the world was very corrupt. Itshows you what happens to people if they turn against the priesthood.
Apostates become more dark intheir minds and their ways, than even gentiles are
Those who have heard the gospel and fall awayfrom it - they are all the more darkened. It's like they turn traitor against light and truth. Also,their children and those that follow after their ways, become dark and filthy.
During the time of the Apostles, revelation came from Heaven to name who was the leader, butonce the people lost the priesthood, they would have to get into groups and decide what to believe. Theywould call groups of Christians together and vote what was true and what was not. This is so wrong. In priesthood, you don't vote what is true. You listen to the prophet who speaks the truth to us. That's whathappened to these false Christians - the Catholic Church and others. They decided that certain things thatthe Apostles had taught, shouldn't be taught any more - just like this wicked Mormon church here in thevalley (Salt Lake City). They got together and decided that what Joseph Smith taught shouldn't be taughtany more. It's happened again.Instead of knowing God through the spirit of God, they would debate and argue about whatHeavenly Father is like. They decided that Jesus and all the Gods were everywhere, but nowhere. Theychanged the true understanding that God is a man exalted in the Heavens. They taught the people that assoon as Jesus died, He just went everywhere into space and you couldn't ever see Him.Also, concerning plural marriage, in their groups and meetings, they decided to not teach pluralmarriage any more. They should live monogamy like the Romans did. That meant they lost the eternal blessings. Sometimes, during the Catholic religion's history, it taught that with baptism, you don't need
(# 36)

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