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Ever Quest Zones

Ever Quest Zones



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Published by anon-800751
A list of Zones and discriptions for the popular on-line game of Ever Quest
A list of Zones and discriptions for the popular on-line game of Ever Quest

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Published by: anon-800751 on Aug 28, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ever QuestThe Old World
The Old World comprises three continents:Antonica, Faydwer  and Odus.Most, but not all of the zones were present in the original
as released inMarch 1999.
 (10-25)Befallen is nestled in the south of the Commonlands. It is a crypt filled with undead beings that can be accessed easily but to get deeper than thefirst floor one has to jump through a well (deadly) or try to get a key from a named mob. Befallen is the local newbie dungeon for Freeport.
Beholders Maze
(Gorge of King Xorbb) (10-30)This is a passage between west and east side of Antonica. It joins East Karana with Runnyeye, and was part of a popular route to bypass HighholdPass. With the Planes of Power expansion released, this zone is almost entirely obsolete. (Only frequented now by players gathering their ownmaterial for pottery)
(5-15)The home of the gnolls harassing Qeynos humans and Halas barbarians. This is an underground place which also serves as a travel path betweenthe Qeynos Hills and Everfrost. Black Burrow is the local newbie dungeon for Qeynos and Halas.
Cazic Thule
(50-60)A dungeon in the Feerrott. A temple to the god Cazic Thule, inhabited by Lizardmen and various other jungle and swamp denizens. Cazic Thulewas originally designed for players in their late 20s through their 50s, but was later revamped into a zone for players level 55+. There is still ascaled back version of this zone on the Progressive Servers opened June 28th 2006.
The Commonlands
(1-20)Formerly two zones (East Commonlands and West Commonlands), the Commonlands were merged into a single zone with a patch in Dec. 2006after 
The Serpent's Spine
expansion. The Commonlands is primarily intended as the local teens zone for Freeport and Neriak, equivalent to NorthRo. Adjacent to Freeport, Neriak, North Ro, Befallen, and Kithicor Forest.
East Commonlands
Eastern Karana
(15-40)The eastern quarter of the Plains of Karana. Possibly the most dangerous of the zones due to the varioushostile animal life, griffinsand evil eyes. Adjacent to Highpass Hold, Beholders Maze and Northern Karana.
Eruds Crossing
(1-60)Erud's Crossing is the sea between the continents of Odus and Antonica, and offers a way to travel fromthe city of Erudin to the city of Qeynos. The boat used to pass alongside a volcanic island in the middle of the sea that is the home of some Kerrans (a translocator NPC now helps players to travel from Erudin or Qeynos to the island or back to either city from the island, on some if not all servers). The island is alsofamous for the number of Will-O-Wisps that wander on the island. Near the island is a sunken boat filledwith zombies and surrounded by sharks. Adjacent to Qeynos and Erudin
Everfrost Peaks
(1-30)An Arctic zone split into two halves. One is an icy gorge surrounded by mountains. The other is a tundraarea. Everfrost has one of the highest assortments of  mobsto be found in the entire game, from the newbie area to the ice giants. Adjacent to Halas, Blackburrow and the dungeon Permafrost.
(1-40)The Feerott is the dark swampy home of the ogres and lizard men of Antonica. The ogres live in a cavesystem at the edge of the swamp, while the lizard men have established camps scattered throughout. It isalso the home of the ancient ruined temple of Cazic-Thule. Adjacent to Rathe Mountains, InnothuleSwamp and the Ogre city of Ogguk.
Freeport EastFreeport North
(combined with West Freeport when Prophecy of Ro expansion was released)
Freeport West
(combined with North Freeport when Prophecy of Ro expansion was released)
Freeport Sewers
(10-70)Freeport is located at the eastern edge of the Antonica continent and it's port used to offer a (painfullyslow) way to travel to the Faydwer continent across the Ocean of Tears. Now a translocator NPC teleportstravelers across the Ocean of Tears to the island and then on to the Faydwer continent on most if not allservers. This is a human city, the starting city of many humans of all classes. A part of the city is a kind of  bazaar which was once used as a trading place by players (although, since the introduction of The Shadowsof Luclin expansion, it is seldom used and most trade occurs in The Bazaar which lies off the Nexusinstead). The guards in East Freeport and West Freeport are a corrupt group called the Freeport Militia.Their sworn enemies, the Knights of Truth, are the guards in North Freeport. There is a system of underground tunnels enabling travel through the city by those unfriendly to the guards. Freeport wascompletely revamped when Prophecy of Ro was released. North Freeport's features were combined intoWest Freeport, and a new zone was dedicated to the underground tunnels. Groups of patrolling guardswere added as well.
