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The Ontarion - January 28 2010

The Ontarion - January 28 2010

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Published by The Ontarion

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Published by: The Ontarion on Feb 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.theontarion.caJan. 28 - Feb. 3, 2010161.3
Arts & CultureSports & HealthOpinionEditorialCrosswordClassified
Perogies not proroguing: therally arrives
Gryphonwrestlerson display
A     m  k         . Rv m cvv y   b . I,Kx Pby Cc ck   mmb,cmc  m my,cmmy mmb  c.“W  cc b qy   mccy,” By Sck,  Uvy  G c cc . T y g PmM H’ gg  m bg  1m  S.Gg’ Sq,   A  m g  Bck Iv  S. C,G  ’    y’    GO   Sy   W.F.Mc Ac C. T G O    C’ g vy gm,    y m  C  ccm v  cc  gb m cg.A  byc   g, v   mx  C’g vy g m cb,     vy   m .Ag  Gyfi  m  v  cg      cv cg,  v m kg  cc,    gg g m   AcC   mc fi, Sy . W v   g  G bgg mg, v,  bz m, Gy ’ cv xv     y  .D g   KyG  c fi   OUAcm   CIS vm  2008-09, G y c c   m’ 120kg g v. A L, m OUA g m  m  m’ 67kgcgy   Bck Iv,c   G. T Gy, v,  v  m my-. Ky Jv,   v  Hgb N cgm,  Bck Mk N   fi c  m’ 96kg c,  OAk c fi  m’ 72kg. T Bck m G by  m 12 , cg74    Gy, 62. T  g m  cmm  Cgy D’ WgCb  51 ,  by Lk  37,  MB  23.Amg  m GGy  cb  m y   Kx PbyCc   . Accg y gz Ag A, Cc  C mmb,N C,  v b c  mcvm  ccG cz. A  m   v  c, g  v  gy .A     v  g mg v by  m k  q  by  gcz. J   g ,    g  , g  c. W  v bg   c  cm,g y g gg c CUPE 3913   Lz  c. Lz bg by cgPm M H m ffcv y  k —by qg m cy.“T gvm  g       b ccb   m c,” Lz, bg    C Pm M.S H v q g Pm MCé’ g   g   c     .
 G U E L P H
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Protesters gather in downtown Guelph’s St. George’s Square to rally against Prime Minister Harper’sprorogation of parliament.
Perspectiveson the 2010VancouverOlympics
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The Ontarion is now hiring the
for the 2010 - 2011 production yearFull-time Contract Position, April 15, 2010 to April 27, 2011
The Editor in Chief is responsible for everything concerning the dailyoperation of the newspaper and all material printed within. They set avision and direction for the paper in terms of design, format, and contentthat is consistent with Ontarion Policy. They will manage and evaluatestaff, schedule work hours, coordinate volunteers and facilitate regularmeetings. They troubleshoot and facilitate conflict resolution. While theEditor in Chief will make journalistic or graphic contributions to thenewspaper, this is primarily a managerial position.
The successful candidate will possess:
a vision for the Ontarion for 2010-11
supervisory or leadership skills; excellent communication skills
interpersonal conflict resolution skills; strong organizational skills
the ability to work in a stressful environment under tight deadlines
work or volunteer experience in a press environment
training or experience in journalism, editing and/or graphics,some design experience
The Ontarion’s Employment Equity Policy is a proactive measure torecruit qualified people from a variety of ethnic, religious and classbackgrounds, lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgendered people,people of colour, Aboriginal people, people with disabilitiesand women. Members of the previously identified groups areencouraged to self-identify.
Apply with portfolio of at least 6 writingsamples, resume and cover letter to:Ontarion EIC Hiring Committee, UC 264,University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario N1G 2W1
A rally that brings Ukrainian food and politics together like never before
U o G community steps up with eforts orearthquake victims
by many victims following thedisaster.Me to We, the otherorganization being supported by the University of Guelph, is areputable humanitarian enterprisefounded by the generousOnly a couple of weeks havepassed since the Jan. 12 earthquaketook its devastating toll on thecitizens of Haiti.But a number of initiatives,both internationally and locally,have begun to surface in theaftermath. All projects appear tohave one unified aim: to extendurgent, immediate help to those who need it the most.In his most recent update onthe University’s response to thedisaster in Haiti (posted on theonline Campus Bulletin on Jan.20), President Alastair Summerleecommended university studentsfor their impressive ideas forpossible charity fundraisers forrelief efforts in Haiti. Summerleesaid that the University hasdecided to financially lend supportto two different, reputable charity groups helping in Haiti: Doctors Without Borders and Me to We.Doctors Without Borders,an organization that has madeimmediate medical care possiblefor many victims of the earthquake,successfully provides lifesavinginterventions and emergency surgeries to many injured Haitians.
Lorenz then further emphasizedthe Prime Minister’s hypocrisy  with some words of her own.“What I find even moreshameful,” Lorenz said, “is in how many times governments do nothesitate, when workers are on alegal strike, to legislate them back to work.” Te outrage with thePrime Minister’s actions wasnot limited to labour boardadvocates. Representatives fromthe Liberal, NDP and evenGreen Party representatives took turns condemning the federalgovernment’s actions. Although
and the surrounding areas, andsupplying local schools withmaterials, school kits and trainedteachers. Te University of Guelphhas also begun several more localevents to mourn those who passedin the earthquake, and to inspireothers to offer their compassionand help.On Jan. 22, a vigil was held atthe University of Guelph’s BranionPlaza to mourn the thousands of lives claimed by the earthquake.Readings took place, as well asgroup and individual reflectivediscussions.Furthermore, the University of Guelph Central StudentAssociation (CSA) is planning abenefit concert planned for Feb.7 at the River Run Center, andfunds raised from a pub night on Jan. 27 will go to the CanadianRed Cross, an organization thatcontinues to show impressiveinvolvement in Haiti followingthe disaster.Gavin Armstrong, thecommunications commissionerfor the CSA, expressed deepsympathy on behalf of our school’s
