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Research Proposal

Research Proposal



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Published by sarfrazkhalil

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Published by: sarfrazkhalil on Feb 04, 2010
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Research Proposal
A research proposal is a document written by a researcher that describes in details the programfor a proposed empirical investigation.Research proposal is aimed to convince the sponsor or the committee that the research activitybeing offered is worthwhile and that researcher will be able to conduct the research in anefficient manner. Consequently, this is the short summary and outline for the future researchactivity.When writing research proposal, the researcher should keep in mind that proposal contains theanswers to the following questions (see Appendix for detailed outline):
What is the purpose of the research?
Is your research beneficial? Who will benefit and how?
Who is going to be involved in research?
What is the duration of research activity and how much cost could be incurred on it?
What is the expected outcome of research study?Often it is asked why the research proposal is important and the research study could beconducted without proposing a research. But proposal is important in the following ways:
It presents the question to be researched and its importance.
It discusses the research efforts of others who have worked on related questions(Literature Review).
It suggests the data necessary for conducting the research and solving the researchquestion.
It gives researcher an opportunity to think through the research project carefully, andclarify and define what he wants to research.
It provides researcher an outline and guides him through the research process.
It lets the sponsor to know what and how researcher is going to conduct research.
It helps the sponsor to choose the best researcher from the available options.
It gives researcher an opportunity to receive feedback from sponsor and provide anoutline for the clarification and discussion.
It serves as a contract and road map between researcher and sponsor.Mainly the research proposal can be categorized into two categories:
Internal Research Proposal
If an organization is having its own research department for research activities theresearch proposal submitted by that department to the management would be theinternal research proposal. Internal proposals are short and snappy; a one to three-page memo from the researcher to management outlining the problem statement,study objectives, research design, and schedule is enough to start an exploratory study.
External Research Proposal
A proposal submitted by an outside researcher to instigate a research for anorganization would be the external research proposal. The external research proposalmay be solicited that is in response to the requested for proposal published by themanagement of the company or un solicited which is submitted by the permanentconsultants of the organization in order to get approval for the potential research and tosolve a potential problem.
Academia Research Proposal
The research proposal that outlines the plans for an exploratory research and the goalof which is to contribute towards the existing knowledge on a topic. These researchesdo not aim at solving the specific problems of a particular organization but aim atexploring the new horizons of the knowledge or confirming the findings of an earlierresearch. These research proposals are submitted by the students and scholars to theirsupervisor.The development of research proposal requires experience and expertise and the followingguidelines and step by step approach would help to structure a research proposal in a betterway:
Understand the problem. Understanding the research problem is very important. Thisunderstanding would lead to the clarification of research question.
If problem is understood completely narrow down the core problem area.
Formulate research objectives and research questions and ideas for analysis.
Outline and explore the key literature in the relevant area of study.
Decide research methodology, research design.
Propose an approach for data analysis.
Develop a timeline.
Develop a budget and resources you will need.
Develop a bibliography.Writing a research proposal can be a demanding, frustrating, challenging and time consumingprocess - but it can also be exciting! A proposal does not permanently set what you will do. It isa starting point and throughout your research you will probably adjust and change your
 3position. You will be able to trace the development of your ideas and measure the progress youhave made by referring back to your proposal.A research proposal is essentially written in a format so as to standardize the selection processand this format is given in the request for proposal if the proposal is of solicited type. Theformat of the research proposal contains the following components (A sample researchproposal is attached with the assignment to clarify the format of the research proposal. Thisproposal relates to PACE Gujranwala):
It should be concise and descriptive. For example, the phrase, "An investigation of . . ."could be omitted. Often titles are stated in terms of a functional relationship, because suchtitles clearly indicate the independent and dependent variables. However, if possible, thinkof an informative but catchy title. An effective title not only pricks the reader's interest, butalso predisposes him/her favorably towards the proposal.The title was not found with the sample research proposal.
Abstract/ Executive Summary:
It is a brief sum
mary which provides a bird’s eye view of the overall proposal.
It shouldinclude the research question, the rationale for the study, the hypothesis (if any), themethod and the main findings. Descriptions of the method may include the design,procedures, the sample and any instruments that will be used.The Executive summary in our sample research proposal contains 385 words. This is asuccinct summary of the proposal which summarize the company information, researchobjective, research methodology and data collection methods and analysis techniques.
The main purpose of the introduction is to provide the necessary background or context forthe research problem. The primary goal of the introductory paragraphs is to catch theattention of the readers and to get them "turned on" about the subject. It sets the stage forthe paper and puts your topic in perspective. The introduction often contains dramatic andgeneral statements about the need for the study, the company background and history, itsoperations and core business areas. It uses dramatic illustrations or quotes to set the tone.When writing the introduction, put yourself in your reader's position - would you continuereading?

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