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The Diary of Jennifer Franco: part 2 of The Shoes that Charlotte Wore

The Diary of Jennifer Franco: part 2 of The Shoes that Charlotte Wore

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Published by Alice V.
In the midst of madness, Jennifer can only write what she feels regarding the death of her friend and a co-worker.
In the midst of madness, Jennifer can only write what she feels regarding the death of her friend and a co-worker.

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Published by: Alice V. on Feb 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Diary of Jennifer Franco***
Note to Reader: This is the diary of one of the main characters of “The Shoes that Charlotte Wore.” It is her take and point-of-view onthe accounts. Contains graphic language and adult content. Please bewarned, not for kids or the weak stomach. If I had to rate it, would be“R.” Bon appetite!***
October 12, 2009
Today is my birthday. I am now officially old enough to drink but that doesn’tmatter because I’m tired of drinking. I did all my drinking in High School when it wasillegal for me to drink; now that I can buy my own alcohol, doesn’t quit have the sameappeal. I guess it isn’t as tempting I suppose; not breaking any rules so it isn’t fun.My wonderful mother got me a new journal to write all my wonder thoughts inand document my ever-boring life. Whoever said college was fun was dead wrong. I’mgoing on my second year and I have so much debt I think I’m drowning. I need a new job. Just not hacking it as a waitress. I hate the customers, hate handling their food, andhate their complaining when something is wrong with it. I feel like shouting back at themto “go home and cook, fat-ass!” or telling my stupid boss off who just looks at me with a blank stare when I tell him someone is complaining. I hate his incompetence as amanager and I hate the stupid outfit I have wear everyday.What a way to start a journal on my birthday. Maybe I’ll tear out this page later and pretend I never wrote it…or maybe I won’t. But the icing on the cake is that my boyfriend just broke up with me. Good ridden to bad rubbish! I was tired of his assanyway but now I feel lonely. We were together for 3 years and now he decides to tell mehe doesn’t love me anymore and he needs his space. What a guy! I guess my near year resolution is early so I made a list:1.Get a new job and pay off these stupid college loans.2.Go on a date ASAP! I don’t want to be alone.3.Burn his CD’s, his clothes, and scrub my toilet with his toothbrush, put it allin a brown plastic bag and leave it on his doorstep.
Oct 29, 2009
Been pretty busy lately since I last wrote. Guess I better leave these updates moreoften than not! After crying my eyes out for days I deleted his number because I don’twant to be a weakling and call him. I’m not begging him back! I didn’t burn his clothes but I did clean my toilet with his toothbrush and gave it back to him. LOL, I’m such a bitch! I went on one blind date. The guy was a total drab. It was the worst date ever! Ididn’t know what to say to him, if I should be myself, if I should be someone else, wehad nothing in common and he kept texting the whole night! I haven’t been on a date in areally long time because I was in a relationship for 3 years but one thing I do know is thatcommon courtesy is a must! I could understand 1 text but all night? No way! He wanted
me to call him because supposedly he had fun. I threw away that number and I think that’s the last time I let Blair set me up again. Where did she find that loser? You know,I’m a pretty girl, I have things going for me like an education, I have my own apartmentand I pay for my own things…GIVE ME A BREAK!On another note I got a new job!!!! I’m no longer a crummy waitress. I’m a professional dancer now. Well, a burlesque dancer to be exact but I don’t have to go fullynude if I don’t want to and I’m happy about that. My mom doesn’t like it though. Shesaid I’m throwing my life away. Hello! I’d be throwing it away if I don’t pay for thosestupid loans! I don’t see her giving me money for school. Anyway, I’m working at a veryswank place called the Savannah Club and it’s just a few short blocks from myapartment. It is however next to where a bunch of prostitutes are but who cares, I’m nowmaking twice as much as I did as waitress. Blair helped me get the job, she’s been therefor a year now and just got a new BMW…I’m so jealous! Anyway, going on date #2tomorrow with a financial advisor named Greg. My friend Dianna hooked it up…I hate blind dates but I guess I have to get back in the fishpond.
