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Prefixes and Sufixes Guide sandra-lisley

Prefixes and Sufixes Guide sandra-lisley



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Published by Dj Leo Producciones
Prefijos y Sufijos EN INGLES
Prefijos y Sufijos EN INGLES

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Published by: Dj Leo Producciones on Apr 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Si UNEFAC.B.IUnit 01Content: Prefixes and Suffixes
Vocabulary building using prefixes and suffixes (affixes)
A lot of English words we use today come from other languages. There is alot of material about the etymology of English words, on the internet. Thereare lots of Latin and Greek influences on most European languages likeEnglish, French and Spanish. You would be surprised at how this basic awareness of the origin of theEnglish language can be of great help to your students. Many Englishprefixes and suffixes are derived from Latin and Greek. A basic knowledge of commonly used affixes will help students learn English vocabulary muchfaster without the need to always look up words.What are prefixes and suffixes?
:A prefix is a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word tomake a new word: In the word '”UNHAPPY”, 'UN-' is a prefix added to HAPPY.UN- is a Latin word for NOT.
A suffix on the other hand is a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to make another word. The suffix NESS added to the end of the word TOGETHER creates another word TOGETHERNESS.Prefixes and suffixes are generally known as affixes. Affixes create newwords, usually by modifying or changing the meaning of a root word. If wetake a root word like HAPPY,We can see how affixes can change the meaning as in this example:Since English is a language that has thousands of words from otherlanguages, a brief etymology of commonly used prefixes and suffixes woulddo much good.For example the OCT prefix comes from the Latin OCTO which meansEIGHT. If you look at most English words beginning with OCT, the meaningis never too far from eight. So ask yourself for example: What is ano
ctopus, octogenarian, octagon?
PREFIJOS DE CANTIDADPrefixmeaningExampleRootSpanishHEMISEMIHALFUNIMONOBIDIMitadUnoSemianualhemisphereHalfdozenUnicycleMonorailAnualSphereDozencycleSemianualHemisferioMediadocenauniciclorail monorrielDosbimonthlydichotomymonthlychotomybimensualdicotomía TRITrestrilogylogytrilogíaQUINTPENTACINCOpentagonquintetagonpentagonoquintetoMULTIPOLYMUCHOSmultiformpolyclinicformclinicmultiformapoliclínicaOTROS PREFIJOSPrefixmeaningExampleRootSpanishforeDelantero,anterior,parte delfrenteForebrainforecastBraincastCerebroanteriorprónosticoexanteriorEx-wifewifeEx-esposacontraOposición,contrariedadcontraindicateindicateContraindicarpostdespuésPost-columbianPost-warColumbianwarPost-colombinoDespués dela guerraantiOposición,contrariedadAnti-warantipollutionWarpollutionAnti-guerraAnti-contaminaciónproAntes, afavor dePro-warwarPre-lavadoprePrioridad,antesprehistorichistoryPre históricoreDe Nuevo,repeticiónReelectionreheatElectionreheatRe-elecciónrecalentarparaPara, parejoaparamedicmedicparamedico
Under(sub)indicamenos, bajounderproductionproductionMenosproducciónPREFIJOS NEGATIVOSPrefixmeaningExampleRootSpanishaNegación(no)OposiciónsinAsexualamoralSexualmoralAsexualamoralIl, imIn, irNegación(Not)ilegalImmoralInvalidirreverentlegalMoralValidreverentilegalInmoralInvalidoirreverenteUnnomNegaciónNo ser oestarUnknownnonbreakableKnownbreakDesconocidoirrompibleAntAntideContrario,opuesto,negación,quitarAntisocialAntiaciddevalueSocialAcidvalueAntisocialAntiácidodevaluadodisLo contrariode, privar,excluirDisagreedisestablishAgreeestablishEndesacuerdosepararmissNegaciónEquivocaciónMisjudgemisspell Judgespell Juzgar malDeletrear malPREFIJOS QUE INDICAN DIRECCIÓN U OPOSICIÓNPrefixmeaningExampleRootSpanishSUPERMas que,más allá que,excesoSupernaturalsuperdominantnaturaldominantSobrenaturalsuperdominanteINFRAPor debajodel nivel de,debajo,inferioridadInfrahumansubterraneanHumanoterraneanInfrahumanosubterraneoHYPODebajo,inferiorHypodermichypogastricDermicgastricDebajo de lapielhipogástricoHYPERSuperiorExcesoOpuesto ahypoHypersensitivehypertensiveSensitivatensiveMuy sensiblehipertensoEN-EMcausarEnableEncourageAbleCourageCapacitarAnimar

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