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Poll 50 of GOP Wants Obama Impeached

Poll 50 of GOP Wants Obama Impeached

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Published by Paul William Tenny

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Published by: Paul William Tenny on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stunning poll: 50%+ of GOP wants Obama impeached, thinks Palin morequalified to be President, 76% think abortion is murder but 91% supportdeath penalty, 77% want book of Genesis taught in public school
February 02, 2010A stunning poll from Research 2K of 2,000 self-identified Republicans hasfound that a majority believe President Obama should be impeached, over a third of respondents think he was born in another country, two-in-threethink he's a socialist, a quarter believe he wants the terrorists to win, andover half say that Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President of theUnited States.Can we please stop pretending that at least half of the Republican party isretarded now?31% of Republicans believe that the President is a racist that hates white people. Another 23% of Republicans, nearly one-in-four, hate America somuch that they want their state to secede. That sentiment is higher in menthan in women, and in the South.Barely more than a quarter of Republicans think that gay men and womenshould be allowed to serve openly in the armed forces, versus a strongmajority nationally. That's expected, given how obviously homophobicconservatives are generally, but the next one is a real shocker.An overwhelming majority of Republican bigots – 73% – want gay menand women banned from teaching in public schools.Even more Republicans want the book of Genesis taught on public school:77%. Teaching creationism has been illegal in the United States for decades, banned by the Constitution as a state endorsement of religion.One in six Republican men believe that men are leaders of their householdand that marriage is not an equal partnership with women. 4% don't believe that women should be allowed to work outside the home. Thatamounts to roughly 220,000 Republicans if you only count registeredvoters.31% want contraceptives outlawed and, obviously, 76% believe thatabortion is murder. Yet, hysterically, 91% of Republicans support the death penalty.Of course a lot was left out of this poll. I've seen previous pollingsuggesting that as many as half of all Republicans don't believe that theAmericas were once a part of a landmass called Pangea, a fact they shouldhave learned in grade school.This is the party that gave us Bush, that gave us Sarah Palin, that gave usthe second worst recession in history, and the party that voters seeminglywant to hand power back to in 2010 and 2012, all because America's first black President couldn't snap his fingers and reverse the damage done by55,000,000 retards.

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