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Published by Jim

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Published by: Jim on Apr 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HE FRINGE BENEFITS of owningyour own golf cart are many, particu-larly when it's a cart which is smallenough to tote and store in the trunk of your car. Here it can stay along withyour clubs from weekend to weekend;there's no waiting to rent a cart whenyou get to the clubhouse and, being a oneseater, it's a lot easier to handle and op-erate than its big brother. You can playtwo rounds of 18 holes on a 2-qt. tank of 
It weighs approximately 65 lbs. butbreaks down into three lightweight sec-tions, so it's no hefty thing to lift in andout of the trunk.You can build this cart for about $140(less if you can do your own welding)from standard go-kart parts and odds andends around your shop. If you have an oldlawnmower engine, it will cost you still176
Technical Art by Fred Wolff 
less. It's powered by a 3-hp gasoline en-gine which is fitted with an oversize muf-fler to reduce noise to a minimum. Youstart it with a conventional cord and stopit with a pushbutton switch. To tote it youdetach the hinged seat and pull off thefront wheel assembly by removing threewingnuts. A bracket in front holds yourgolf bag, and a receptacle on the steeringpost keeps extra balls, score card andtees handy.To build the cart you start with theframe. This is bent from 7/8-in. airplanetubing, using a regular pipe bender. Theframe measures 16 in. wide and 39-1/2 in.long, and turns up at the front at a 60°angle for a distance of 11 in. Cross bracesare welded to the side members at eachend of the engine compartment, then oneis added up the middle to brace the floorand footboard, and finally two short braces
CART COMES APART in three lightweight sections in order to fit easily in trunk of the average-size car
are welded at a point where the framebends upward.Next a 1/8 x 9-1/2 x 10-1/2-in. steel en-gine-mounting plate is welded to theframe just back and to one side of thesecond cross brace. This is drilled to suitthe mounting holes in the engine.Four 2-in. lengths of angle iron areadded to the corners of the frame, 1/2 in.in each way, for attaching the plywood en-gine hood. These are drilled for machinescrews and spot-welded on end.Next, two bearing flanges for the axleare welded to each side of the frame 6 in.from the end. The floor is decked with
FLIP-OPEN TOP of engine compartment makes iteasy to add fuel and to service the drive mechanism
aluminum plate and attached to the framewith Pop rivets, after which black rubberstair tread is cemented to the aluminum.The fork for the front-wheel steeringpost is a 6-in. length of 7/8-in. i.d. tubingwhich is welded to a 1/8-in. steel mount-ing plate. This plate is drilled for threemounting bolts which project through theframe. The heads are spot-welded inplace and the bolts are fitted with wing-nuts. This plate is what holds the front-
CLOSEUP VIEW of clutch and chain drive. Note muf-fler of pilot model which extends outward at rear
JUNE 1969
wheel assembly to the rest of the cart.The steering post is permanently posi-tioned in the fork by two washers which,when welded to the post at the top andbottom of the fork, form bearing shoul-ders. The wheel yoke is bent from tubingto accommodate the wheel and then iswelded to two short sleeves which holdan 8-in. axle. Spacers 1-in. long are neces-sary on each side of the wheel. Cross boltsthrough the sleeves and axle lock the lat-ter in place. Self-tapping sheet-metalscrews are used to pivot the golf-bagbracket to the wheel yoke. A secondscrew on each side of the yoke serves asa stop for the bracket.Now you install the engine, line upthe pulley-sprocket-clutch-brake assem-bly and rig the gas and brake pedals. Aflexible cable runs from the gas pedal tothe engine. After a trial spin to check outperformance, the two-section compartmentis built around the engine as shown. Theflip-up, lift-off seat section is hinged withspecially formed hinges. The barrel of onehinge leaf is opened into a hook to engagea pin left in the other leaf. Be sure to addsufficient cutouts in the front and sides of the seat section to cool the engine,A comfortable cushion is made bypadding a piece of plywood with 4 in. of foam rubber and covering it with vinyl.Two bolts first placed in the plywood areused to attach the seat to the top of thecompartment. * * *

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