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Macbeth the Musical

Macbeth the Musical

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Published by 7521147

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Published by: 7521147 on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MACBETH THE MUSICALWritten byAbbey BethelArunKurianMarcel MahabirDevanPatelJagjitSinghMauricioVillaBased on, Macbeth by William Shakespeare
EXT. OUTSIDE CASTLE.Battle between the Scots and the Irish invaders is seentaking place. Confusion. MACBETH runs through middle and seendestroying everyone in his path. Beheads MACDONWALD.CUT TO:TITLE ACT 1EXT. FORESTMACBETH and BANQUO are walking toward the castle. Ominous music is playing. Creepy laughter is heard.MACBETHThe gods have been on our side thisday, Banquo.BANQUO(Looking around)No one can deny that, my Thane, andyet this eerie feeling hangs aboutlike clothes to my body.MACBETH turns to BANQUO laughing.MACBETHFear not Banquo for whatevertrouble dare show his face in frontof us will surely not survive toface the next. The greatest warriors in all of Scotland havenothing to fear.MACBETH turns to run into WITCH 1. WITCHES come really closeto both men and walk around them almost seductively.WITCH 1Macbeth, so brave and so bold.MACBETHHow do you know my name?WITCH 2Who doesn't, oh mighty Thane ofGlamis?WITCH 3Macbeth, do you believe yourvictories this day will gounrewarded?
WITCH 1Yes, my dear Thane of Cawdor. Thisjourney has not yet come to an end.BANQUOFor as long as the true Thanelives, Macbeth shall never holdthat title.WITCH 2Hush now Banquo, for you will begreater still.WITCH 3But for now, hail Macbeth, the Kingof Scotland!The WITCHES disappear and Macbeth and Banquo look around forthem but do not find them.BANQUODo you truly believe the claims ofthose three creatures?MACBETHLet me ask you this Banquo, do younever wonder what would happen ifyou were the real king?MACBETH breaks into song “IF I WERE KING OF SCOTLAND”MACBETH (CONT’D)If I were King of Scotland,Ya ha deedledeedle, bubbabubbadeedledeedledum.It is my vaulting ambition.To be ruler of all Scotland.I have to kill King Duncan.Ya ha deedledeedle, bubbabubbadeedledeedledum.If I were the king of Scotland,I would be a very happy man.But the king has put so much trustin meI cannot let him down.As his relative and subject, Ishould protect him I have to show my loyalty to thethroneI shouldn’t kill him, I’m his host.I’m supposed to keep the murderersaway!2.(MORE)

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