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Roles Outlined

Roles Outlined

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Published by TheArkHOPLongisland

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Published by: TheArkHOPLongisland on Feb 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Worship Leader.
The Worship Leader’s role is to
minister to theLord
engage all of the participants
in the room in worshiping Him.The worship leader leads the room in the Beauty Realm of God, extollingHis great worth with songs/lyrics that are theologically sound and focusedupon Him.
2.Chooses the “Beauty Realm- worship songs and chord progressions to work with3.Provides a canvas for the team/room to paint upona.
Choose songs that are familiar and easily incorporatesroom
(Introduce new songs gradually.)
b.Songs are focused upon ministering to the Lord andinviting the room to focus their attention upon Him alone
Provide chords & lyrics
so all may enter ind.Worship leader may use/re-cycle worship song/chorusesthrough a # of cycles4.Works with the Prayer Leader and musical team to identify prayer focus and biblical passages to be developed5.Co-develops non-verbal signals with the musical team and is
lead communicator
establish choruses
at any time7.
Sets tone for intercessory shift, chord progression
andembraces “groove” with the team in order to carry the spokenand sung intercession8.May
direct a “Selah” – no vocals – just instruments
9.Indicates an instrument if prophetic unction is on it – others pull back and support. Indicates if a singer has a prophetic unction10.
Indicates move into prayer time through spontaneoussinging/ singing in the spirit
, etc.11.Supports, trains and encourages new worship leaders, providesopportunity for them to lead and prepares them to lead the teamas well as a team of their own
minister in a supportive role to the worshipleader’s focus
as prophetic instrumentalists
who assist the larger room in carrying the prayers upon the sounds they form and sustaining prayer through the rhythms and melodies discovered and established.12.Support the worship leader, the room and the singers13.Provide musical intonations and rhythms that support the flow of intercession14.Enjoy creativity that prefers each other – 
antiphonal playing
15.Minister to the Lord on their instrument16.Bring new music/worship to the team
Antiphonal Singers.
Antiphonal singers
use the Bible as a songbook 
singing and declaring the Word of God
along with instruments thataccompany the singers. Antiphonal singing is basically a call and responsemusically. Antiphonal singers
pick up the isolated phrase identified bythe prayer leader and ruminate/expand upon it until the room is inagreement.
In the Harp and Bowl model, their role is to serve the larger  priority of incorporating the entire room as part of the prayer team.
17.Echo isolated phrase18.Paraphrase isolated phrase19.Develop theme of isolated phrase
20.Guidelinesa.Short songs 3-5 seconds – stay on SAME theme – not multiplethemes – You want to unfold the meaning of the passage b.Sing loudly or not at all – soft singing is confusing to the other singers as to whether it is developing the passagec.Signal one another by lifting a finger with hand on microphoneor hum to signify you have the next songd.If you would like to help establish a chorus, repeat the phraseonce. If the Worship Leader or Chorus Leader doesn’t pick itup – let it go (and do not be offended – they may have missedit or may be moving somewhere else)

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