Grobb / Gukta, Outpost of Marr
(1-65)When the froglok race was introduced with the
 Legacy of Ykesha
expansion, the frogloks invaded the trollcity of Grobb and ejected its former inhabitants, who were forced to move into Neriak's Foreign Quarter.The city was renamed Gukta, Outpost of Marr and occupied by the frogloks. Much later (after the War,shortly before the
 Depths of Darkhollow
expansion release), the trolls retook the city with the help of their 
dark elf and ogre allies. The frogloks now live in a tent city within the Rathe Mountains which they callGukta, and the city they temporarily occupied is once again called Grobb, home of the trolls.
(1-60)The city of the Barbarians, lies in a cavern valley across a chilling lake.
Highpass Hold
(15-25)Highpass Hold lies along the main travel route from Qeynos to Freeport, and is a mountain pass guarded aswell as possible by the valiant guards of Highpass Keep. Orcs and gnolls have patrols that run up to thefoot of the Keep itself, and the brave Highpass citizens have carved out their homes in the gulleys andnooks.
High Keep
(1-60)The Keep is the place to find some caster spells unavailable anywhere else and the basement is frequentlyoverrun with goblins.
Innothule Swamp
(1-30)Innothule Swamp serves as the newbie zone for Grobb.
Jaggedpine Forest
(40-60)Jaggedpine Forest was once the tranquil sanctuary of people devoted to the god Karana, and nobodyventured into or out of its borders. Lately, however, Jaggedpine gnolls have begun infringing into the areasnorth of Qeynos.
Kithicor Forest
(35-60)Kithicor Forest is probably what is left from the old Elddar Forest together with Nektulos Forest. It isconnected to the West Commonlands, Rivervale and Highpass Hold making it an important travelling zonefor adventurers travelling by road from the east coast of Antonica to the middle of the continent. By day itis safe for travel, although some bixies and orcs can be dangerous to lower level characters. Presumably,the original intention was to provide a newbie zone for young Halflings from Rivervale; however, thegenerally poor hunting conditions (forest fog, limited visibility, etc) prevented the zone from ever beingused as such. When the Plane of Hate (home o Innoruuk ) opened with the Battle of Bloody Kithicor, the undead came to the Kithicor Forest and continue to roam it by night. The forest is inhabited by zombiesand ghouls every night, making it a dangerous and edgy place for the traveller, most of whom are wiseenough to wait until morning before making the crossing.
Lake Rathetear
(15-35)Lake Rathetear is a large lake, almost a small sea, that sits nestled in the distant wilds of Antonica. Manyindividuals who like to get away from the main population centers come to here and the Rathe Mountains because of their relative seclusion, and the lake and its surroundings are home to many who have carvedout their niche. Aviaks, spellcasters, goblins, ogres, bandits, barbarians, Gypsies, gnolls, and the occasionalhermit all reside in this area.
Lavastorm Mountains
(10-30)Revamped in early 2005, Lavastorm is a scorched lay of volcanic mountains and lakes of magma. Itconnects to Nektulos Forest, Solusek's Eye (Sol A), Nagafen's Lair (Sol B), the Temple of Solusek Ro, Najena and the Broodlands.
Lower Guk 
(35-50)Lower Guk is only accessible through Upper Guk. The zone itself is split in two areas, Dead side, onaccount of the number of undead frogloks (led by the Ghoul Lord), and Live side, home of minotaurs andfroglok nobles lead by the Froglok King. This vast network of dark tunnels is the ruins of the ancientFroglok city of Guk. In the original game (before any expansions were released), it was one of the two topzones in the game (with Nagafen's Lair). It was never safe to adventure alone in it and only groups of level40 or higher can penetrate its depths. The undead frogloks are socially organised as they have a king, a preacher and a savant.
Misty Thicket
(1-10)Misty Thicket is a newbie and teen zone for Halflings from Rivervale. The Wall, a safety barrier thatdivides the zone between the newbie creatures and the teen creatures, is a source of pride and fanaticaldevotion within Rivervale.
Nagafen's Lair
(Solusek B) (40-60) Nagafen, or formally, Lord Nagafen, is a fiery dragon from the early days of 
whose lair is in thedungeon of Solusek B. Nagafen has a legion of underlings including fire giants, kobolds, bats, and spiders. Nagafen is a fire dragon and uses a mixture of his voracious claws and fire to defeat his foes. As the gamehas progressed, the players became more powerful than Nagafen. Today a sufficiently skilled and equippedhigh-level player could kill Nagafen solo, but he is now protected by enchantments that expel such players(above level 52) from his den.
(15-30)A low-mid level dungeon full of undead,elementals andogres.The dungeon was created by the dark elf  sorceress Najena. The ever popular Journeyman's Boots originally dropped here as a regular loot item.
Nedaria's Landing
(25-35)This coastal area is located off of Jaggedpine Glades. It consists of forest with rivers and waterfalls andlots of roaming animals and griffawns. There is a huge cliff through the middle of the zone that can prove perilous to the unwary. At the shoreline in the northeast corner is a wayfarer's camp which allows transportto Taelosia by way of the Abysmal Sea.