November 4, 2009
Still haven’t found Mr. Next but have found a lot of Mr. One-night-stands. Don’twant any of those though but that’s all that is available to me at the Savannah club. I hadone fat bald guy ask me for my phone number last night. He was so gross and sweaty butvery nice. I guess his niceness kind of made up for his unattractiveness? IDK. I told him Ihad a boyfriend but that he was very sweet. He seemed to be ok with that and tipped me a$20!Oh! Yesterday Roxy came in dead drunk! She threw up in the dressing room. Itwas so gross because it was red with chunks and smelled like alcohol. I wanna throw upright now just thinking about it. I thought Chris was going to fire her right then and there because he was so mad but I think he felt a little sorry for her because of what’s going onwith her kid so he just sent her home instead. Blair doesn’t like her though. She thinksshe’s a skank-ass bitch. I told her Roxy has a lot going on and you know what she toldme? She said, “Don’t be sticking up for her, Trixi! Whose friend are you anyway, mineor that hood rat?” I can’t believe she got mad at me as if our friendship since junior highdoesn’t mean anything to me! I can’t help that I’m a caring person and she’s just hatingon someone else.Going to my sister’s house tonight since I don’t have to work. It’s movie nightand we’re going to watch “Interview with the Vampire.” I know it’s old but I totally loveTom Cruise and Brad Pitt in it…yum and then maybe watch “Dark Water,” the originalJapanese version though not the American one.
November 8, 2009
I cannot believe it! David (my ex) decides to call me out of the blue talking abouthow much he misses me and wants me back. At first I felt kind of sorry for him because
he was crying on the phone and saying he needs to see me in person to “talk aboutthings.” I told him we don’t have anything to discuss.He said, “But I love you and I made a mistake. I want a second chance.” I was sosteamed because just the other day Danielle told me how she seen him at the comedystore all hugged up on some chick!So I said, “You had one chance too many. In my book, you only get one chance.You fucked that up so don’t expect me to go backwards because I can only go forward.”Then I hung up the phone. He called back but I didn’t answer. Maybe that sounds a littlecold-hearted but he broke up with me. I didn’t have a choice. Now I’m getting on withmy life. He should have thought about “his feelings” before he dumped me on my birthday. Asshole!
November 26, 2009
Happy Gobble-Gobble day! Just got back from my mom’s and had the bestThanksgiving ever. They deep-fried the turkey this year and it was the best. Mom madeher famous green bean casserole and I couldn’t get enough of it. Took some leftovershome for tomorrow. Oh, and the ham was heavenly! So moist and juicy, Mmmmm! NowI got to go running. Bye!
December 12, 2009
 Not a very good day. I’m extremely tired. I don’t think I can write much. I can’tstop thinking about what I saw last night. I want to cry but I don’t have any more tears.
December 13, 2009
I think if I am to get past this, the best thing to do is to face my fears. I have toaccept what has happened and move on. A few nights ago Roxy (Charlotte) didn’t showup for work so I went out to look for her. I was going to do a quick walk around the block and come back because I had to work too. Nothing could be worse than that night. It wasdark, cold, and I just knew something was wrong. Even the air felt wrong. Some strangeman came running out of the alley and scared the shit out of me. He didn’t see methough. I don’t know what came over me but I had an uncontrollable urge to see whatmade him run away. I went down the alley and I stumbled upon Roxy’s dead body. I wasso scared and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I’ve never seen adead body before so you could imagine how it affected me. I think the worst thing wasthat she was naked and covered in blood and looked like she was just tossed on theground like a rag doll. For some reason she still had her black boots on and the notionmade the whole ordeal that more creepier. I just remember how my hands shook as I triedto dial 911 on my cell and I couldn’t stop crying. All I could see was her dead body. I canstill smell the urine and shit of the alley in my nose. I’m completely disgusted but everytime I close my eyes I see blood and the words written on the wall, “take.” A part of medoesn’t want to get out of bed but the other part of me doesn’t want to be alone in here. I

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