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Jung Society of Sydney Newsletter July to December 2007

Jung Society of Sydney Newsletter July to December 2007

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Jungdownunder is the biannual newsletter of the C G Jung Society of Sydney containing information on presentations, workshops etc and including articles and book reviews
Jungdownunder is the biannual newsletter of the C G Jung Society of Sydney containing information on presentations, workshops etc and including articles and book reviews

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Published by: jung society of sydney on Feb 03, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 President’s Reprt 
Drming h Nw 
 Welcome t
 Jung Dwnunder,
ur nw kNwsttr. Th rnaing and rratting th Nwsttr hav bn suggstdand ipntd b Ti Hartridg, ur cuniatins oir, wh has sgnrus vuntrd his prssinagraphi dsign skis, t prdu thisbautiu rst ditin  
 Jung Dwnunder.
Thcitt is thrid b th rsuts and whp u ar t. A big thank u t Ti,and t lu Dav wh has ditd. As u rad thrugh
 Jung Dwnunder 
uwi appriat nt n th nw k butas th xpandd ntnt. W hav thrgrat ntributins in
Weaving Vices 
rur brs. Ptr Dikr’s arti
Yearning r Blue 
is a bautiu pti and suuditatin n th rsnans  th ur bu. craig San Rqu has givn us th rst his
Dr Wng 
stris whih s nthradus at th AGm ting in marh, and ur Bkshp or Jn marsha has writtn aniuinating bk rviw  Rbrt Bsnak’snw bk
Embdied Imaginatin in Art,Medicine and Travel.
Th th  th ntprar is a atur ur uping candar  evnts. In JuPtr mann wi b taking with AndrwGibsn abut th appiatins  Jung’sprsnait tps in tda’s wrd, whiin August, luis Fanning wi b hairinga disussin btwn Ann Nnan andBarbara crd in rspns t
Pan’s Labyrinth,
aasinating vi. I urg u t ath up withit n DVD i u issd it n th big srn.In Sptbr Hathr Fraini hangsth athrs  pshanati thr n thr  athrs, whi tting in th
Chinese Year  the Pig 
ur otbr spakr, marimakinsn, xprs th wstrn and astrnth and sbg  
and his trib.Rbrt Bsnak nuds ur prgrain Nvbr b bringing us vr xitingrsuts r his rnt rsarh n th r drawrk in iun hath.In additin, w wi as b hsting a nda wrkshp n
Embdied Imaginatin and Dreamwr 
k d b Rbrt Bsnak. Fr ths u wh ar unaiiar with Rbrt’sgrundbraking wrk, this is an xntpprtunit t b intrdud t th thdsand passin h brings t his innvativapprah t drawrk.I d hp u an jin us r thisstiuating candar  evnts. Pashighight Nvbr 10 in ur diar whnw wi hav ur 
Christmas Party 
idiatwing Rbrt Bsnak’s tak. This is awasa war and rind stivit. I hp t partwith u thr and t t as an  uas pssib in ths ing nths.
Sally Gillespie,
C.G.Jung Sciety  Sydney 
Certiicates  Attendance 
rditingPrssina Dvpnt hursar avaiab at a ur taks andwrkshps. Pas hk with ur prssina rganisatin t s i th wi rdit ths hurs. Th
Cunsellrs and Psychtherapists Assciatin  NSW 
has aradindiatd that th wi apt ur 
Certifcates  Attendance 
r rdittwards thir brs’ rquirdprssina dvpnt hurs.
t cv Cc l      lk, wn kn  wk.
from the Committee
Th Jung Sit citt is gingr strngth t strngth xpandingt vn brs, ah akingxiting and psitiv ntributinsarding t thir intrsts andskis. As w as rdsigningth
 JungDwnunder Newslette
Ti Hartridg has as takn nrspnsibiit r ut wbsit whihh rigina dvpd in 2000.Fding int th dvpnt  ur wbsit ar Ptr mann’s innvatividas r th nin arkting  Jung Sit taks and stabishingrvnu-raising inks. As Trasurr and Assistant Trasurr w arrtunat t hav th auntingtants  mnia Ran and mar Abara wh stp intth shs  ls Han wh has dn a gratjb vr th ast ar. m thankst ls r a hr wrk; I adightd that sh is staing n thcitt. Nw t ur cittis B Rbrtsn wh has takn n thr  mbrship or with gratnthusias t inras ur ranks.lu Dav and Jun Rndsntinu thir nging ars  ddiatin as librarian and liaisnoir rsptiv, whi Jnmarsha is running th bkshpwith a th passin  th ddiatdbibiphi h is. luis Fanningntinus t nsur that w havspia vnts in ur andar ah ar, suh as thSpsiun
Pan’s Labyrinth
. Kping it atgthr adinistrativ, w hav th intskis  ur Hnrariu lnrKuakauskas, wh s hru andpatint aks hr wa thrugh autitud  tasks. It is a privigand pasur t b th Prsidnt  suh a hardwrking, tantd andnthusiasti itt wh arding s uh t kp us ging andgrwing.
Many thanks t them all.
Th cG Jung Sit  Sdn hasa brs' ibrar. Th tinnsists  bks, inuding avus  Jung’s
Cllected Wrks,
arang  issus  jurnas nrndwith Jungian pshg, and taps past taks.Th ibrar is avaiab br andatr th nth tings hdusua n th snd Saturda,and r 12-2p n th Fridaidiat br ah nthting.cuntr brs arqust its b pstd t th. Assistan with th librar is uhappriatd, whthr pratia hpwith brrwing and rturn  its,r dnatins  Jungian bks andthr ratd atrias hp txpand hdings.librar ntats :lu Dav (Ph. 9572 7210), r gjung@jungdwnundr.

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