Cable TV channel shutdown in Venezuela
Radio Caracas elevision, aVenezuelan television stationcritical of president Hugo Chavez,has been taken off the air as of Sunday. Te shutdown comesa day after the station did notbroadcast a speech by Mr. Chavez at a rally of political supporters.New government regulationsrequire channels to broadcastsome of Chavez’s speeches, butRCV feels they should not be“inappropriately” pressured by thegovernment to follow the new regulations. Te new regulationscame into effect at a time whenMr. Chavez is facing significantproblems throughout the country,including a recession, soaringinflation, shortages of electricity and decreasing popularity.Neighbourhoods in Caracas voicedtheir concern over the shutdownby honking horns and bangingpots and pans outside apartment windows.
(Te New York imes)
U o G and Guelph-Humber ApplicantsIncrease
 Te Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)released information last week showing that applications to theUniversity of Guelph were up by 6.2 per cent – almost three timesthe average – while applicants tothe University of Guelph-Humber were up four per cent. Te numberof students who chose Guelphand Guelph-Humber as their“first choice” increased by 8.6 and9.9 per cent, respectively, muchhigher than the 2.7 per centsystem average increase. A total of 23,369 were made to Guelph and4,196 to Guelph-Humber. Provostand vice-president (academic)Maureen Mancuso said that U of G is on target to meet its enrolmenttargets. Hello, first years.
Haitian OrphansArrive to AdoptiveCanadian Parents
 wenty-four Haitian orphansarrived in Ottawa on Saturday,following the massive 7.0magnitude earthquake thatshocked the Caribbean nation. AnAir Canada humanitarian flightthat brought supplies down toPort-Au-Prince was organized tobring children to their new homesin Canada, moat of them orphanedby the earthquake. Of the entiregroup, 15 children were headedfor families in Quebec while therest went to British Columbia,New Brunswick and Alberta. Intotal, 154 Haitian children havebeen cleared for adoption by theHaitian government and theCanadian government is tryingto evacuate adoptees as quickly aspossible, finding available flightsso that children can be transportedsafely from orphanage to plane indaylight.
(Te Globe and Mail)
student government.“Te Central Student Associate joins others in the world inmourning the tremendous loss of human life and the valiant effortsto locate those still missing,”said Armstrong. “We will bepromoting the fundraising effortsof the university community and encourage everyone to stay engaged on this issue.”Armstrong was impressedby the enthusiasm amongstUniversity of Guelph students tolend a hand with this issue.“I greatly appreciate all theemails I’ve been getting fromstudents asking how they canhelp, and my recommendation forthem is to continue monitoringthe CSA website for postings of daily events and ways to help,”said Armstrong.Summerlee concluded hisstatement to the University with words of encouragement, urgingstudents to become actively involved in helping out with therelief efforts in Haiti, and to show compassion to those who haveexperienced loss and pain fromthis horrific disaster.
Green Party representative BobBell acknowledged the similaritiesbetween his party’s platform andthe Conservatives’, he remainedstaunchly opposed to what he saw as the abuse of democracy.“Te Prime Minister hasfound this little loophole through which he continues to jump outof democracy and into his ownrealm,” said Bell. “It’s imperativethat the loophole close.”Bell wasn’t the only oppositionmember to take exception to thePrime Minister’s prorogation of parliament. Liberal MP Frank Valeriote was especially active inthe rally, both addressing the crowd
 A man exits a restaurant after he looked for his belongings two days after an earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Jan. 12
Adam Rogers
at St. George’s Square and servingas a panelists at Knox Church.Valeriote made it clear that while he was a Liberal, he did notendorse previous abuses of powerby liberal governments in the past.“I am not an apologist forformer Liberal governments,” saidValeriote. “I want reform as muchas anyone.”He also responded to chargesmade by Campus ConservativePresident, Michael Sona, that alldropped bills could be resumedafter the prorogation.“Harper’s going to bringa motion to reinstitute all of the pieces of legislation thatdied,” Valeriote explained, “butconveniently he will leave off thatlist [a number of controversialbills] and claim the opposition isholding them back.”He further responded toSona’s charge that the opposition’searly return to work would costtaxpayers more, by pointing outthat despite some additional cost,much of the staff would already be in parliament, being paid andsimply unused.“Canadians would rather us beat work and doing the work thatCanada needs done to addressthe issues, than not be there,” saidValeriote.
Campus bands togetherto send aid to Haiti
Many of the medical teams arenow focusing on patients whorequire healthcare for preexistingconditions, infections and woundsthat had not yet received completeattention. Additionally, medicalteams from the organization havehelped with obstetric emergenciesand provided valuable treatmentfor machete and gunshot wounds.Doctors Without Borders hasalso supported local hospitals, andhas provided experienced mentalhealth specialists to help with thepsychological trauma experiencedhumanitarian brothers Craig andMarc Kielburger. Te Kielburgersalso began the group Free theChildren, which coordinateshundreds of youth volunteer tripsto developing countries such asKenya, China, Ecuador, Mexico,Bogani and India, in orderprovide opportunities for youth tolearn from hands-on experiencein communities abroad. Temission of Me to We in Haitiincludes: providing healthcarefor the injured, shipping medicalsupplies to Port-au-Prince
 My recommendation for [students] is to continuemonitoring the CSA website for postings of daily eventsand ways to help
Gavin Armstrong
CSA communications commissioner

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