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Disbarment of Bill and Hillary Clinton 3

Disbarment of Bill and Hillary Clinton 3

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The conspiracies never end.
The conspiracies never end.

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Published by: Her Royal Highness Queen Valerie I on Feb 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roger Clinton, Clinton's half-brother, a convicted cocaine dealer, is caught on tape saying, "Gottaget some for my brother. He has a nose like a vacuum cleaner."http://www.alamo-girl.com/0335.htm
Clinton is an addict within a support group of other self-destructive maligners. The truth is thataddicts’ cycle has a built in outcome of failure. With this group of losers, failure always givesthem an excuse to use, an excuse to kill. Murder is another addiction which in this saga, is justifiedin their crazy minds by their own failings.When they fail, they use it as an excuse to kill. When they kill, they feel like “God- which istheir ultimate goal in the first place. They will never be God, so the murder is fruitless, just likeindulging in any addictive behavior is fruitless.
Sexual addictionThe term Sexual addiction is used to describe the behavior of a person who has an unusuallyintense sex drive or obsession with sex. [1] Sexual addiction, also called sexual compulsion is aform of psychological addiction.
The behavior of sex addicts is comparable to behavior of alcoholics andaddicts, where sex functions like a drug. A common definition of alcoholismis that a person has a pathological relationship with this mood alteringdrug.[2] It provides a quick mood change, works every time and the user losescontrol over their compulsion.[3] Like alcoholics, sex addicts' lives rotatearound the constant desire for their "drug" of choice.
* The Mayo Clinic uses compulsive sexual behavior for sexual addiction, and defines it as "anoverwhelming need for sex and are so intensely preoccupied with this need that it interferes withyour job and your relationships.SNIPPatrick Carnes, a pioneer researcher in the field of sexual addiction, asserts there are ten specificcriteria of addiction:[5]1.
Recurrent failure (pattern) to resist impulses to engage in specific sexualbehavior.
Murder has become a drug of choice for these cross-addicted losers, as it takes their minds off thereality of their own wasted lives.FAILURE SYNDROME
[A prosecutor about a mass murderer:] ‘The sad fact is that this is his only real accomplishment inlife.” (The Anatomy of Motive by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, pg. 49)
Much has been written about the psychology of success, but little has been written about thepsychology of failure. Failures, as characterized in true crime dramas, reveal the below standardmentality of those who destroy. Criminal acts are the acts of failures, but failure and the reasons
Section 3 Page 1
for it really must be dissected in order to better comprehend its role in the world and especially inthis story.
violent offenders
, we found after some study,
had two factors warring withinthem. One was a feeling of superiority, grandiosity: social mores were notmeant for them;
they were to smart of too clever to have to start at the bottom and work theirway up, or to live by the normal rules that govern a relationship.
The other, equally strongfeeling was of inadequacy, of not being able to measure up, of knowing theywere losers no matter what they did.
And since the first feeling generally made themunwilling to study, work, pay their dues, whatever you wan to call it, they often were, in fact,inadequately prepared for a job or a relationship that would give a normal person genuinesatisfaction. This just reinforced their outsider status. (The Anatomy of Motive by John Douglasand Mark Olshakerpg. 33)
This story is about a group of failures, and how they embrace failure to try to make themselveslook good. The real issue is that these people do not belong on stage at all. They belong on deathrow.Yes, they want to be on stage. Yes, they are ambitious, but they are talentless and unqualifiedfailures, because they set improper and impossible goals for themselves. This world does not existfor these criminals to realize their illogical ambitions.
“By losing your goal you have lost your way.” Kahil Gibran
Had these international criminals set reasonable goals each one could have found some success,but this is not the case in this global crisis caused by the failure of many.
The Psychology of FailureBy Richard MendelsonFailure is a very personal and intimate concept. Some people consider themselves a failure if theydo not earn a certain amount of money, while others consider themselves a failure if they do notreach their long-term personal goals. The main issue that all people that experience failure need tograsp is that failure is not a singular incident. Failure is a process that we allow to occur on manydifferent levels before we even realize that it is occurring.
Failure is a systematic breakdownof our focus on a mental, emotional, and finally a physical level.
SNIPEvery time a person faces extreme pressure situations, they make a series of seemingly innocuouschoices that determine the outcome of their situation. The first choice made is typically the decisionof whether to stay and face the difficulty; or instead, to turn tail and run. As a competitor, peoplemake the attempt to stay and face the difficulty. If they choose otherwise, than all is lost. Thesecond choice that people make in pressure situations is the way they allow themselves to interpretthe thoughts that begin to stream through their mind. Simply put, the competitor chooses to viewthe energy burst they are experiencing as either nerves or anxiety, which typically has a negativeimpact, or they can view the feeling as eagerness, commonly a positive connotation. By deciding toview the energy as either nerves or anxiety, the competitor begins to view the upcomingcompetition as an impending terror experience. By making a conscious choice to view the feelingsas eagerness, or as positive excitement for the competition, they condition their mind to process theupcoming events in a more positive manner. This reprogramming technique can be practiced by thecompetitor simply verbalizing their positive perspective aloud. The truth is that as a competitor,Section 3 Page 2
your opponent is likely to be experiencing identical feelings. If a competitor is able to positivelyview the feelings in their mind, than that competitor will have a more positive mindset when thetime to compete arrives.Emotional downfall may be the single most common factor that people experience prior to, as wellas during, failure. Human beings are emotional creatures by nature, and as such, we tend to makechoices based on the emotions we experience, rather than as a result of using logic and sound judgement. I call this condition, “competitive dementia”. Competitive Dementia influences acompetitor to make decisions they would not typically make while under less stressful conditions.
Competitive Dementia also causes many competitors to make poor decisions,which negatively impact their performance. Controlling emotions is not asimple task, and it may take many hours of training to be able to effectivelyseparate your physical being from your emotional being.
http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Psychology-of-Failure&id=761030The Logic of Failure: Recognizing and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations by Dietrich DornerThis German psychology professor believes people court failure through sloppy or ingrained mentalhabits, whether the mistakes involve cleaning dead fish out of a garden pool, adding rooms to aschoolhouse, launching economic development programs in Africa or forecasting oil prices or thescope of the AIDS epidemic. Things go wrong, according to Dorner, because we focus on just oneelement in a system complicated by interrelationships; we apply corrective measures tooaggressively or too timidly; we ignore basic premises, overgeneralize, follow blind alleys, overlookpotential side effects and narrowly extrapolate from the moment, basing our predictions of the futureon those aspects of the present that bother or delight us the most.http://www.amazon.com/Logic-Failure-Recognizing-Avoiding-Situations/dp/0201479486?tag=dogpile-20
A decent definition of incompetence is as follows:
"The unaware are unaware that they are unaware." Merril M.E. Jenkins Sr
Incompetent people do not have the intellectual capacity to realize they are incompetent or out of their league. It is the job and responsibility of sane intelligent people to remove criminals andimbeciles from positions of power and decision-making
.A stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciouslytranslates what he hears into something he can understand. -- Bertrand Russell"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or byimbeciles who really mean it." - Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens)""None so blind as those that will not see."~ Matthew Henry (1662-1714) English ministerThe strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Onlyif every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rightssecure." - Albert Einstein quotes (German born American physicist who developed the special andgeneral theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955)Section 3 Page 3

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