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The Climate of a Healthy Relationship Part 1 - Love

The Climate of a Healthy Relationship Part 1 - Love

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Published by napovlee
Tips for healing your relationship
Tips for healing your relationship

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Published by: napovlee on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 November 9, 2003
The Climate of Healthy Relationships
Part 1: Love
Every living thing needs the right environment to thrive and grow; sodo your relationships.1 John 4:19, 10Love is ___________________________________________ for another  person no matter what __________________________________________.1. ____________________________________________________________ love.Romans 5:8A.
 ___________________: communicating love by ___________________.B.
 ___________________: communicating love by ___________________.C.
 ___________________: communicating love by ___________________.2. _________________________________________________ that you are loved.1 John 4:16-18
 For Life Group Discussion:
Who do you most need to love and how will youcommunicate it to them this week? Do you believe that you are loved?
 November 9, 2003
The Climate of Healthy Relationships
Part 1: Love
A few years ago, my mother lived and worked in Kotzebue, Alaska.One summer, I flew up to spend some time with her there. The only way intoKotzebue is by plane, or by boat during the summer months. There are 11miles of dirt roads in and around Kotzebue that go nowhere. At the end of oneof those roads is a white picket fence that surrounds a single evergreen tree,and the sign on the fence reads, "Kotzebue National Forest". You see,Kotzebue is inside the Arctic Circle, so there are no other trees; trees don'tgrow well in the frozen tundra; in fact, every year, the whole Kotzebue National Forest dies and they have to import a new tree.Every living thing needs the right climate to thrive. Take a tropical fish and put it inone of our Northwest lakes, and it will die within a day. Every living thing needs theright climate to thrive; and that includes our relationships. Relationships thrive in theright climate, and die quickly in the wrong climate.For the next five weeks, I want to discuss the climate of healthy relationships.What are the elements that make a healthy climate and allow your relationships tothrive? We're going to talk about 5 of them in this series: love, respect, forgiveness,kindness, honesty. These five things are essential to any healthy relationship,whether it’s your marriage, your kids, your family, your friends, neighbors, co-workers or classmates. It is important that these 5 elements are not just things you dooccasionally, but are the climate, the environment in which you relate to each other.Other people need to be able to count on your love, your respect, your forgiveness,your kindness and honesty. They should never have to wonder, "Will you love me,forgive me, respect me, be kind and honest with me?" These are the givens, theclimate, the atmosphere that makes relationships grow strong.
Offering and announcements: Introduction:
Every living thing needs the correct climate in order to thrive; this is certainlytrue of our relationships. You can create an environment, a climate that allows your marriage, your family, your friendships to thrive, or one that kills them. We are goingto look at five essential elements to create a climate for healthy relationships, andwe’re going to start with the most essential element of all: love.
Page 2The need to love and be loved is the most basic of all human psychologicalneeds. People need love emotionally much like they need air to breathe physically.We perish without it. Our basic longing is to be the object of love and to be able togive love. No other need is quite so significant or essential.What is love? Many people think love is an emotion, an irresistible attractionto another person. Love certainly affects our feelings, but love is much more than anemotion; it is something you do. It is a funny thing that we speak of "falling in love",as though love were an accident, something that just happens to us without any effortor choice on our part. Actually, this is far from true. What "falling in love" describesis enchantment or infatuation, or romance; but not love. Love is not something youfall into, not an accident that happens to you, but something you choose to do.Love is commanded in the Bible, so we know that love must be more than afeeling because you cannot command emotions.
if I were to tell you "Be happy...right now", or "Be sad" or "Be angry",could you?Emotions are not commanded but are responses to stimuli. But God commands love.He commands us to love our neighbor. He commands husbands to love their wivesand wives their husbands. He even commands us to love our enemies, and thatcertainly is not a matter of emotions, but of behaviors!So love isn't something you fall into, love is more than an emotion. But whatis love?
Love is doing what is best for another person no matter what it costs you.
Love is a matter of the will. The feelings of romance, the feelings of infatuation arewonderful; we all enjoy them! But love is more than a feeling; and long after thefeelings have ebbed, it is the commitment of love, the actions of love that make arelationship last and thrive.
1 John 4:19
says, "We love because He first loved us." All human love at best is a dim reflection of the incredible love God has for us. God is love! And themore we are in touch with Him, the more authentic our relationship with Him, themore we'll be enabled to love others. The equation is simple: God is love, therefore,the more of God I have, the more love I have. God's love is not only the source of our love, but the model of our love. Augustine said, "God loves each of us as if therewere only one of us." You can’t even begin to imagine how much He loves you,how absolutely committed He is to doing what is best for you. His devotion to us isabsolute. His sacrifice was complete; to do what was best for us, He gave His Son,Jesus, in life and death. "This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved usand sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."
1 John 4:10
The first and most important step you can take closer to another person is thestep that takes you closer to God. Receiving His love enables and enlarges you togive love. If you want to make love the climate of your relationships, the most

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