Nektulos Forest
(1-30) Nektulos Forest is the newbie zone for the Dark Elf city of Neriak. A revamped Nektulos was releasedalong with the Depths of Darkhollow expansion. A second revamp was released with the Prophecy of Roexpansion. It is guarded by patrols from Neriak and borders Neriak's foreign quarter, LavastormMountains, the East Commonlands and Corathus Creep.
Neriak 3rd Gate
Neriak CommonsNeriak Foreign Quarter
 Neriak, home of the Dark Elf race.
Northern Desert of Ro
(1-30)Revamped when Prophecy of Ro was released, the North Ro desert provides newbie to teen level huntingfor Freeport characters.
Northern Karana
(10-40)The northern quarter of the Plains of Karana. Adjacent to West Karana, East Karana and South Karana.
Oasis of Marr
(10-40)See Southern Desert of Ro
Ocean of Tears
(10-30)A vast ocean between Antonica and Faydwer, home of several small islands. With the recent removal of the boats, few players travel through Ocean of Tears any longer. Trivia: The entire zone is backwards in theeast-to-west direction; the continent of Antonica is west of Faydwar, but the Antonica-to-Faydwar boattravels westward, and vice versa.
The city of the Ogres, north of the Feerott. Contains an unused tunnel on its north side, presumablyintended as a zone line but never implemented.
(15-60)A network of frozen tunnels and caverns, home to Lady Vox, the ice dragon and one of the two mostdangerous dragons from the original game.
Qeynos Aqueducts
(1-50)An underground maze of sewer tunnels, a newbie to teen zone for evil Qeynos characters. Also home tothe evil factions in Qeynos.
Qeynos Hills
(1-30)The local newbie/teen zone for Qeynos and Surefall Glade.
Qeynos NorthQeynos South
Qeynos is a human city on the west coast of Antonica. Interestingly, Qeynos is an anagram of SonyEQ.
Rathe Mountains
(10-45)Rathe Mountains is home to many giants and giantkin, including Hill Giants, Cyclopes and giantskeletons. After the War preceding the Depths of Darkhollow expansion's release, the Frogloks movedfrom Grobb and now live in a tent city in the Western portion of this zone.
Rivervale is home to the race of halflings. As a consequence of the buildings being constructed for characters of shorter stature, players of races less vertically challenged may experience some difficultiesentering or exiting some of the buildings and facilities of the city. It adjoins the zones of Misty Thicket andKithicor Forest.
(10-40)The local newbie dungeon for Halflings. It has been revamped once since inception.
Solusek's Eye
(Solusek A) (25-45)A mid-level volcanic dungeon for characters who have graduated from the surrounding Lavastorm.
Southern Desert of Ro
(5-40)A newbie/teen zone for characters emerging from Innothule Swamp. When Prophecy of Ro was released,this zone was revamped and combined with Oasis of Marr. The Oasis was the original next step for teencharacters who graduated from their newbie hunting in North/South Ro. Oasis contains a couple of notablelandmarks: the Orc Highway (a stretch of desert with a near constant parade of orcs for late teencharacters), and the specter tower (with the mysterious inscription on its summit). For the Kunark expansion, the docks in Oasis found use in shuttling evil characters to the evil outpost in The Overthere byway of Timorous Deep. For the Lost Dungeons expansion, Oasis received an entrance to an instanceddungeon. For the Prophecy of Ro expansion, Oasis was merged into the revamped South Ro.
Southern Karana
Splitpaw Lair
(Infected Paw)Possibly the only zone to have been entirely revamped not once, but twice. Originally a newbie dungeonequivalent to Black Burrow, it was rarely used due to the lack of nearby cities and bind spots, a particular hindrance to early characters who typically die frequently. A bind area was later added to North Karanaand the zone revamped to a mid-high dungeon, but it continued to be unused. Again the dungeon wasrevamped to a ultrahigh level dungeon, but the poor risk/reward ratio means that Splitpaw continues tocarry the stigma of a zone that simply can't find an audience.
Surefall Glade
Surefall Glade is the home of Human and some Half-Elf  Rangersand Druids. The Glade houses a portal to Jagged pine and borders on Qeynos Hills.
Temple of Solusek Ro
()The Temple of Solusek Ro was made available as a free download onOctober 13
, 1999.The residents of this zone offer many quests, and everyone can safely enter the temple from Lavastorm Mountains. It is not usually used as a combat zone, although players may have to fight there to acquiresome powerful items. The most important quests made available in the zone are the class-specific armors. These were introduced to replace theRubicite Armor which was removed from the game when this zone was implemented. Nowadays, with new expansions, these items arecomparatively a lot less powerful.
The Arena
The Arena is a huge circular stone building with no roof. The only entrance and exit is a small tunnel that leads to Lake Rathetear. Upon enteringthe zone, the traveler would then move into a huge cirular area between the outer rock wall and the arena itself. The only entrance into the Arena proper is on the opposite side of the building, to make sure players do not stumble into the actual fighting ground by accident. Moving into the

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