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CPR for Children is Similar CPR For

CPR for Children is Similar CPR For

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Published by Jridd

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Published by: Jridd on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CPR for children is similar CPR for adults. The compression to ventilation ratio is 30:2. Thereare, however, 3 differences.
CPR for Children
1) If you are alone with the child give two minutes of CPR before calling9112) Use the heel of one or two hands for chest compression3) Press the sternum approximately one-third the depth of the che
CPR for Infants (Age <1)
1. Shout and TapShout and gently tap the child on the shoulder. If there is no response, position the infant on his or her back 2. Open The AirwayOpen the airway using a head tilt lifting of chin.Do not tilt the head too far back 3. Give 2 Gentle BreathsIf the baby is NOT breathing give 2 small gentle breaths. Cover the baby's mouth and nose withyour mouth. Each breath should be 1 secondlong. You should see the baby's chest rise witheach breath.4. Give 30 CompressionsGive 30 gentle chest compressions at the rate of 100 per minute. Use two or three fingers in thecenter of the chest just below the nipples. Pressdown approximately one-third the depth of thechest.5. RepeatRepeat with 2 breath and 30 compressions. After two minutes of repeated cycles call 911 andcontinue giving breaths and compressions.
First Aid for a Choking Conscious Adult
Step 1.Determine if the person can speak or cough.If not, proceed to the next step.Step 2.Perform an abdominal thrust (Heimlich Maneuver) repeatedly until the foreign body is expelled.Step 3.A chest thrust may be used for markedly obese persons or in late stages of pregnancy.If the adult or child becomes unresponsive perform CPR .if you see an object in the throat or mouth, remove it.

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